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** Due to CoronaVirus Outbreak on Shootings Of Serials/New Episodes Have Suffered As Well **.
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Vidya 26th March 2020 Episode Start With Vivek’s car breaking down. Vivek checks the car. Vidya turns to see someone. Avtaar comes and smiles seeing Mahek wearing a traditional saree. Mahek smiles seeing him. Pehli baar….plays… their moments are seen. The men come to Vivek and asks did you see any little girl running. Vivek says no, I did not see any girl. Vidya says yes. Vivek says who is that girl, how is she related to you, is she your relative. The man says leave it, and goes. Vivek says people are careless about children.

The little girl comes and sits in their car. Vivek and Vidya go to check. They see the girl hiding. The girl shouts. Vidya says don’t shout, come out. Bablu laughs. He asks Dharma to just watch the drama now, it will be fun. Avtaar greets Maa. Maa says its late, Vidya and Vivek didn’t come by now. Avtaar says they would be coming, I spoke to them. She says I wish Vidya passes in 10th exams, then Vivek’s mum will get calm down. Avtaar says you think she will be happy if Vidya passes the exams, she is strange, she did much drama to separate Vidya and Vivek, even if Vidya passes MBBS, her anger won’t get calm, anyways, leave it, I m very hungry, get me some food, I get angry when I m hungry.

Mahek says its not like that, Vivek’s mum will agree soon, she doesn’t want to take any risk. He says mum should understand the child’s happiness, its not necessary that parents always decide for children, they should support children. Vivek’s mum thinks I will do anything to separate Vivek and Vidya, I have done a lot already. She recalls.

Mahek says sorry, I forgot you are a politician, none can win over you, eat the food and tell me how is it, I have made it myself. Avtaar gets angry and goes to spit the food. Dharma and Bablu laugh. Avtaar comes back and asks what was it, it was like poison. Mahek says karela, you like it right. Avtaar asks who said it, I hate karela, are you mad to feed it to me without asking me. Mahek sees Dharma and Bablu, and thinks they have done this to trap me. Avtaar says strange, stop it now. Mahek gets sad.

Avtaar says I m getting angry, you just add bitterness in Vidya and my life, Vivek’s mum wants to trouble Vidya and you are after me. Maa says don’t get angry, she didn’t know it. Avtaar says no, you won’t know these people, I told Mahek to be away from me, I don’t want to keep any relation with you, why did you get after me. Maa asks what are you saying.

Avtaar says its their problem that they don’t want to hear anything. Mahek asks him to stop it. He says then you understand it. She says Bablu and Dharma were talking that you like karela a lot, so I made it for you, I asked aunty and made it, I didn’t know that you don’t like it. Bablu asks when did I say that you make it and feed it to him. Mahek cries. Vidya asks the girl not to get scared. She asks from whom are you running away, if you shout again, those men will come back, don’t shout, okay. The girl nods. Vivek asks what’s your name, why were you running away, tell me.


Vidya 27th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : The girl tells about the goons kidnapping her. Vivek says I won’t let them succeed. The goons get Vidya at gunpoint. Vivek gets shocked.

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Telecast Date: 26th March 2020
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