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Udariyaan 28th September 2021  Episode starts with Simran saying Gurpreet won’t get fine until Fateh comes back. Buzo says let him stay there for two days, he will get his sense back. Tejo says I know you are upset with him, its my request, help me in finding him, I promised Gurpreet that I will bring Fateh home. Khushbeer says you sent Tejo to find Fateh, you have no emotions, you didn’t think what will Tejo go through, Fateh left her. Biji says Gurpreet is Fateh’s mum, you control your anger.

She asks Gurpreet to stay strong, everything will get fine. Satti says Rupy is the reason for all this, how would Tejo stay there and see Fateh with Jasmin, their house is breaking, go and talk to Khushbeer. Mahi asks what’s the use of your political connections when you can’t find your son. Khushbeer says he broke all the connections, no one will come to find him, I don’t want him. Nimmo says if anything happens to him, then you will be blamed. Rupy says Tejo isn’t a kid, she knows what’s right for her, don’t worry for her, she is strong, her courage will never break.

Tejo says I don’t think they will go anywhere nearby. Buzo says they would have gone to Chandigarh. Fateh thinks of Gurpreet. Jasmin asks him to come and have food. He says I m not feeling hungry. He thinks mum would be hungry. Gurpreet says I won’t have food and water until Fateh comes home. Nimmo angrily takes the food plate to Khushbeer. She says Gurpreet is also adamant now, she won’t have food and water.

Biji says I will go and feed her. Khushbeer says sit, let Gurpreet and Fateh get rigid, they will get their senses, I wish Tejo is fine. Nimmo says when your son doesn’t want to stay with her, why are you worried for her, one day your rigidity will ruin this house.

Tejo says no Mahi, we didn’t find him, Amrik also checked many places, ask aunty not to worry, we will find him. Khushbeer says Tejo will get him, she has a big heart, this is not my rigidity, this is called, standing with the truth. Tejo talks to Amrik and asks him to check nearby areas. Buzo says just few lodges are left, else… Tejo says we will find them, we can’t lose courage.

Khushbeer says I can see what my bahu is doing for this house, she has nothing of her own here, still she is standing with the family, I will support her. He goes. Buzo asks did you see them, are they staying here. Tejo says thanks, you should go now, if Fateh sees you, then it will be a big issue. He says fine, call me if there is any problem. She asks the room number and goes. He calls Simran and says we found them.

Tejo knocks the door. Fateh says who will come here. Jasmin says don’t know. He opens the door and sees Tejo. Jasmin sees Tejo and says wow, she has come here following us, I think she will spy and come to Canada also. She says Fateh, tell her that I can’t tolerate her, ask her to leave, fine, let her stay here, I will go from here. She leaves from the room. Tejo says I have come to take you back, don’t know that I couldn’t stay without you and reached here finding you, I made you out of my life when I saw you and Jasmin in Deepti’s party, come back, Gurpreet isn’t well. The man asks what happened, didn’t you like the room. Jasmin says yes, will you get a five star hotel. Another man says its hot. She asks what did you say. The man says tea. Tejo says you should think what is left behind, your family, house and mummy, she is crying a lot. Fateh says if you cared for her, then you should have stopped this.

She asks what do you want to say. The man says I think you had a fight with Sir. Jasmin scolds him and asks shall I call police. The men see police and run. The man asks Jasmin to find a corner and hide. Jasmin runs. Fateh asks why don’t you go back to your house, Jasmin and I will never come back until you are there. Tejo recalls Biji and Gurpreet’s words. Tejo says you know it well, I m not there by my wish, I m there because of Papa ji. Fateh says then will you…

The police gets in. Fateh asks how did you get in. Tejo says leave me. Inspector says you know the meaning of raid. Constable scolds her. Fateh says Sir, we are husband and wife. Inspector says husband and wife don’t come to such places to spend the night. Tejo says we are decent people. Inspector says you are caught with your lover, you are saying you are decent. Fateh holds his collar and shouts she is my wife, mind your tongue. Tejo says you can’t raise hand on a policeman.

She says I have mangalsutra in my neck. The constable says every girl gets such mangalsutra in her purse and comes here. Inspector says we know that guys keep in their pockets, take them. Fateh holds Tejo and hugs her. The police tries to pull them apart. They get taken away. Jasmin comes to the window and looks on. Fateh looks around. Tejo asks are you finding Jasmin, she is smart, she would have got hidden, don’t stay mistaken that she will come to save you. Jasmin leaves. At the police station, Fateh says I m Fateh Singh Virk, boxer, national level, I have nothing to do with this. Inspector jokes. Fateh says Sir, give me my phone, you will know it.

Inspector says you will know when the papers are made. Fateh says you don’t know my dad. Tejo signs no. Inspector says present them in the court tomorrow morning. The lady constable says they are saying they are husband and wife, put them in the same cell. Fateh says give my phone, I want to talk to the lawyer, its my right. Inspector scolds him. Tejo holds Fateh’s hand and stops. Fateh says you know why I went to that lodge, I can handle the police.

Tejo says they will need a minute to bring you to senses. He sits worried. Jasmin comes there in a cab. She says I can’t let Fateh stay in jail with Tejo, I have to do something. She goes inside. She says Inspector Sir, you are mistaken, you locked my husband inside. He asks who is your husband. She says Fateh Singh Virk. Lady constable says but he is already with his wife.


Udariyaan 29th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :In the jail, Tejo tells Fateh, you are right. I have decided that I will give you divorce and tell Papaji that I want to move on. Later, they are sleeping. Fateh has his head on Tejo’s shoulder.

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Telecast Date:28th September 2021
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