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Udariyaan 4th July 2021 Episode starts with Jasmin seeing Tejo coming in the car. She goes to stop Tejo. She says sorry, trust me, I want to move on, so I met Gippy. Tejo says you said it was my plan to marry Fateh. Jasmin says listen to me, its about Gippy, he likes me, he wants to marry me and take me to Canada, I need your help. She holds Tejo’s hand. Tejo says I don’t care, do anything you want. She goes and says the way you are troubling Fateh, I can never forgive you, you aren’t seeing his pain, just I can see how he is trying to cope up.

Jasmin talks to Gippy on call. He says I like your confidence, you know I just want to marry you even after seeing your attitude. She says yes, come home, I miss you, I want to meet you. He says I like it. She says someone else will get a surprise. Mami says no need to meet Gippy again. Jasmin says you always get after me, he wants to meet me. Satti says its fine, we will meet him, call him home. Jasmin says he wants to meet just me. Mami says I don’t trust Jasmin. She complains to Rupy. Bebe and Satti say its fine if Jasmin meets Satti. Rupy says our family respect is in Tejo’s hand now. Jasmin asks Rupy not to worry. She goes.

Tejo sits working. Fateh eats the food and talks to her. He asks why shall I do this when you are here. He feeds her the icecream. Mahi and Dada ji smile seeing them. Khushbeer comes and sends Mahi. Dada ji says I think they got habitual to each other, friendship makes strong relations. Khushbeer says yes. Gurpreet and Nimmi look on. Gurpreet says Fateh is smiling after long time. Nimmo says Tejo is helping him in business to get saved from cooking tasks. Jasmin comes home crying. She says Gippy talked about Fateh, he kept a condition that he wants to meet Tejo and Fateh before our families meet, he said he doesn’t want any drama before marriage, I tried to explain him a lot, I told him that Fateh has moved on and she is also moving on, he didn’t listen to me. Satti says Tejo won’t agree. Jasmin says I know, I told her sorry, she didn’t agree, everything is over, ask Mami to go, I don’t think my marriage will happen with Gippy. Mami says I kept saying that this won’t happen. Bebe asks Satti to call Tejo and explain her.

Fateh and Tejo are at the academy. They have lunch. Satti calls her. Tejo says we are fine, we are having lunch, tell me. Satti says I wanted to talk about Jasmin. Tejo says she is a liar, forget it, I don’t want to talk about her. Satti says I know you are upset with her, Gippy wants to meet you and Fateh, I know you don’t want to talk to Jasmin, but she is your sister, think about us, what if this relation breaks.

Tejo says fine, I will meet Gippy. Fateh looks on. Satti asks about Fateh. Fateh signs no. Tejo says I can’t force Fateh. Satti says but he wants to meet both of you. Tejo says I will explain Gippy. Satti says fine, sorry, you always have to handle Jasmin’s problems, thanks. Tejo says I m doing this for family, not Jasmin. Fateh asks why do you want to meet Gippy, you know Chameli is a drama queen. Tejo says I want to meet for the sake of family, if this makes Jasmin’s life better, then what’s the problem. He says I don’t find it right. He goes.

Tejo and Jasmin meet Gippy. He says I like Jasmin’s attitude, you and Tejo are so different. Tejo says its good. Jasmin asks when will Fateh come. Tejo says Fateh won’t come, he is busy in work, Fateh is Jasmin’s Jiju, he will meet later. Gippy says right. Jasmin asks what work, he would have gone for boxing. Teko says Fateh is starting his own sports academy, so he is busy. Gippy says wow, cool, will I get admission. They laugh. He asks Tejo to order food. He goes. Jasmin thanks Tejo. Tejo says I didn’t come here for you. Jasmin says Fateh will never forgive me, so he didn’t come. Tejo says yes, he didn’t wish to come. Tejo leaves. Jasmin sees Fateh coming. She smiles.

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