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Udariyaan 7th September 2021 Episode starts with Fateh coming home. He recalls Tejo’s words. He thinks Tejo would have told everything, don’t know how will they react. Jasmin comes home and thinks I think Tejo told them everything. Satti says you were going to come in the morning from Sweety’s house, where were you. Rupy asks her to answer. Jasmin says I m tired, I will go to my room and rest. He says stop, we need to talk something imp. Khushbeer is on call. Mahi asks Biji how did she think of celebrating Ganesh Chaturti. Biji says Ganpati is of everyone, I had seen an amazing Ganpati at a friend’s house, I decided to get Ganpati home, this year Tejo came in our house, Fateh is also working well at academy and Khushbeer is also doing fine, we should thank Ganpati.

Fateh comes and thinks where did Tejo go. Rupy and Satti ask Jasmin about the burnt passport. Satti says this is your passport, why did you lie. Rupy asks why did you burn my passport. Satti says Swaroop was right, you did this to break marriage with Gippy, right. Jasmin shouts yes, I didn’t want to marry him, I didn’t like him, I m tired, let me rest, I don’t want to talk. Satti asks what are you thinking, tell me. Rupy says we know you can do anything. Jasmin says I m not doing anything, you will always find Tejo true. Satti asks how did Tejo come in between. Jasmin asks why, didn’t she come home. Satti asks why would she come. Jasmin thinks Tejo didn’t tell them anything but why. Gurpreet says Fateh, you have come, where is Tejo. Fateh says she went to her home. Nimmi jokes.

Jasmin says I just asked that, don’t disturb me. Rupy and Satti ask her to stop. She goes. Rupy says why did Jasmin ask about Tejo, I will call her. Mahi says I will call Tejo. Fateh says no, she had imp work, I will inform her. Khushbeer says puja is tomorrow, Amrik and Fateh, go and get the idol. Amrik looks on. Rupy says Tejo isn’t answering, why didn’t Jasmin want to marry Gippy, was that all a drama, what is she planning. Everyone places the Ganpati idol in temple. Biji asks Fateh to call Tejo for the puja tomorrow. Fateh says yes. Jasmin thinks to ask Fateh. She calls Fateh. She says I can’t believe that Tejo came to your house, she is so stubborn. Fateh says she isn’t here. She says she isn’t here, where did she go. He says where did she go, she can harm herself. She says she might have went to Buzo’s house to tell him that we have done wrong with her. Fateh leaves. He reaches Buzo’s house. Buzo says why did you call me outside, my cousins came from Canada, we are partying, come and meet them. Fateh says I was passing by and thought to meet you. Buzo says you are scared of Tejo, I will call her and tell her you are here. Fateh says Biji got Ganpati home, I will go. Buzo says fine, I won’t drink now. Fateh says where is Tejo. He leaves on his bike. Jasmin asks what, Tejo isn’t at Buzo’s house. Fateh says she isn’t at Gurudwara. She says she had to know it one day that we love each other, did she think she will make my love out of your heart, its not easy. He asks what nonsense, Tejo is missing, I m worried. She says she will come home and do a big drama, she will tell that we did wrong. He says she has a gun with her, her life is in risk. He ends the call. He thinks what to do, I can’t ask anyone. He drives. He thinks of Tejo. He comes to some temple. He prays to Bappa. He says help me, I don’t understand what to do, maybe I m a very bad man, I might have done many mistakes, don’t punish Tejo, I can’t tolerate if anything happened to her, I don’t have a relation of heart, but of pain, please protect her.

Its morning, Biji says mahurat is of 12 pm. Amrik and Mahi dance. Rupy comes. Khushbeer hugs him and asks him to come. Rupy greets everyone. He says Tejo and Fateh weren’t answering calls, I got worried so I came to see, Satti told you all kept a puja, I didn’t wish to disturb, where is Tejo. Gurpreet says Fateh told that she will be staying at your house at night. Rupy asks what. Biji asks Mahi to call Fateh. Mahi says he isn’t in his room. Fateh comes. Khushbeer asks where is Fateh. Gurpreet says you said she went to her house. Mahi says you guys were fighting since many days, did she leave because of that. Biji asks did you both had any fight. They ask where is Tejo. Fateh says I don’t know, I just got to know she isn’t at her mum’s place, I m finding her since night. Nimmo asks him to check Gurudwara. Rupy cries and says don’t know where is she. Fateh says she isn’t at Gurudwara, I will find her. Khushbeer says Amrik, go with him, check hospitals also. He asks Rupy not to worry, they will find Tejo. Biji and everyone pray.

Fateh says Jasmin, everyone was asking for Tejo, your dad was also there, I don’t know, she left alone, she left the car for us. Jasmin says you have gone mad, why are you saying Tejo Tejo… He shouts she is your sister, she always thought of you first, I will always be worried for her, she is my wife, how can you be so selfish, we are not doing right with her. Jasmin says you were booking tickets yesterday, what happened now. He asks don’t you care for her. She asks was this your love. He shouts enough, few things are above love, I m going to police station. She says our visa can get cancelled. He shouts to hell with your visa, your sister is missing, you don’t have any worry for her. She says I know she will not take any such step.

She gets Navraj’s call. She asks what happened to her, I m coming. She says Bebe is not well, I have to go, don’t do anything wrong. She leaves. Fateh thinks I will go home and see, maybe Tejo has come. Jasmin comes home. She says I know Tejo, you are doing this to get everyone’s attention, come and tell the truth to everyone, what do you want to prove by hiding. She gets shocked seeing Tejo with the family. She recalls Tejo’s words.

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Telecast Date:7th September 2021
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