Vidrohi 25th December 2021 Written Episode Update


Vidrohi 25th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha’s mum seeing Radha making the arrangements and warning her that she will be just a servant for Baxi and Kalyani. Radha says I know what I m doing. Kalyani gets the suhaag items and Radha’s letter. Radha writes I took this decision late but understood your situation. Maid asks Kalyani to come to the temple on time. Jagabandhu asks what are you planning at the time.

Radha says I have to see that injustice doesn’t happen with anyone, we have to do these rituals, have patience. Maid says you should get ready now. Kalyani says it means Radha accepted Baxi and my marriage, she wants to declare the marriage in front of the society. She dances happily.

Radha’s mum says I didn’t lose my senses, you have troubled my daughter, she decided to accept your marriage, you got this house in your control. Kalyani says we don’t know what’s in our fate. Radha’s mum says you will regret a lot, you are dancing happily, you will bath in tears tomorrow. She goes. Kalyani dances and says you won’t understand my happiness if you didn’t love someone, I got a big happiness.

Maa says Radha got a mahurat, it will be good for everyone. Amba says Radha is afraid of losing Jagabandhu, so she is accepting Kalyani. Gadadhar says she will lose him anyway. Amba says if Radha stops him, then he will go to Kalyani more, now he will be indebted to Radha’s sacrifice. He says you are right.

Kalyani and Radha come to the temple. They sit in the mandap. Pandit asks them to do gathbandhan, its marriage ritual. Radha asks what, its not marriage, marriage already happened, I called you to break this marriage. Everyone gets shocked. Pandit says you mean divorce. She says yes, divorce.

Kalyani asks what, you want to break this marriage. Jagabandhu says you got a good mahurat for this bad thing. Radha says its good for me, this family ruined peace because of your bad deed, I will end this. She asks pandit to start rituals. Jagabandhu stops her. Kalyani asks why are you doing this. Radha says I know what I m doing, look at this house, who is happy, no way, Baxi is stuck in this dilemma, no one can help him, is Kalyani happy, she became a kuldadi here.

Her mum smiles. Radha says there is just one solution to end this sorrow, divorce, I didn’t accept this marriage. Pandit says Kalyani and Baxi are husband and wife, even if you don’t give her the rights. Radha says they don’t need each other, they don’t love each other, and don’t have any rights, their collaboration is imp, not their relation, its a compromise, I will do a wife’s duty, I want to get free from this compromise.

Jagabandhu closes eyes and recalls Kalyani. He says Kalyani and my marriage is a result of our wish and consent, her sindoor isn’t a sign of compromise, I wasn’t helpless to marry her. Radha cries. He says yes, I don’t love her, but I don’t deny that she is my wife, just like Radha is my first wife, Kalyani is my second wife, I m not helpless. Radha says no, I won’t let her wear your name sindoor and mangalsutra. She holds Kalyani’s mangalsutra to break. Jagabandhu stops her. He says no Radha, you have no right on her sindoor and mangalsutra, don’t do this, this won’t be good for anyone. Kalyani and Radha cry.

Radha says I won’t tolerate anyone in Baxi’s life,I will kill Kalyani. Maa asks her not to lose her dignity. She scolds Radha.


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