Vidya 1st November 2019 Written Episode Update


Vidya 1st November 2019 Written Episode Update, Vidya Written Update on

Vidya 1st November 2019 Episode Start With Param asking Vidya to help him in homework. Vidya worries. Meher asks Vidya to do the homework himself. He agrees and goes. Vidya thanks Meher. Meher says you have really shown courage, I spoke to Sarabjeet. She hugs Vidya. Vidya asks why are you worried. Meher recalls talking to Bittu. Vivek is on call. Kalindi thinks what to do. Pandit starts coughing. He collapses. Vivek and everyone ask what happened. They hold pandit.

Kalindi goes from there. She meets the lawyer. He takes her in the car. Vivek asks the villager to take pandit to the doctor. Vidya asks shall I get the puja done. The lady says just Katha isn’t needed. Vidya says I have seen pandit doing the puja always. Vivek asks do you know doing puja. Vidya says yes. The lady says great, Vidya is our students’ teacher,it would be good if she does the puja. Dharma says then lets start the puja without any delay. Vidya continues the puja. Vivek smiles seeing her. Lawyer takes Kalindi to Nanku. Nanku smiles. Kalindi scolds Jagat. Nanku apologizes to her.

He does a drama. He says I promise I will never do anything wrong again, I m hurt for you, not myself, your life will be tough after I go away. Kalindi worries. Dadi asks Ranjana where is Kalindi. Vidya does the puja.

Kalindi says I have no complains, you regret for your doing, its enough for me. Nanku smiles and hugs her. He says I will go jail for ten years, I will not live, I will better kill myself. He points gun at his head and asks her to leave him. She says I will convince Amma, I will talk to her. He says Amma will never agree for this. She says then I will kill her. He gets shocked. He says I promise to live a good life with you and raise our daughter with love. He fake promises.

Vidya gives aarti to everyone. Kalindi comes and says I had gone to ask the kids not to light crackers. Vidya meets the guests, Kalindi stares at Amma. Sarabjeet calls Vidya and says happy diwali, sorry I couldn’t meet you, this time we have proof against Nanku, he can do anything, be alert, ask the prime witness to be alert, you can call me if you need help. She thanks him. Vidya gives prasad to Dadi and Kalindi. Kalindi says I need to talk to you, come with me. Dadi asks what’s the matter. Kalindi says its really imp. Dadi goes with her. Vivek and Vidya smile. Dharma thanks Lord. The people beat the plates. Dharma says its our ritual, we welcome Laxmi maiyya this way on diwali. Vivek says fine, I will leave.

Dharma asks where will you go, villagers will be awake all night. The villagers dance. Dadi asks Kalindi how dare she tells this, she won’t forgive Nanku in this birth. Kalindi cries and says he is my husband. Dadi says I know your pain, he is my only son, I m also hurt, whatever he did, if I forgive him, it will be insult of all those women, you have to become strong, look at Vidya, she has fought for her respect, she didn’t lose courage, I know Nanku broke your trust, if you stopped me before, we would have not seen this day. Kalindi says you try to understand, I m requesting you, save my house from breaking, give him one chance, don’t give statement against him. Dadi turns away. Kalindi looks at her.


Vidya 2nd November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Dadi gets attacked. Vivek asks them to find out, who attacked Dadi. He sees Kalindi tensed.


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