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Udariyaan 4th July 2022 Episode starts with Jasmin acting and falling in front of the car. The people get shocked. The guy says I will call Fateh Sir. Tejo looks on. Fateh is busy. The people help Jasmin. She smiles.

Khushbeer asks what, accident, I m coming. Gurpreet asks whose accident. He says Jasmin’s. She worries. Rupy asks Satti to come fast, Jasmin met with an accident. Gurpreet says Tejo was with her. Nimmo says why did she take Tejo with her. They rush to the hospital. Rupy calls Fateh. Fateh asks what, I m coming.

They come to the hospital. Khushbeer asks Gurpreet to have patience. The guy asks are you Fateh’s family, you handle that girl. They see Tejo asking for Fateh. Khushbeer goes to Tejo. Gurpreet asks what happened there. The guy says Tejo pushed Jasmin in front of the car, don’t know why she is doing this.

Rupy and Satti come. Gurpreet says she is mad, she can hurt anyone anytime. Rupy asks Gurpreet not to say anything against Tejo. Gurpreet and Nimmo argue. Satti says we will first see Jasmin and Tejo. They go to Tejo. Satti hugs Tejo and asks where did you go. Tejo says Fateh called me there and didn’t come, I won’t talk to him.

Nimmo says we have to get rid of Tejo this time. Gurpreet asks how is Jasmin. Doctor says Jasmin is fine, we have to keep her under observation, baby is fine, you can go and meet her, but one at a time. Gurpreet thanks Lord. She sees Tejo and gets angry. She asks why did you do this, tell me. Rupy asks her to leave Tejo. She scolds him.

She says if anything happened to Jasmin and baby, then who would take a responsibility, such mental people stay in a mental asylum. Tejo says sister is bad. Nimmo says you are bad to push her. Satti asks her to calm down. Tejo goes. Rupy and Gurpreet argue. Fateh comes and asks them to stop it. He asks where is Tejo.

They look for Tejo. Satti says she was here. Fateh sees Tejo hiding in some storeroom. He goes to her, and hears her. He says I m looking for Tejo. She says I won’t meet, I m angry. He asks if I do sit ups, then will you talk.

He does sit ups. He plays music. He dances like a monkey to cheer her. Tejo acts to beat him. Nimmo asks Gurpreet to see this, is there anything left to say. Gurpreet goes. Fateh hugs Tejo. They laugh.

He asks will you have icecream. Tejo says yes. Gurpreet stops them and says we will decide this today. He says see Jasmin, we will go home and talk about this.

Its night, Fateh comes home. Gurpreet says Jasmin isn’t safe with Tejo. She holds his collar and scolds him. He says you want to make me away from Tejo. Bau ji says your mum isn’t saying wrong. Biji says she can do anything wrong.

Fateh says you can forget Tejo, but I can’t, Tejo doesn’t want to go anywhere with Jasmin, I don’t trust Jasmin, I will find out the truth, Tejo wants our love and support, then she can get fine.

Its morning, Jasmin is at home. She thanks the baby. She says they are taking care of me because of you. Satti asks her to have haldi milk. Fateh comes and asks why did you take Tejo outside. Jasmin says you didn’t ask me about my condition. He says that’s why I m asking you. He asks Satti why did Tejo go out.

Satti says Tejo didn’t tell me, did you take her out. Jasmin says yes. Fateh says you are acting good, you are old Jasmin. Jasmin says Tejo was adamant that she will go outside. Satti says you should have told me. Jasmin asks why, do you think I wish bad for Tejo, I thought she will feel happy so I took her.

Fateh asks are you sure, these were your intentions. She says I worry for her, she is my sister. He says she always gets provoked when you are with her. Jasmin asks what are you saying, my accident happened, I could have lost my life, you are still caring for mad Tejo. He says don’t call her mad. She says she is mad.

He says shut up, Tejo will get well soon and tell everyone who is really mad. She says fine, if you think I wish bad for Tejo then leave me outside the door, go away, I don’t want to talk to anyone. He says don’t do this drama, we know your truth, I can’t trust you easily, your presence has something that Tejo gets provoked, if anything happens to Tejo because of you, it won’t be good, stay away from Tejo.

Tejo scares Lovely. She shouts Tai ji has come back. Lovely asks her to run away. Tejo hugs Fateh. Satti hugs Lovely. Lovely pushes her. She says I have come to take care of Jasmin, she called me. Satti says they both are my daughters.

Lovely argues with them. Fateh says Tejo didn’t do anything. Lovely asks him not to interfere in their house matters. She asks Satti to send Tejo to the right place. Gurpreet and Nimmo come. Gurpreet says Lovely is saying right, Jasmin is my bahu, Amrik’s widow and his baby’s mum, I will do anything to protect her.

Nimmo says they are acting innocent, we will file a police complaint if you don’t admit Tejo in the mental asylum. Tejo is scared. Fateh says everything will be fine. He hugs Tejo and calms her down. He makes a heart by his hand and she also joins it to complete. He recalls their old moment. They smile.

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