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Udariyaan 28th August 2021 Episode starts with Tejo saying we will break some bottles, your anger will end, come, is there something I should know, which I don’t know. Fateh says there is nothing, I m upset because of work, not because of you. She asks how will I try to solve the problem if you don’t tell me. He recalls Jasmin’s words and goes. She says I know how to make your mood better. She sets a candle light dinner table in the lawn. Buzo comes and says wow, you have planned the dinner, I think I came at a wrong time. She says you can stay. He says good then, I was feeling hungry. She says Fateh will laugh hearing your Pjs. Fateh smiles reading Tejo’s message… dinner is ready, come to the lawn. He goes.

Buzo says Candy won a prize in his school, we want to celebrate, if you can come, I know you don’t like to lie to the family. She says yes, but I can lie a bit for Candy’s special day, I will buy some candies for him. He jokes that you would have bought a dog for my special day. She laughs. Gurpreet looks on and hides. Fateh comes there. He recalls Gurpreet’s words. He asks how are you. Buzo says great. Fateh asks what are you guys talking. Buzo says nothing. Fateh asks why did you get silent. He likes chilli paneer. Buzo says its his fav. tejo says now I know it. She shows the chicken dish. Fateh says wow, will you have it or go. Buzo says I m hungry, I will go if you say. Fateh says go. They laugh. Gurpreet thinks maybe I m overthinking, everything is fine.

Its morning, Jasmin thinks of Fateh. Lovely asks where is your focus, what’s the matter, is your mood upset. Bebe asks what happened, talk to the one who is upset with you. Jasmin says he isn’t talking, I mean she isn’t talking. Bebe asks who. Jasmin says Sweety, we had a fight. Bebe says she is your childhood friend, she will agree, do something that she likes a lot, her anger will end. Jasmin says what she likes.

Fateh checks some equipments. Jasmin comes and throws gloves at him. She asks him to pick the gloves. He asks what nonsense is this. She says hit the punches, we shall have a match today. He asks her to leave. She says come on, hit me, I m already injured, I want to see the power in my love, forgive me please, I know I did wrong. He says please spare me, don’t increase my troubles, I don’t want your help. Bebe and Lovely are at some shop. They see some clothes. Sweety comes and greets Bebe. Bebe says sit, did Jasmin apologize to you, she told me that you both had a fight. Sweety says we didn’t had any fight. Bebe recalls Jasmin’s words. Jasmin says don’t say this Fateh, I got you back in my life with difficulty, punch me, I m sorry, I did wrong, I promise I won’t do this again. She hugs him. He says okay, promise me, you won’t warn me or threaten me, just because I love you, you won’t trouble me. She says promise, I love you, we will go out somewhere. He asks where. She says shopping, I will buy something for you. He says okay, come. They go for shopping. Tejo and Buzo check clothes for Candy.

Jasmin says don’t stay angry, we will go for chinese. Fateh says there is a chinese restaurant here. He turns and sees Tejo and Buzo. Jasmin turns and says Buzo and Tejo, what are they doing here. Buzo says cockroach and laughs. He says I m joking, it was a small insect. Tejo beats him. Fateh sees them buying clothes. He calls Tejo and asks where are you. She says I came in nearby pind to teach NGO kids. He says okay, did your class end, when are you coming back. She says I m just leaving, I stopped in the market. He says shopping alone. She says yes, what to do, you would be at the academy, so thought to shop alone. He gets angry. He disconnects. Jasmin asks what did Tejo say. Tejo thinks he didn’t say bye and disconnected. Buzo shows a dress. Fateh calls Buzo. He asks how are you. Buzo says fine. Fateh says I got free from work, come to meet. Buzo says I can’t come, I came with mum for shopping. Fateh says fine and ends call. He says they both are lying. Jasmin says there would be some reason, ask them, I will go and talk. He says no, its me and my wife’s matter, you said you will listen to me. They leave.

Fateh comes home. He goes to washroom. He recalls Tejo and Buzo’s words. He throws the things. He gets angry and punches the window. The glass breaks. His hand bleeds. He comes out of the washroom. Tejo comes to the room. She gets shocked seeing his hand. She says how did you get hurt, where is your focus, sit. She does the aid. She ties the bandage. He recalls her words. He asks how was your shopping. She says first class, I got this shirt for you. He asks is there improvement in kids. She says a lot. He asks how long do you have to go. She says sometime more, why. He says I was just thinking. She recalls Simran’s words. She asks why are you asking today. He asks can’t I ask. He says can’t I ask, I m your husband, I have a right to know what’s going on in your life, is there any problem, like you ask. She says I have to go for some more days. He says shirt is nice, but maybe your focus was somewhere else, size is wrong. He sees Urvashi’s message on her phone and thinks is Urvashi Buzo, like Jasmin is Sameer, so things reached here. She goes to keep the first aid box. He thinks I die every moment that I hurt you, I didn’t know you will hurt me one day.

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