Udaariyaan 8th May 2021 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Fateh coming in front of Khushbeer and getting stabbed. Khushbeer shouts Fateh. Everyone gets shocked. Goon run. Police catches him. Khushbeer lifts Fateh. He asks Amrik to get the car. He runs to the car. Everyone follows. Jasmin talks to the buffalo. She asks shall I tell everyone about Fateh, mum is asking me so much, there is a problem. Satti asks what. Tejo comes and looks on. Jasmin says I had to say. Tejo interrupts. Satti asks are you going to college. Tejo says I will get my job back. She asks were you going to tell mum about Fateh, what would you say. Jasmin asks what else will I say, I can’t make stories. Tejo says we have no option, things are already complicated, calm down. They smile.

Khushbeer and everyone bring Fateh to the hospital. Fateh gets treated in the OT. Everyone cries and prays. Jasmin gets a call. Everyone blesses Tejo. Tejo hugs them. Jasmin answers and asks what, Fateh… Tejo asks what happened to Fateh. Jasmin asks Buzo not to joke. Buzo tells everything that happened. Jasmn drops her phone. Tejo asks what happened, tell me. Jasmin says someone had stabbed Fateh. They get shocked.

Doctor says operation is successful, he didn’t gain consciousness, he had lot of bleeding, wound was deep, we have to keep him under observation, we can’t say when will he gain consciousness, it may take days or weeks, don’t worry, trust Lord. He goes. Amrik consoles Gurpreet. Tejo and Jasmin come there. Gurpreet says now you know how your son is, are you happy now, you had ousted him, he risked his life to save your life, now you can’t do what you want. Khushbeer cries. Dada ji asks him to be strong, nothing will happen to them. Tejo goes to Gurpreet and says be strong, nothing will happen to Fateh, he is a champion, and champions never lose. Amrik asks can we meet Fateh. Nurse says doctor said nobody can meet him till 12 hours, just two persons can stay here.

Amrik asks everyone to go, Buzo and he will stay back. Gurpreet says I won’t go without meeting Fateh. Everyone goes to see Fateh. Khushbeer recalls his words and goes. Jasmin asks Fateh not to do this with her, get up, is he able to hear her voice. Tejo prays for Fateh. Dada ji says he will be fine. Media reporters come and ask Khushbeer is Hooda behind this, how are you feeling, Hooda said its your publicity stunt, what do you want to say. Tejo comes and scolds the reporters. Khushbeer looks at her. She asks him to remember that they are humans first then reporters, don’t lose humanity. She asks security to take the reporters out. She goes.

Jasmin says you know I had rejected Varun’s alliance for your sake, you told me that you will do what I say, why aren’t you opening eyes, Fateh. Khushbeer says its my mistake, I always blessed Fateh, when he touched my feet today, I didn’t bless him, I m responsible for his state, I m an unlucky dad. He hurts his hand. Dada ji asks him to calm down and be strong, nothing will happen to Fateh, he will win the battle of life and death, he will come back. Tejo gets water for Khushbeer. She says be strong, your son is good-hearted, you didn’t bless him by hands, but my hearts, I know you are upset with you, but we get upset on dear ones. She goes.

Fateh gets critical. The family worries. They call the doctor. Nurse asks them to go out. Doctor checks Fateh. Tejo and Jasmin pray for Fateh. Khushbeer says its two days, why isn’t my son getting conscious. Doctor says we are trying, its in Lord’s hands now. Tejo and Jasmin come to the hospital. Jasmin asks Tejo to meet Fateh. Tejo says you go, I can’t see his state. Jasmin sees Khushbeer and goes to meet Fateh. Tejo prays for Fateh.

Udaariyaan 9th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap:
Tejo asks Fateh to come to senses. Baba tells Gurpreet about the power of love. Tejo asks Fateh to hold Jasmin’s hand, else she will tell everyone to final Varun’s relation for Jasmin.


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