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Udariyaan 30th April 2022  Episode starts with Fateh asking what are you doing in London. Jasmin says I will tell you later, just come here, we are stuck in a big problem. She disconnects. Amrik asks what did you go. Jasmin says now see Amrik, Fateh will come here, we will make them meet and see what will happen.

Fateh says Jasmin said they are in a big problem, I have to go there. Amrik says he would have got happy if you told about Tejo. Jasmin says no, she was behaving strange with us, the truth will come out, she is my sister, I m so happy seeing her alive, I will do anything to take her back. Amrik says you think Fateh will come on your one call.

She says Fateh would come for you, he would have booked the tickets by now. Fateh books the ticket. Buzo asks did you book the ticket, tell the family. Fateh says no, I will first go and see them, you know mum’s state, Jasmin is also with Amrik, I don’t want any problem in the families. Buzo asks what would you tell them.

Its morning, Gurpreet asks why did Fateh go, who is his friend in London, are Jasmin and Amrik there in London, did Fateh go to find them. Buzo says no. Khushbeer says its good Fateh went there, he needed a change. Gurpreet says he didn’t sleep in peace since 6 days, its good he went. Fateh lands in London. Tanya is seen walking on the road. Fateh thinks what’s this feeling, that I wish to live.

Gurpreet says don’t know where are Jasmin and Amrik, is Fateh finding out. Buzo says yes, he won’t forget Amrik. Khushbeer says don’t cry for them, I wish they don’t come back, I won’t let them come in. Satti defends Jasmin and argues with Rupy. He says Khushbeer will never forgive her, its better that Jasmin stays away, I will think that both my daughters are dead. Satti worries. Fateh meets Jasmin and Amrik.

He says you both love each other, you should have not run away. Jasmin says sorry, we called you to help. Fateh says come with me. Amrik says we can’t go back. Gurpreet says I won’t let you do this, Amrik tried to commit suicide once, accept him when he comes back, I can’t lose my child. Amrik says I have a six month contract with landlord, I have to do a job, he kept our passport also. Fateh gets Mahi’s call.

He says I reached, is everything fine, I will call when I find about Jasmin and Amrik. Jasmin says we will take him to café. Satti says I can’t live if anything happens to Jasmin, Tejo died in Fateh’s love. Tanya and Sameer are on the way. He says look at that beautiful couple. Tanya says I don’t believe in love.

He says love will hate this. She says love is permanent imbalance. He says so world is mad to love. She says love is stupidity, mad people get mad in love, I m not mad. He says keep thanking God, I will ask you when someone will come and force you to think from heart. She says keep waiting sweetheart, this won’t happen, I just love I, me and myself. Jasmin says help us or go back. Fateh says I have come to help.

He asks Amrik to give landlord’s address. Amrik says I don’t have it. Jasmin says landlord went to Scotland in the morning. Amrik says we will have some food. Jasmin says we are hungry, we will have something Indian. Fateh says fine, I will change and come. He goes. Jasmin says finally, Fateh and Tejo will be face to face, she will accept that she is Tejo, not Tanya.

Tanya is declared the employee of the week. Danny says I will give a bonus to her like always. Tanya says party for everyone. Sameer says you are spending the bonus on everyone. She says there is life to save and spend. Jasmin and Amrik ask Fateh to come with them. Tanya says lets go to countryside.

Ruchi says no. Tanya says lets do a party. Ruchi agrees to her. Jasmin says I had to take groceries for home, Amrik we will go, Fateh go to café and sit. Fateh says I will come along. Jasmin and Amrik ask him to go. Fateh agrees. Tanya says my shift is over, I m going. She leaves.

She goes dancing. Her scarf flies to Fateh. She says my scarf…. An old lady sits in pain. Tanya runs to help her. She takes the lady. Angad thinks I will keep an eye on her until it gets clear that she is Tanya or Tejo. Amrik says I m scared, Fateh will get disturbed if Tanya behaves the same way as she did with us.

Jasmin says I felt the same when I hugged her, she is Tejo. Amrik says we know Tejo died that night. She says once they come face to face, their feelings and truth will be clear. Fateh comes to the café. He sits there and doesn’t see Tanya’s pic. Jasmin asks what would have happened there, we should give them some time.

Fateh gives the order and sits. He thinks I have come here for the first time, but feel I have some relation. Fateh takes his coffee and recalls Tejo. He hears her voice and turns. He gets shocked seeing her pic on the employee of the week board.


Udariyaan 1st May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Fateh prays for a miracle. He sees Tanya and is shocked. He says Tejo and cries happily. He runs to hug her.

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Telecast Date:30th April 2022
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