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Vidya 23rd November 2019 Written Episode Update, Vidya Written Update on

Vidya 23rd November 2019 Episode Start With Vidya thinking of Durga Maa and the kids. She cuts the red wire and defuses the bombs. The goon looks for Vidya. Vivek gets him at gun point and takes him out. Avtaar tries to snatch the gun from Jagat and holds his neck. Jagat says Nanku’s enemy is my enemy. He pushes Avtaar and shoots him. Dadi comes in between and gets shot. Kalindi gets shocked. Avtaar is also shocked. Avtaar beats up Jagat. Kalindi says nothing will happen to you, we will take you to the hospital.

She asks Avtaar to take Amma to hospital. Dadi asks Kalindi not to support Nanku in his evil work. She dies. Kalindi gets shocked. Vivek asks everyone to go back, else he will kill his boss. He asks the kids are they fine. The kids say yes. Vivek says the kids are much ahead of you, you were scaring them. Nanku says Vivek, look at the goons, are you mad. Vivek says you are mad because of your fear, just see what I can do, I have shown you always, they can’t do anything, as their boss is in my captivity. Nanku asks them to think about the kids, if the bomb blasts, then everything will end, let them take money and go. Vivek says there won’t be any bomb blast, because Vidya has defused that bomb. Vidya comes there. Vivek asks Nanku to stay with the kids, he will see the goons. He asks the goons not to act smart, else he will shoot their boss.

The goons don’t listen to him. Vivek asks the goon to order his men to do as he says, else… The goon signs his men. They keep their guns. Vidya says I had counted them, one of them is less. Vivek looks at them. He asks the goon to come out, else he will shoot his boss. The goon comes running and keeps the gun on the table. Nanku looks on and thinks this terrorist is useless.

Vivek asks Vidya to take the kids out. Vidya asks the kids to come. They run out. Vivek says don’t make any move. Vidya frees everyone from the locked room. Avtaar says Nanku is such a big fraud that he made fake terrorists attack to kill Vivek, look here, Nanku’s mum died because of him, I will not leave you both. The goons come and point gun. Avtaar asks them to back off, else he will end Jagat’s story. Kalindi sits shocked.

The people run out of the school. Nanku thinks to do anything. He pushes the decoration stand over Vivek. Vivek falls down. The gun falls from his hand. The goon picks the gun and shoots him. Vidya gets the police. She gets shocked seeing Vivek getting shot. Nanku smiles. Inspector shoots at the goon. They arrest all the goons. Vivek sees Vidya. He falls down. Vidya shouts Vivek ji.

Nanku says DM is gone, now he will go up and file FIR against me. He laughs. Vivek closes eyes. Vidya cries. Vivek is brought to the hospital. Inspector stops the media. Vidya holds Vivek’s hands. She cries. He is taken to the OT. Inspector gets his senior’s call and gives details of the tempo. Vidya recalls seeing the tempo before. She says I wish I didn’t stop Vivek, those terrorists would have got arrested. Dharma and Maa come home. Dharma asks her to shut up and not talk much. Dharma says its good, nothing happened to Vidya, else we would have lost our good living. Vidya’s brother asks do you think Vivek will survive. Vivek gets treated. Bullets get removed from his body. Anand gets Vivek’s mum’s call. He asks Vidya to talk to her, he can’t talk right now. Vidya answers the call. She hears Vivek’s mum on the call.


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