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Vidrohi 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Vidrohi 20th January 2022 Episode starts with Kalyani waking up. She sees Tilotamma with some kites. Tilotamma says we used to do this in childhood, mum used to ask us to write our wishes and fly the kites, it will reach the Lord, I pray for Gadadhar and my child, you also make a wish.

Kalyani thinks what shall I ask. She recalls Jagabandhu and writes a letter to him. She asks him to come back and encourage her. She flies the kite in the sky. He smiles. Maa says you can’t stop me. Guard says its Bheem’s command. Kalyani comes to her and asks what happened, why do you look worried.

Maa says Bheem has come back suddenly, don’t know what he wants. Manthara thinks shall I tell them the truth. Maa says he was raised in this house, but couldn’t win the trust, he was rebelling to get the Baxi post, he is selfish, he can never think good of anyone. Manthara says I have seen him sending some message by his guard, he said Baxi Jagabandhu won’t be the Baxi for long, I m worried.

Maa says it means my doubt was clear, how will we know what is he doing. Maid says Bheem asked me to get the juice drink. She goes. Kalyani says I can find out. Maa nods. She goes to meet Bheem. She takes the food and says I have made special food for Bheem. Guard asks her to go.

Kalyani says I got special healthy food for you. Bheem says amazing, you are taking care of me. She says guests are treated well in Rodang. She steals a letter paper and says eat it and tell me, how is it. He says stop. Kalyani throws the paper outside. Manthara asks how is this useful. Maa says we can find out the word impressions on it, we need some coal, come with me. They go. Kalyani turns to Bheem. He asks how will guests know that this has no poison, come, you taste this first.

Maa reads Bheem’s letter to Fletcher… I will be presenting Kalyani to you, I will faint her using drugs and send her to you. Maa worries for Kalyani. Kalyani tastes the food. She turns to go and stumbles. She faints down. He smiles. Maa calls out Kalyani. Bheem comes and says I forgot, you are a Saas also. She keeps sword on his neck. He smiles. She says I m a mum, a mum doesn’t just worry, she can protect also.

Guards come. Bheem says you have much love for Jagabandhu’s second wife, and his first wife is not here, where did you hide her, anyways, I have captured Kalyani, don’t worry, I will send her away from Rodang. Maa says you have kidnapped Jagabandhu’s wife, he will not leave you. He says you can see Rodang’s future in my eyes, coming time will show you. He goes. Kalyani wakes up. She sees Fletcher coming.

He says Bheem has sent this welcome gift for me, that’s you. She faints. He holds her and says you were going to become my wife, then you had married Jagabandhu, you have come back to me, you will come with me now.

He asks guards to take her outside Rodang, nobody should know. He goes. Jagabandhu gets Kalyani’s kite. He reads her message. He says I think something happened in Rodang which should have not happened. Paika says we will leave for Rodang tomorrow. Jagabandhu says no, we will leave for Rodang right away. Guards take Kalyani. Jagabandhu says stop. Kalyani sees him.

He sees the british guards and fights them. He runs to Kalyani and holds her. She smiles and says you have come, I knew it, you will surely come. He says I m with you, you are safe. She faints back.

Paikas enter the palace and fight with Bheem’s guards. Paika says we have freed all the Rodang guards. Maa says it means Jagabandhu has come back, my son… Manthara and Maa smile. Jagabandhu lifts Kalyani in his arms and brings her home. Maa smiles happily. Manthara looks on shocked. Maa asks how is Kalyani. He says I have come back, you don’t need to get scared. She nods.


Vidrohi 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Jagabandhu takes care of Kalyani. She says you saved me like a prince of the dreams. He asks her to take rest. She says I want to talk to my husband right now. She holds him close.

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Telecast Date:20th January 2022
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