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Udariyaan 8th November 2022 Ekam asks Nehmat what’s wrong. She says I lied to you. I met Advait. It was very important. I know I broke my promise. He says Mallika saw you both. She has gone crazy. Advait calls Mallika.

He says why is she cutting the call. Because I canceled the shopping plan? How immature is she? Where am I stacked? Naaz says to Shally I feel like Mallika won’t be my SIL. I feel like Nehmat and Mallika won’t be friends anymore. Ekam says why did you lie to me? Nehmat says the assignment I am woking on in very confidential. He says you didn’t have to lie. I know you met him for work.

You didn’t have to lie. But Mallika is losing her mind. Naaz has polluted her mind. Nehmat says I need to meet her. She’s very possessive about Advait. He says to talk to me first. Do you remember what’s tomorrow?

She says I can forget you but not tomorrow. He says so you can forget me? She says if I can’t forget the day you became mine. This was the day when we first said. Ekam says said what. He says tomorrow will be a very nice date. She says okay. She says I need to meet Mallika now. He says I have an idea.

Scene 2
Mallika is alone at home. She sees lights sparking. Ekam comes there dressing. Nehamat comes too. They dance around her. Mallika says stop it. Ask her to leave. I don’t want to see her. Why is she here? Nehmat says sorry. Mallika says you’re a liar. You sid you have work. Nehmat says he’s helping me with my task.

My career and life depend on this assignment. He’s helping me. And how can you even think of Advait and me? I only love Ekam. And even if I were single, you’re my best friend. I wont’ let anyone take Advait form you. Mallika says that baba said I won’t get my love. The chunri fell on you. Nehmat says that’s why I don’t believe them. They hug. Ekam says what about me? Ekam hugs them too.

Scene 3
Nikhil and Rama call Naaz and show her sarees. Bua comes. She says that girl will trap your son Rama. Rama says he loves her. Bua meets Advait. She says how could I forget my nephew’s wedding? Rama introduces bua to Naaz. Naaz says get whatever you both like. I will love it. Bua says our choice is different from today’s kids.

Naaz chooses. Shally says wow Naaz you’re so lucky. She says this is my time to fulfill my dreams. Nikhil asks Advait for money for shopping. Advait gives it. Bua says can’t you make your own money? What would your wife think? He says Naaz loves me. Not money.

Advait calls Nehmat. She says did you speak to Nanak’s uncle? He says we have to go to Shimla to speak to him. You’ve to come to me. Nehmat recalls it’s their anniversary. He says we will be back by the evening. He says don’t tell Ekam about it.

Naaz says see Nehmat, Nikhul’s mom got me so many things. You look stressed. Nehmat says work stress. Naaz says is it critical? She says take help. Nehmat says I am taking it. She says Rama is taking us for jewelry shopping. Nehmat says I have to go out of the city for this assignment. Naaz wonders if Advait is going with her too.

Scene 3
Nehmat is on the way with Advait. She says will be back by 6. He says yes. She says did you speak to Mallika? Advait says she didn’t pick up my call. Nehmat says she saw us together at the cafe. He says I am doing all this for Mallika’s family. Their family is mine too. Nehmat says I am glad you think about her. Nehmat wonders if she should tell Ekam.

Naaz goes shopping with Nikhil. She says you’re fulfilling all my dreams. He says Naaz first. You will get what you like. Naaz’s mom says I could never fulfill Naaz’s wishes. She will never beg for anything. SHe tells Rama to get the best things for her. She says sorry Naaz I had to leave you behind. No one knows about my past here. She says I know what Tejo did to me. She took all my happiness. Her daughter is doing the same to you. I won’t let anyone know Nikhil’s dad and I killed Tejo and Sunny.


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Telecast Date:8th November 2022
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