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Udariyaan 7th November 2022 Ekam calls Nehmat. He says I’ve been calling you for a while. She says U had work. Ekam says I was missing you. WHere are you? She says on the terrace. He says lying on the bench. What do you see? SHe says stars. He says it’s so pretty but not more than you. I am so happy today.

She says in her heart I can’t take away your happiness. He said Rama aunty called. They’ve fixed the date for Mallika’s wedding. DAd got so teary. I didn’t see fear in his eyes. He felt so happy. For the first time, I saw him so emotional. He says re you okay? She says I got emotional. Ekam says is there any problem?

She says no I have some stress. He says we have to get a gift for Mallika. You’ve to come with me. Nehmat wonders who can stop this article. SHe thinks about Advait. She says sorry Mallika but I have to save Ekam.

Nehmat calls Advait and says I need your help. It’s related to Mallika and her family. He says what is it? She says can we meet? He says sure, let’s meet tomorrow. She says don’t tell Mallika or her family. Advait says I understand. Naaz wonders why was she talking to Advait. Mallika should know.

Scene 2
Sati says what will we do so early? Nehmat calls Mallika and says sorry I can’t meet you. I am very stressed with work. Nehmat says once I get done with this article, I will do all the preparation. Advait texts her the location. Naaz sees her messages. Nanu asks why are you worried? Nehmat says I am fine. Naaz says she only tells things to Ekam, not us. Nehmat leaves. Mallika gets ready. Advait calls her and says we can’t meet. I am stuck with something important. SHe says but I am ready. He says I will talk to you later. Naaz calls Mallika. Mallika says what? Naaz says you had a problem I am Nehmat’s sister and now I am your SIL. Mallika says what do you want? She says our MIL wants us to go together for shopping. What happened? If you have a plan with Advait I can tell Rama. She says no I can come. Naaz says okay pick me up in 10 minutes. Naaz says this will be fun.

Scene 3
Nehmat tells Advait the problem. she says I want this article to stop. He says I want the same. Ekam and I want to know the reason behind Jayveer’s suspension. We feel like his suspension and my parent’s accident has some politicians behind them. He says in his heart I will never let you know the truth. He says I know someone who can stop this.

Mallika and Naaz are on the way. Naaz says stop near this cafe, please. I feel like fainting. I need to geet something to eat. Can you get me coffee Mallika? Please. Mallika goes inside in anger. SHe says I will get poison. Naaz says you will need poison when yous ee your finance with your best friend. Advait says you can also come with me. She says I should tell Ekam. He says no don’t call him. He holds her hand. Mallika sees them. She’s shocked. Naaz also comes in. Mallika recalls what baba Ji said. She recalls the chunri thing. Mallika leaves crying. Naaz laughs. Advait says don’t tell Ekam. It can put a negative impact on him.

Scene 4
Mallika cries. Does her mom ask what happened? Ekam comes home. He asks Mallika what happened? Why are you crying like this? Preparing for bidai? She asks did you fight with Advait? Mallika says we had to go shopping. He didn’t go. Ekam says crying for such a small thing? He must have some important work. Mallika says yes important work, going out with Nehmat. He broke his promise, lied, and went out with her. Ekam is shocked. SHe says they were in the cafe, holding hands and having coffee. Ekam says there is a misunderstanding in your heart now. She says I am not blind. They were together in the cafe. Ekam says she’s a journalist and he’s a politician. It would be for work. Don’t make problems out of nothing. You have to trust your love. RElationships are based on trust. Mallika says my life is being ruined. Why did they have to lie? Ekam says I will meet Nehamt and ask her.

Nehmat is worried. She says how will I hide it from Ekam? Ekam coems there. Ekam asks is everything okay? She says yes it was hectic. He orders for her. He says why didn’t you meet Mallika? Nehmat says I am very stressed. He says were you in office? She says of course I was in office all day. He wonders why is she lying.


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Telecast Date:7th November 2022
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