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Udariyaan 6th October 2021 Episode starts with Jasmin asking Tejo, what are you doing. Tejo says be it anyone, why did your face turn pale. Jasmin asks what are you doing here. Tejo holds her hand and gets angry. She says I know you did this, you wanted to defame me, and finish my career. Jasmin says no. Tejo says just shut up, don’t say you didn’t do this, because this is the black truth of your white lie,

Candy got your pendrive in my room. Jasmin says this Candy, I will…. Tejo stops her and slaps. Jasmin holds her cheek. Tejo says I didn’t know you will fall so low, you didn’t think of the students, their entire year would have got ruined, you should vent out enmity on me, what did they do to you. She says you are spending money, you don’t know that it comes by hard work, before Fateh comes on the road, he should know your truth. Jasmin asks her to shut up, who is she. Tejo scolds her.

She says be thankful that I didn’t file any complaint, leave these bad things and do some good work that helps Fateh and you, this is my last warning. She goes. Jasmin sits angered. Candy says I m feeling hungry, where is Tejo. Jasmin recalls Tejo’s words. She eats a chocolate and cries. Tejo is in the kitchen. Jasmin recalls the slap. Candy says you are grown up, you eat a chocolate, that too alone. Jasmin says you won’t get it. He snatches it from her and runs. She asks him to stop.

A family pic falls and the frame breaks. He says this pic is in our house also, this boxer uncle is my mum’s friend. She asks does your mum know him. He says yes. Tejo comes. She says I have made cheese sandwich and chocolate milkshake for you. He says wow, and goes with the food. Tejo says I will come. Jasmin holds her hand and stops. She asks which colleagues’ son is Candy, he said his mum is Fateh’s friend. Tejo says he is a kid, will you believe whatever he says. Jasmin says he knows Fateh is a boxer. Tejo says everyone know Fateh is a boxer, maybe his mum said him. Jasmin says I will ask him. Tejo says he is a kid, spare him. She goes.

Gupta and Bedi ask Fateh to make their payments. Fateh says send the bills. They say you already have it, in which world are you living. Fateh checks the files. He says oh God, Jasmin… Jasmin talks to Sweety on call. She says I m calling Fateh, he isn’t answering. Sweety says he is doing the same thing which he used to do with Tejo. Fateh says sorry, I was busy in family work, I will get this clear.

Gupta says this will happen when you have two wives, either handle them or the academy. Jasmin says I m not Tejo, he can’t treat me like this. Bedi says one who cheated his wife…. Gupta says this didn’t happen before, Tejo handled the academy well, you kept someone else in her place. Fateh says I will get the payment cleared in two days, I promise, you may go. He checks the file and says Jasmin didn’t even check the accounts.

Fateh comes to meet Jasmin. She shouts on him. He says I have come, tell me, where do you want to go. She says nowhere, will we go and bid bye to the guests. Gurpreet and Nimmo hear her shouting. Fateh says you don’t care for the academy, bills aren’t paid, accounts aren’t checking, payments are pending, you did the mistake and now you are crying. She argues. She says I stay worried because of Tejo,

I want your good, you find me wrong, fine, Tejo will go with you to the academy, I can’t do this work. She goes. Gurpreet thinks poor Fateh. Nimmo says if Jasmin does this drama every day, then Fateh won’t love her. Gurpreet says love’s real test happens after marriage, when a husband and a wife support each other in joy and sorrow, it shows their love. Tejo looks on. Fateh thinks did I make a big mistake by making Tejo away from the academy.

Candy, Tejo and everyone dance together, wearing funny hair wigs and goggles. Fateh comes home. Candy asks Fateh to come. Jasmin comes and looks on. Fateh lifts Candy and dances. Tejo holds Candy’s hands. She says we will go home now. Khushbeer says he won’t go anywhere, he will stay here. Candy says yes, I will stay here. Fateh says stay here, but not today, tomorrow, Tejo will get permission from your mummy. Jasmin thinks I have to see, who is that colleague, whose son is he.

Tejo and Candy are on the way. Tejo says very soon, we will stay together in that house. Jasmin asks the driver to drive fast, they have to follow. Tejo asks Deepti to drop Candy to Buzo, he will be waiting at the Gurudwara. Deepti says okay, I hope all well. Tejo says yes. Deepti takes Candy. Tejo turns to see Jasmin. She recalls seeing Jasmin in the mirror. She calls Deepti and asks her to meet behind the market. She thinks I got saved today, but I have to think something soon. She drives off. She gets a call.

Tejo comes home.She says you called, I was driving that time, I thought to come and meet. Rupy says you did good. She asks about Satti. Navraj says she went with Abhiraj to offer prayers. She asks won’t you ask me what will I have. Lovely asks what will you have. Tejo says just ginger tea. Lovely says I will get pakodas also. Rupy says I can’t even ask, how you are. Tejo says I m fine, everyone takes care of me and loves me. He says fine, I will believe it, you listen to me, forget everything and make a new start, this doors and your parents’ arms are always open for you. She says I know,

I will surely come at the right time, I have to take come certificates from the room to submit in college. He asks her to go. She comes to her room. She checks the drawers. She sees a burnt passport. She checks and says its dad’s passport, how did this burn. She checks the other one and sees Jasmin’s pic. She thinks Jasmin’s passport was lost, what’s the matter.

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