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Vidya 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Vidya Written Update on

Vidya 25th November 2019 Episode Start With Vidya taking to Vivek’s mum. His mum says he regards you a good friend, he was worried after fighting with you, I m coming to Devgarh to meet you, I think you both ended the fight, why do you have your fight, tell me where are you both, make me talk to him. Vivek’s operation goes on. Vidya says Vivek is getting treated, we are in the hospital. His mum gets shocked. Avtaar scolds Jagat and brings him home. He says I will take you to DIG, you will accept your crime. They get shocked seeing Ranjana crying.

Avtaar asks how did you come in, get out, I will send Jagat to jail today, then Nanku will be next. Jagat asks Ranjana not to cry. She asks Avtaar why did he kill her mum. Avtaar gets shocked. Avtaar asks what nonsense. She says you got Amma by this gun and got Jagat captive, and I m saying nonsense, shall I tell everything in front of them or alone. Jagat smiles. Avtaar sends his men out. Ranjana wipes her tears. Jagat praises her.

He says I will take you to DIG now. Inspector comes and takes the gun from Avtaar. Avtaar says you both want to trap me in fake blame, this can’t happen. Jagat says you got caught with the evidence, you got captured in CCTV footage also. Ranjana says but if you listen to me, then I can save you.

Jagat says just forget this, Vivek will be leaving the world now, why are you wasting your world, do as we say, else you will go to jail, stay away from Vidya, don’t help her. Vidya prays. Vivek is brought out of OT. Vidya sees him and cries. She goes to Vivek. She thinks of him. She gets back. Dharma asks Vidya’s brother is he going. Vidya’s brother says yes, inform us when her salary comes, we will come to take it. Dharma says don’t worry, I will call you.

Vidya cries for Vivek. He gets conscious. She asks are you fine. He says Durga Maa came in my dream, she said Vidya won’t let anything happen to me. She says if I didn’t stop you from checking that tempo, you would have known the truth. He smiles. He says whatever good is happening in my life, you can be the reason for that, I thought I should have heard you, I recalled my mum at that time. His mum comes to the hospital and asks for Vivek.

Reporters surround her. Anand takes her to Vivek. Vivek says when death is in front of person, he recalls his dear ones, I trust mum and then you, I m going to give you a big responsibility, you are my friend also, right. His breath gets irregular. She worries. He holds her hand. She shouts to the doctor. He says promise me, you will take care of my mum after I go. She cries and promises him. She says this won’t be needed, you will take care of your mum yourself. Doctor comes running and checks Vivek. Doctor makes Vidya away. Vivek fights for his life. His mum and Anand come there. They get shocked.

Nurse makes Vidya, Anand and Vivek’s mum outside. Doctor tries to revive Vivek. Vidya meets Vivek’s mum. They cry. Vidya hugs her and says Durga Maa is there, come with me. They sit. She consoles Vivek’s mum. Doctor comes. Vivek’s mum asks how is my son. He says you are educated people, I don’t want to give any false hope, I m sorry, we couldn’t save him, he has few hours left. Vivek’s mum asks what nonsense. Doctor says sorry, he had much bleeding and deep injuries.

Doctor says there is nil chances of his survival. Vidya says when that 1 % chance is given in Lord’s hand, it becomes 100%. He says I didn’t see any miracle happening in these cases. Vidya says Vivek is a good person, Durga Maiyya will do some miracle, if we have that 1 %, then I will fight for his life, there is always a hope to win.


Vidya 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Vidya prays for Vivek. The people ask why is Vidya keeping the fast for Vivek, what’s their relation. Dharma and Maa try to stop Vidya’s Prayers.


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