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Udariyaan 3rd December 2021 Episode starts with Jasmin saying my luggage is left in the flight, I missed the flight, give me my luggage back. The man asks for ticket and passport. She says I don’t have it, check my name in the passenger list. He says sorry, I can’t help you without the boarding pass and passport.

She says return my luggage. She is taken away by the police. Fateh thinks how will I forget you Tejo. Tejo is on the way with Angad. Fateh falls down on the road. Judaai…plays… Tejo says Fateh…. He sees her and cries. She asks him to walk carefully, where did he get hurt. He forwards hand. She disappears. He cries.

He says you stay happy Tejo, you won’t get hurt because of me, I will go far from you, I have hurt you and did a sin, I have to repent now. Angad gets Tejo to Maan Villa. He says its cold here. He covers up Tejo. She says this house is…

He says its like Chandigarh’s house, my mum had designed that, we try to keep all the house designs same to get mum’s feeling. He meets the caretakers. He asks them to make the house ready. He says don’t get surprised, I know what you like and dislike, special arrangement for you, our outhouse, come. He shows the outhouse and says you will be comfortable here. She thanks him.

He says its a perfect place for you, safe and private. She says yes, but what will I do here, is there any academy or college nearby. He says I have thought about it, we will talk tomorrow, I will come to take you for dinner. She says you didn’t remove ring till now. He recall their engagement. He says I will remove tomorrow, let me enjoy today. He says I hate sad faces, smile. She smiles. He goes.

Rupy gives prasad to Satti. She asks where is Tejo, did she stay at Khushbeer’s house. Navraj asks did you leave Tejo there, no, I will get her. Rupy stops him. He says Tejo left. Bebe asks where did she go. He tells them everything. They get shocked. Rupy says she did all this to make us attend Jasmin’s marriage, Angad was also involved. Angad sees his daughter and hugs her. He recalls the accident.

He asks what are you doing here, how did you come. She says I was missing you, I want to come here. He asks how did you come. He asks the servants about her. They say Riya baby… Tejo thinks who is this girl. Riya says I want to stay here, so I have come here myself. Angad asks how did you come. The man says I went there to give clothes and she came along. Riya says I came in the car, they didn’t know.

Tejo thinks she is Angad’s daughter. Angad asks what did I say, you have to stay in hostel, why don’t you understand. He scolds the man. Bebe and Satti cry for Tejo. Rupy says Angad and Tejo have pure friendship, Angad will take care of her, I trust them, Angad is a nice man, he is good hearted.

Angad gets the call from Riya’s hostel. He says its not my plan, I will drop her tomorrow, yes, I promise you, don’t tell them, my problems will get high, really sorry. Tejo looks on. Angad asks Riya to just go. Tejo calls him out. She asks what are you doing. He says don’t interfere in my family matter. She asks how can a dad behave with his daughter like this. He says its none of your business. He goes with Riya. She says I didn’t see this side of him, does he have some tension.

Rupy burns few things. Satti cries. Bebe says let him burn the dreams, which ruined our happiness. He recalls Jasmin’s words and ignites the plane model as well. He says you have burnt our dreams and now you would be happy, Jasmin…. Tejo thinks Jasmin and Fateh would be reaching Canada now. She calls Rupy. He answers and says I was thinking about you, you have a long life. She asks how are you. He says fine, its cold, I was igniting fire for warmth, how are you. She says I m okay,

Angad gave me a good welcome, you remember your promise, right. He says yes, I explained everyone, take care. He ends call and blesses Tejo. Someone knocks the door. He says its 11 now, who has come at this time. He goes to see. He gets shocked seeing Jasmin. She cries and says Papa…. He stops her and ask what are you doing here. She says please keep me here, let me come in, Khushbeer won’t keep me in his house, I did much wrong, but I m your daughter. He asks where is Fateh. She says I don’t know, Fateh left me alone at the airport. Fateh is crying.

Tejo’s bag falls. She sees the dupatta and recalls Fateh. Jasmin says Fateh cheated me, he didn’t marry me, he burnt my passport, don’t know what happened to him. Rupy laughs. He says Lord has proved it, you got punished, I have burnt all the shallow dreams, Lord has done justice, I m really glad, you got punished for your deeds.


Udariyaan 4th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Fateh says promise me Buzo, you will never tell anyone about me. Jasmin goes to Virk house to meet Fateh. Fateh says if Tejo asks about me, tell her that I m enjoying in Canada with my wife.

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Telecast Date:3rd December 2021
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