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Udariyaan 30th May 2022 Episode starts with Jasmin saying the world runs on money. Tanya asks for 10 lakhs for her work and also 5 lakhs for whatever happened today. She says you said that everything depends on money, pay me the money or I shall leave. Jasmin thinks she is smart. She says sorry, I understand.

She goes on a call. Fateh recalls Tanya. Jasmin asks what did you do, I convinced her with much difficulty, don’t do this again, she isn’t Tejo, she is Tanya Gill, she has come here for money, nothing else, let her do her work. He says fine, I m sorry, ask her to just do what is told to her, why are we talking about her.

She says I m going. He says I want to tell something. She says that I shouldn’t abort the child. He says just think well. She says this baby is imp for me. He recalls his baby. She looks at him and says I m not the old Jasmin now, I have changed, I will think many times before doing anything, I will do what is right for me and my baby.

He says Jasmin, I just felt the pain of losing my baby, don’t take any step that you regret later, we all are with you, I will take care of Amrik’s baby. She asks by what right. He says Amrik was my younger brother, by that relation.

She asks what will you do, you will drop him to school, whose name will you write in his school form in his father’s name column, yours? He shouts Jasmin, what nonsense are you saying, just a father gives a father’s love, no other relation can give such confidence to a baby. He says I understand, I will find a life partner for you, someone who gives his name to your baby.

She holds him and asks why don’t you become my life partner and become the father of my baby, you marry me. He gets away and says its not possible. She asks why. He asks her to think as Tejo. She says Tejo is not there in your life, I m not Tejo, I can’t handle it maturely, I want a father for my baby, else I won’t bring the baby in this world, fine, if you can’t think of anything, then I will think and decide.

She goes smiling. He worries. Tanya sees Jasmin coming. She asks where did you go. Jasmin says I have explained Fateh, he won’t talk like that again. Tanya says I don’t think he will agree for marriage. Jasmin says you don’t know me, he will agree and marry me, I have left a spark there, you have to ignite the fire. Fateh is sleeping. He gets disturbed and recalls Jasmin’s words. He wakes up.

Jasmin gives the money to Tanya and says you know what I want, I have given you the money. She says I just want Fateh as my baby’s father. Tanya talks to someone and says I m getting the money tomorrow. She thinks Tejo’s role will end if my work is over. Fateh lies inside the bath tub and recalls Tejo. He gets ready and leaves.

Someone in Barnala, Tejo is seen. She smiles and writes Fateh’s name on the ground. Tanya gets ready and leaves. She says thank God no one stopped me today. Rupy calls her out. Tanya makes an excuse. He says college is closed today. She says I m going to return this book in the library.

She goes. He thinks why does she look changed. Tejo runs after the kids. Lovely is bargaining at a vegetable stall. She sees Tanya and goes after her. Tanya leaves in the bus going to Barnala. Lovely sees her and thinks why is she going to Barnala. A girl asks are you fine. Tejo complains about the kids. She shows Fateh’s name to the girl.

The girl asks who is he, try to recall, why do you write this name. Tejo recalls Fateh and her marriage. She says my best friend, my groom. Jasmin gets decked up. She smiles and recalls Fateh’s promise, and does poetry. Tejo says he will come and take me somewhere far.

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Telecast Date:30th May 2022
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