Udaariyaan 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 6th July 2022 Episode starts with Tejo shouting Jasmin. Satti says don’t know where is Tejo. Lovely says Jasmin would be searching for her. Satti asks why didn’t you stop her. Bebe says she was crying a lot.

Jasmin is in a spa. She gets Satti’s call. She acts to cry and shows concern for Tejo. Satti says we all will find Tejo. Jasmin disconnects the call. She asks the girls to continue, it’s a play rehearsal. Fateh looks for Tejo.

Tejo asks is this China hut. The man says no, its my dhaba, get out of here. A boy plays with the Chakri. Tejo takes it. The man asks her to return it. Tejo takes stone to hit him. Jasmin comes home acting tired and hurt. She says I left Tejo alone, its my mistake. Satti cares for her.

Fateh and Tejo get hurt at the same time on their knees. Their knees bleed. Khushbeer and family come to Satti and asks for Tejo. Satti says we didn’t find her. She says its all my fault. Jasmin says you didn’t know that she will run away. Fateh meets the dhaba man.

The man says that girl was asking for China hut. Fateh says how does Tejo know that place, Jasmin and I used to go there. Tejo calls out Fateh. Rupy comes home and sits crying. Khushbeer consoles him. Rupy says Lord is testing us. Gurpreet worries for Jasmin and argues with Satti. Jasmin acts and cries.

Simran asks her to sit. Lovely argues with Rupy. Khushbeer says Fateh and Tejo will find each other. Fateh shows Tejo’s pic and asks the people. Goons see Tejo and smile. She sits crying. Harman and everyone worry. Khushbeer asks them to pray. The goon asks what happened. She says I want to go to Fateh, he is my groom.

The goon lies and says Fateh is my friend, we will take you to him. She goes with them. Rupy says find Tejo somehow, you are my last hope. Fateh asks him not to worry. He prays. He gets Buzo’s call.

Buzo asks him to come home, they may need to go to the police. The goons see Tejo and smiles. Tejo looks out of the window, while playing with her Chakri. Fateh is also driving on the same road. Tejo sees Fateh and calls him out. She asks them to stop the car, Fateh is there. Fateh stops the bike and turns. Goon pulls her. He says we will surprise him. She says oh yes, I will hide, my Chakri fell down.

Fateh gets the Chakri. Fateh sees the car and thinks where are they taking Tejo. He follows the car and shouts Fateh. Tejo says Fateh is coming, stop the car. The goon fools her. She says fine, we will win today, speed up, we won the race, Fateh disappeared. Fateh comes in front of the car and stops them. Tejo says he is a superhero, he is standing in front.

Fateh fights the goons. She says they said they are Fateh’s friends, they are bad. She asks Fateh to beat them more. She claps for Fateh. He asks Tejo are you fine. She says I was looking for you, I didn’t get China hut, I met your friends.

He says they were not my friends, I asked you not to go until I tell you. She says you called me, I heard your voice to come out, so I came out. He asks when did I call. She says I don’t call, check this. He checks. He thinks who did this with Tejo, I have to find out. She says I didn’t eat anything.

He takes her on the bike. He thinks this could have got serious, if anything happened to her. He hugs her and says I thought I lost you again. He cries. She asks why are you crying. He says promise me, you won’t go anywhere without telling me. She says promise. He asks pinky promise. She says pinky promise. Khair mangda….plays…. They hug.


Udariyaan 7th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Lovely says Rupy and Satti are deciding to send Tejo to the mental asylum. Fateh asks Rupy about it. Rupy says we have to think of Tejo’s betterment. Fateh sadly goes to see Tejo. Jasmin dances in her room happily.

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Telecast Date:6th July 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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