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Udariyaan 4th May 2022 Episode starts with Fateh asking Tanya to see her marriage pic. Tanya shouts stay away, you are a big stalker, don’t act smart,

you have done photoshop to fool me. He asks her to listen to his heart once. She warns him to not follow her. She says I will call the police if you show me your face again, get out. Fateh sadly leaves. Kismat to kismat hai… plays….

Jasmin says Fateh didn’t come till now. Amrik says we should have gone with him. Jasmin says Fateh asked us to leave him alone, Fateh will sort the matter and come. He says you think she agreed to be Tejo.

Fateh comes and says I m feeling hungry, come. Jasmin asks did you meet her. Fateh says you were saying right, I also felt the same meeting her like you felt, she didn’t accept that she is Tejo, I will convince her and take her for dinner. Tanya talks to Ruchi and tells about Fateh. Ruchi asks her to think from his point of view,

how can four people be wrong. Tanya says maybe you are right, he showed me his pics with Tejo, she looks like me. Ruchi says you should sit and talk to him. Tanya says no, I don’t have option, I m going to store to buy some stuff, you want to join. Ruchi says no. Tanya says we will meet later.

Jasmin says wow Fateh, Tejo agreed. Fateh says don’t get happy, she didn’t accept she is Tejo, she is ready to meet again, I will try to know if she is Tanya or Tejo, she has a condition, she said I shouldn’t meet her again, she will just come for dinner tonight.

Jasmin says she loves you a lot, Tejo’s last words were that she hates me, I will always try to change her hatred. Jasmin says you have to meet her. Fateh thinks I lied to Jasmin but I have to really find out if she is Tanya or Tejo. He asks them to come and have food. Amrik says Fateh looks so happy.

Fateh and Tanya see each other at the store. She says you are still here. He says relax, I came here to buy few things, I will buy it from somewhere else, bye. She stops him. He thinks I knew it, this strategy will work.

She says I m Tanya. He jokes and says I m a boxer, this can be costly for you. She says I m not attacking but just introducing myself. He says I m Fateh Singh Virk. He asks her for coffee. They go to the café. He asks what will you have. She says I will have what I like, hot chocolate. He thinks Tejo never liked hot chocolate.

She says you seem to be a nice boy, who is Tejo, is she alive or not, did she take anything from you and run away. He says yes, she took away my heart, breath, reason to live, everything. He does shayari. She smiles. She says you loved her a lot. He says I still love her and will always love her.

She says I will pray that you get her soon. He asks her about her family. She says you want to investigate that I m Tejo or not. He says yes, my little doubt will end. She says alright, I don’t talk to strangers, stop chasing me, if she left you, then she was never yours, life is beautiful, get a life and move on, thanks for the hot chocolate. He says that couple who thought you are Tejo, its my brother and his wife,

they called me from India, I know you aren’t Tejo, its too hard for me to believe that you aren’t Tejo, can you help me in forgetting this pain, just spend a day with me, else half a day, just have lunch with me, my heart will not listen to me, help me please, else I will go mad, I swear I will never trouble you and go back to India. She says okay, I also want to get rid of this pain that everyone calls me Tejo, see me tomorrow at 2pm. She goes. Fateh prays.

Fateh waits for Tanya and says she will really come. Tanya talks to Sameer on call. She says I m going to have lunch with him, what’s the problem. She sees Fateh and says he is standing there, holding flowers, I think his Tejo really loves flowers. She runs to Fateh and hugs him.

She says you have no idea how I lived without you, Fateh. Fateh looks at her. She says I can’t say how I was staying here, it’s a long story. He says Tejo… Tanya greets him. His imagination ends. She says these flowers will be for me. he says yes. Angad looks on from far and thinks Fateh here….

Tanya says its my scarf, how did you get it. Fateh says its your scarf, I went to a café, this scarf came flying to me, we have a solid connection. She asks shall I go back, keep this scarf as a gift. Angad thinks what’s going on. Fateh says I will keep the scarf. Angad thinks are they planning against me, I will kill this girl if she is Tejo.

Simran asks who are you talking. Mahi says nothing. Buzo and Simran ask her again. Simran says I will call mum. Mahi says no, promise me, you won’t tell mum and dad. Simran says promise. Mahi tells about her social media friend.

She says he is a nice guy, sensible and mature, I m going to meet him today, I like him. Simran asks for the pic. Mahi says I didn’t see his pic till now. Simran asks why are you going on date with him, what’s his name. Mahi says Sahej. Buzo says thank God that Fateh isn’t here. Mahi says I would have not told him.

Fateh and Tanya come to the café. They sit talking. They give the food order. Tanya asks who told you about me, your brother and is wife, or that stalker, he was a real weird man. They get a cake. He says we didn’t order this. He sees the candle fire and recalls Tejo. He throws the candle. Tanya asks the girl to take away the cake. The girl apologizes. Tanya asks are you fine, it was just a candle. He says I hate fire.

Angad comes there and gets seated on some other table. Tanya says I m curious about Tejo, who is she, your GF or wife. Fateh says she became wife first and then GF, she was going to become my wife again, its hard to explain. She says you guys are star crossed lovers. He says we are soul mates, I loved her a lot, she also loved me a lot. She says sorry to say, I don’t believe in love.

He says you never fell in true love right. She says it’s a way to fool oneself by such love. He says love means to regard someone your God, I m really happy to love someone. She says you should have kept her with you forever.

He says I wanted so, but I couldn’t tell her that I can’t live without her, when I tried, then fate proved me wrong. Angad thinks are they talking about me. Fateh says I didn’t get forgiven, I couldn’t fix anything, I got a chance, but my fate burnt it, my everything got burnt in the fire, my happiness, love, my Tejo. Tanya cries and holds his hand.

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