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Udariyaan 2nd November 2022 Nikhil welcomes Naaz. He says see I did all the decoration. He introduces his mom to Naaz. She touches her feet. Mallika and Nehmat see her. She says I have to tolerate her too. She will try to roam around her. Nehmat says everything is happy. It’s her life. Let her be. Naaz asks how are you?

Nikhil told me you were not well. She says I am better now. She says I prayed for you. His mom says thank you soo much. Naaz says let me know if there’s any work. She says you’re so sweet, aunty. She hugs Naaz. Advait’s mom looks at Nehmat look at Mallika. She says thank God Naaz isn’t like this ill-mannered Nehamt.

Nehmat and Ekam dance. Shamsher gets a call. He says I got a call. I had to deliver these flowers to you. Shamsher gets a call from Madam Ji. She says congrats on your soon’s Roka. Naaz and Nikhil dance on Mahi Ve.

Ekam dances with Nehmat. Shamsher asks how did you know? She says never think I don’t know anything. Key your eyes on Nehmat and Ekam. I know why you wanna get your son married to Ekam’s sister. But do you know how complicated this wedding would be. Nehmat and Ekam dance inside.

Shamsher says do you have a problem with this wedding? She says I’ve nothing to do with your personal life. Just do what I want. Mallika’s dad sees Shamsher with the goon. He recalls the incident and runs out. The goon runs. Shamsher asks what happened. Randhawa says what happened?

Shamsher says do you know him? He calls and asks him to come back. Advait looks at Nehmat and Ekam. The goon comes back. He’s a different guy. Shamsher asks him. Randhawa says not him. Shamsher says let me know if there’s any problem. He says I had a misunderstanding. They go inside.

Scene 2
Nikhil asks his mom do you like Naaz? She says yes. She takes off the evil eye from Mallika and Advait. She says once your room is done I will talk to Naaz’s parents too. Nehmat is coming there. Nikhila tells Nehmat my mom will come to your place soon and bring Naaz to his home.

Advait says why such a hurry? She says Naaz has changed Nikhil. She has made him mature and responsible. He loves her a lot and she’s an amazing girl. Mallika recalls her challenge. She says Naaz is Mallika’s frirnd too. Mallika says I don’t like Naaz at all. Naaz is angry. Mallika says she isn’t how innocent she pretends to be. Advait’s mom says let’s talk about it later.

The arti starts. Ekam imagines marrying Nehmat. Shally says to Naaz I am sure Nehmat has suggested this. Advait’s mom asks for chunri. Nehmat says it’s here, let me help She picks it up and recalls it’s the same churni she wore in the mall. The stage falls and the chunri falls on Nehmat and Advait. Shally says this is such a big bad omen. This was Advait’s chunri. Ekam takes Nehmat out. Mallika cries.


Udariyaan 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mallika cries. Ekam says let me talk to Nehmat, why are you crying. That Shampy misbehave with you she taught him a lesson. Mallika says who will she teach a lesson to? When she’s the reason behind my tears is her. Naaz says to Nehmat you have to choose between your sister and friend. Ekam and Nehmat fight. Ekam says Mallika is my sister. Nehmat says Naaz is my sister too.

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Telecast Date:2nd November 2022
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