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Udariyaan 9th November 2022 Advait and Nehmat meet Nanak. He says thank God he agreed. He orders food. Nehmat misses Ekam. She imagines him. Advait asks what are you thinking? Shally sees Nehmat with Advait. She’s shocked. Advait says do you always stay stressed? Nehmat says I am fine. He says come on.

He touches her hand. Shally makes their video. He says sorry. Your article is postponed. You convinced him smartly. She says you hold the power and helped me. Advait says you’re very special. You always think for others.

She says they’re my family. He says for me my family matters the most. She says thank you so much. You have solved my problem. He says I am doing this for my family. He says my people mean my dad and family.

Shally calls Naaz and sends her the video. Naaz says don’t tell anyone. I will spread this news. She says poor Ekam.

Scene 2
Ekam is at an operation. His constable says you’re the pride of Punjab sir. Ekam says we can’t be scared of anyone. He sees Nehamt’s missed calls. His phone turns off. He says I am meeting her anyway.

Nehmat and Advait are on the way. Nehmat says please drive fast. I am getting late. He says this is a hilly area, it can be risky. Nehmat says do you have the charger? My phone is dead. He says you can use my phone. She says no it’s fine. Mallika calls Advait. He says I am out of Mumbai. He cuts the call.

Naaz says is everything okay? You left the shopping too. Mallika says find your own business. Naaz says to start trusting. You will live with me. Mallik says never. Naaz says you couldn’t stop my wedding. Why didn’t Advait come with you? Is this a coincidence that your best friend and fiance are out of the city on the same day.

Mallika twists her arm and says shut up. Naaz says is doubt killing your thoughts? Mallika says shut up. Naaz says to worry about your finance if you can trust your best friend or not. Mallika says I trust them completely. Nikhil and Rama come. Naaz makes Mallika fall. She says are you okay? Mallika says I am fine. Mallika says to Naaz stop messing with me.

Scene 3
Nehmat is worried. Advait says relax. Rama orders jewelry for both Mallika and Naaz. Naaz chooses the one Mallika likes. Mallika says you can’t afford it. It’s worth 25 lacs. Naaz says I can buy it. They fight over it. Rama sees them. She says you both like the same set. She orders the same for them. Mallika says to give it to her. Naaz says no you keep it. I insist. Naaz says mama you should take this one. It would look good on you. She says you both choose firs.t Mallika chooses hers.

There’s a landslide on the way and roads get closed. Nehmat is worried. Advait says it’s all blocked. Police tell them there’s a landslide. She says I need to go to him at any cost. Nehmat runs out and looks for the ay. It’s all blocked. Ekam waits for Nehmat. He says where are you Nehmat? Don’t make me wait so much. Nehmat is worried. Advait gives her water. Ekam keeps waiting. He calls Nehmat but her phone is off.

Naaz likes a bangle. She says it must be expensive. Nikhil says to take it if you like. Rama says don’t worry about the prize. Mallika chooses a set. Naaz says it’s very heavy. Advait likes simple stuff. Rama says yes get something sober. Nikhil says Naaz you get this. Nehmat says Advait Ekam would be waiting for me.

Ekam calls Nehmat. He says I hope she’s okay. Advait says don’t tell Ekam. He will tell Mallika. You’re lying for their good. Call him from someone else’s number. They take the police’s phone. Nehmat says Ekam. He says where are you? Nehmat says I am in Shimla. He says what? She says I came to cover a story. There’s a landslide. It’s all blocked, I am stuck here. We had to meet. He says leave all that. Are you okay? Is there someone with you? Nehmat looks at Advait.

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