Vidrohi 27th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Vidrohi 27th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidrohi 27th November 2021 Written Episode starts with Jagabandhu stopping Kalindi. Kalindi says no one can stop me today. Kalyani comes and says I know you worry for me, but I m with Jagabandhu’s decision.

He says I can’t see injustice happening with you. She says I can’t do justice with Radha, Radha and her baby are imp to me, no one has accepted me as Bahu here, but Baxi has given me the respect of his wife. Gadadhar comes and hears their talks. Kalindi says I m very hurt seeing you in this state,

Maharaj and I never thought that we will see this day. Kalyani says dad taught me that when a real warrior enters a battle, then nothing matters to him, we are helpless, we have no option than to keep patience, its matter of few days. Gadadhar says I came to ask if everything is fine, I just heard it, why is Kalindi hurt to see Kalyani here, what is the problem, did we do wrong.

Kalindi asks how will a Senapati feel seeing a princess leaving in a guest house, won’t I get hurt seeing this, we are helpless that we can’t do anything to save Badamba, we just assure our heart that everything will be fine, we will win Badamba again. Jagabandhu says Gadadhar, Kalindi shall be treated the best way. Gadadhar says sure. Maa and Radha talk about Maharaj’s gifts and his love.

Gadadhar signs Amba. Kalyani thanks Kalindi for supporting them. He says Maharaj will be hurt to know this, promise me that you will give Kalyani the right place in your life when the right time comes. Jagabandhu promises him. Kalindi says there is a problem, Maharaj has sent a letter for Radha also, he has mentioned about your marriage. They worry. Tilottama gets the letter. Amba says I will give it to Radha.

Kalindi says if anyone reads the letter. Radha takes the letter from Amba. She reads the letter. Jagabandhu and Kalyani run to stop Radha from reading the truth. They see Radha reading the letter. Maa asks what’s written, tell us. Jagabandhu recalls his moments with Radha. Radha looks at him. She faints down. He runs and holds her. He asks someone to call the Vaid. Maa asks Amba to call the Vaid. The letter falls there. Kalindi sees the letter. Tilottama takes the letter.

Gadadhar looks on. Kalyani, Radha’s mum and Jagabandhu take care of Radha. Tilottama signs Gadadhar to come out. Amba gets the water. Tilottama says something is written in this letter, listen to me. Gadadhar goes away. Maa says don’t know what happened to her after reading the truth. Jagabandhu worries.

Maa says Radha is his biggest strength and biggest weakness also. She asks Radha to open her eyes. Kalyani cries. Tilottama says I can’t wait more, I will read the letter. She reads the letter. She says I can’t read it, Gadadhar will read it and tell me what is written. Gadadhar gets the Vaid. Maa says Radha was fine and happy, suddenly she fainted. Vaid checks Radha. Jagabandhu and Kalyani pray for Radha.

Vidrohi 27th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap:
Kalyani says we have to take responsibility of our decision, what will we tell her. He says just the truth, that we have hidden this marriage. Radha’s mum hears them and says I have to tell everyone about it.


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