Vidrohi 30th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Vidrohi 30th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vidrohi 30th October 2021 Episode starts with Kalyani saying we will fight the outsiders, but first we will fight the internal enemies of this Rajya, they are more dangerous, because they have the secrets of the Rajya. She names the minister. She scolds him. She says you had planned to have a tie-up with Fletcher for your personal benefits, and cheated the Rajya, you wanted to become the King by taking an advantage of Maharaj’s absence, I leave the decision on Yuvraj.

Yuvraj asks Senapati Kalindi to go ahead. Senapati asks guards to catch the minister. Minister says no one can win over the britishers. Everyone chants Kalyani’s name. Jagabandhu checks the command from Fletcher. Maa and Radha worry for him. Kalyani also gets a message. She reads, Baxi Jagabandhu resigned as a commander.

Fletcher says Maharaj Mukund and Jagabandhu had to get break their team, rebel fire can do anything. Maa says your relation with Mukund will break, no Rajya will want to have a tie-up with you, think again about your decision, else the people will lose the hopes for their freedom. Jagabandhu goes. Maa says I can understand his pain. Charan and Fletcher have a talk about Kalyani. Fletcher says Kalyani isn’t any helpless girl, I chose a right girl for myself. He recalls her and smiles.

He says she has a fire and courage, just like the one I want, she will be good for me, why, don’t you like her. Charan says who am I to say, your decision can never be wrong, everything will be fine. Fletcher says Kalyani has taken a decision again, she has to take another decision, I have to put pressure on her.

Jagabandhu meets Paikas. Baahu asks is it true about Maharaj’s command to seal your place. They ask is there no way else. Jagabandhu says Maharaj will choose another Senapati. Paikas says we won’t accept anyone else in your place, we regret that you have resigned. Jagabandhu says my devotion towards Maharaj didn’t get less, you all have to take care of his safety, I have no permission to meet him, don’t do anything that embarrasses him, we have to think of his respect and safety.

He pacifies the Paikas. He asks them not to make any mistake, Paikas tradition shouldn’t break ever, Maharaj’s respect is their respect.

Amba asks Gadadhar to become the Senapati, if he gets Maa’s support, then he will get all the support of Paikas. She asks him to talk to Maa. Kalyani says we have to make the border of the state more secure. Mohan nods. Fletcher comes there. He says Yuvraj Mohan is on the throne.

Kalyani asks why did you come here. He says I have one motive to come here, if you agree, then I won’t need to come again and again, I came to give you another chance today. He calls the guards. He says it was my mistake to delay, I keep a marriage proposal for you in front of everyone. Senapati gets angry. She stops him.

Fletcher says your dad won’t get fine, he doesn’t have much time, you are a girl, your brother is a kid, just I can save your Badamba, I can keep it secure, I can get a lot for your Rajya, I can also get a big salute to your dad on his death, I give you one week to decide. She says I will give my decision right away. She throws the diamond ring in the fire. She says this is my answer. He says I never loved someone so much till now. She says even I didn’t hate anyone so much. They argue.

He says I got a company’s command letter, if Badamba opposes the company officer, then the company will take along the other states, and can attack Badamba anytime, your neighbor states will have a war with you, it will be fun to fight own people and kill them. He leaves. Amba makes Gadadhar ready and sends him to Maa. Maa gets shocked seeing him. He says I will become the Senapati.

She says you should be with your brother and explain him that we don’t accept his decision. He says so what if he isn’t your blood, I m your blood, I have understood my responsibilities, I will become Senapati. Amba looks on. Gadadhar says I will take care of the family traditions if Jagabandhu doesn’t respect it. Maa slaps him.

Maharaj consoles Kalyani. He says difficulties mean your tests are still there, much wrong is happening with us, we think so, and then later we realize that difficulties came in our life to show us the path. She asks why do you believe me, just because I m your daughter, would you believe me if otherwise. He says surely, I know you are selfless, compassionate and courageous, I trust you. She says I will never break your trust. She thinks he is right, I have to give an answer to Fletcher.


Vidrohi 30th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Senapati says Kalyani left for the Rajmahal. Kalyani gets kidnapped by Fletcher. She beats him up. He takes her for the marriage. Jagabandhu comes there and hits him. Jagabandhu and Kalyani fight Fletcher.


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