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Udariyaan 7th July 2022 Episode starts with Fateh getting Tejo home. Khushbeer says nothing will happen to her when you are with her. Rupy thanks and blesses Tejo. Gurpreet says those men were dangerous, she got saved today, what’s the guarantee that she will get saved next time.

Fateh reads about the criminal, who kidnaps innocent girls and sells them outside the country. Harman says Tejo was in this man’s clutches. Fateh worries and goes. Khushbeer goes after him. Jasmin says that man would have sold Tejo somewhere. Satti gets shocked. Fateh cries.

Khushbeer holds him. Fateh hugs him and cries. He says if anything happened to Tejo, then I would have not forgiven myself. Khushbeer says be thankful that nothing such happened. Fateh goes to Tejo.

Satti feeds her the food. Tejo asks Fateh to have food. He asks her to come and sleep. She lies to sleep. She says your friends were good, they were taking me to meet you, shall we meet tomorrow. Fateh asks her to sleep. She insists. He shouts we will never meet them, why did you go with them.

She says they said they are your friends. She cries. He says sorry, please don’t cry, will you believe anyone, I told you to not go with anyone, sleep now. Jasmin crushes the laddoo in anger. She says I thought my plan will work and Tejo will never come back. Lovely comes and asks her to have badam milk.

She says I have heard Rupy and Satti talking, Rupy said he will talk to Fateh, they are planning to send Tejo to mental asylum. Jasmin cries and hugs her. Lovely says don’t cry, you wish her betterment, right, have the milk, stay happy. She goes. Jasmin says I can’t believe, Fateh will be finally mine.

Rupy says forgive us, we couldn’t take care of your Tejo, maybe Gurpreet and Lovely were saying the truth, our selfishness can ruin her future. Fateh asks what, you are thinking to send her to the mental asylum.

Satti says we have thought a lot. Rupy says she is with us since a month, we can’t pay a big price for keeping her with us, I will let you take the decision, your decision will be final because you are her mum, dad, friend and protector. They cry and leave. Fateh sees Tejo and cries. Naina….plays….

At Virk house, Khushbeer says Fateh, Rupy has thought for Tejo’s betterment, we have to think from mind, we should do what’s right for her. Fateh hugs him. Khushbeer says we have to think of her safety. Fateh cries and leaves. Gurpreet looks on crying. She says this was the most imp thing to do now.

He says I love Tejo a lot, so I thought to send her away for her betterment, stop regarding Tejo as a stone in Fateh’s path. He goes. She says Tejo isn’t his future, how shall I explain you. Rupy and Satti see Tejo and cry. She asks why does this happen with our Tejo. Khushbeer and all the family members worry for Tejo. Gurpreet prays. Fateh thinks of Tejo and hits the punching bag.

Mann vich…plays…. Fateh shouts Tejo. Everyone hears him and worries. Gurpreet comes to Fateh and stops him. She sees his knuckles bleeding. She says pain doesn’t get less by hurting yourself, time doesn’t wait for anyone.

Fateh says Tejo is my soul, you want to remove my soul from my body. She says no, you have to decide, which life you want for Tejo. He continues to hit the bag. She says you have to decide it today. She goes. His alter self appears and says sometimes love is to let go, this is selfishness.

Fateh argues and gets angry. He sees his alter self disappearing. He cries. Simran and Mahi come to him. Gurpreet thinks Fateh got convinced to send Tejo to the mental asylum, but he may go lost after sending Tejo away.

Jasmin says Tejo made me do a lot of drama, Tejo will now go to her real place and I will go to Fateh’s house. Tejo says we will go on a picnic today. Jasmin asks why did Fateh plan this suddenly. Lovely says don’t know, what is he planning. Fateh comes. Tejo says we have done all the preparations.

Fateh asks her to wear slippers, and get the chunris. He says don’t do anything that Tejo gets sad, I know you all have a hope from me. Tejo comes and says I got totally ready and I got the chunris also. Fateh ties the chunris to their hand. He says stay with me, don’t go away, okay Tejo recalls Fateh’s monkey dance and dances to cheer him up. Lovely asks why is she dancing like a monkey.

Tejo says you are angry on me. Fateh says no, I can never get angry on you. She asks really, then smile. He hugs her and smiles. Fateh signs everyone to smile. They leave for the picnic. Jasmin says I feel bad, Fateh has tied her like a doggy. Lovely says don’t know, Fateh can decide or not. Fateh thinks why are you making this so tough for me, Tejo.


Udariyaan 8th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tejo dances. Fateh asks will you come to meet Maai. Tejo says yes. He brings her to the Ashram.

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Telecast Date:7th July 2022
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