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Udariyaan 8th June 2021 Episode starts with Gurpreet’s friends coming home. Tejo meets them. The ladies comment on her simple clothes. They ask Tejo to make tea. Dadi asks Tejo to make amazing ginger tea for them. The ladies talk about Tejo, that her husband ran away on the wedding night. Tejo cries hearing the taunts. Gurpreet says its nothing like that, Tejo is a sensible girl, she is educated and she is a lecturer in the college. The ladies say she is lucky to become your bahu. Nimmo says she is good, unlike her ill-mannered sister.

Jasmin and her friends see Amrik. Amrik stops Jasmin. He asks are you fine. He says Fateh should have told you everything, this would have not happened, I can’t accept anyone else as Bhabhi. She says thank God, someone understood me. He says I hate Tejo since Fateh married her. Jasmin says its fine, whatever happened, its okay, I know your family will be cursing me, I don’t care, I didn’t do anything wrong, see you. She goes.

Dadi asks Tejo to make prasad for everyone, cover the head while making it. Nimmo sees Gurpreet upset. She says you can’t see Fateh’s sorrow, he will be crying seeing Tejo, didn’t you see how he got upset with everyone.

Tejo makes the prasad. Gurpreet comes. Tejo says Biji asked me to make halwa, can you taste it and tell me how is it. Gurpreet tastes it. She spits it and taunts her. Tejo worries. Jasmin comes to Rupy. She says mum is calling, come and have food. He says I m not hungry, you go. He scolds her. He says Tejo’s life got ruined because of you, you did wrong with Tejo and Fateh. She says stop blaming me for everything.

Tejo comes to the room. Fateh asks did you move my stuff. She says I was cleaning it. He says you have kept your things here, you should have asked me. She says its kept on your side, you should open eyes before opening mouth. Jasmin blames Rupy. She says you are responsible for all this, you emotionally blackmailed Tejo. Tejo and Fateh argue. She says you and your family always taunt me, you don’t increase my problems, I was wrong, you just see my mistake. Rupy says its my mistake, Tejo begged me to tell you, I didn’t agree to her and got you to the mandap. Jasmin asks, did Tejo knew that Fateh lost the job.

Tejo says I wish I didn’t accept dad’s words and he had explained Jasmin. Fateh asks wait, it means you knew it that your dad didn’t speak to Jasmin, it means you could have stopped this from happening. She says yes, I knew it, dad told me everything after baraat had come, then he stopped me by making him swear, I swear, I tried hard to explain him but… He claps and says great, you kept friendship well. Tejo and Fateh blame each other, and fight. She says you should have spoken to Jasmin and cleared everything. He gets angry and says you had hidden the matter from Jasmin. She says it was too late, baraat had come. He says now nothing can happen of my love and your mistake, nothing can happen between us. Jasmin says Tejo knew everything, she had hidden it from me, she married my Fateh. She throws Tejo’s pic. Tejo says I wanted them to marry, why is this happening with me. Jasmin says Tejo knew everything, why did she cheat me. They cry.

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Telecast Date:8th June 2021
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