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Udariyaan 27th October 2022 Episode starts with Nikhil and his goons leaving. Nehmat hugs Aykam. Naaz recalls hiring the goons. Nehmat says Naaz, you made me indebted to you, if you hadn’t come today, then I might have lost Aykam, you can ask me any favor, I will do it without asking anything. She hugs Naaz.

At home, Nehmat asking when did Nikhil come in your life. Naaz says some days back, Nikhil is a good person, I was scared seeing his friends, he broke his friendship with them, you know he wants me to meet his family. Nehmat asks do you know his family. Naaz says no, I just know that he studied in London and wants to handle family business.

Nehmat says meet his family and find out if he is saying the truth or not, invite him in Diwali party, your friends will also come, Aykam and Mallika will also come. Naaz hugs her.

Nehmat ends the call and says Satti and Rupy aren’t fine, Satti had to go, I miss them, remember when we used to celebrate Diwali with mum and dad. Aykam says yes. She says I just hope that our life’s darkness ends on this Diwali. He says of course, I have a big diya with me, where is my gift. She says I will buy it alone.

He says fine, I will also buy it alone. They go and buy the gifts. Nehmat buys the bracelet. She says I will pay the money online. She checks the phone and says battery dead. Advait comes to the jewellery store and asks about his mum’s earrings. Nehmat greets and says I came for shopping, I will go and get the cash from ATM. Advait says I have the cash, please take it. Nehmat thanks him.

Advait says you are shopping for someone special, who is he. She says there is someone. He asks her to take care. She says he always reaches when I m in a problem. Shamsher asks the goon to kill Nehmat and Aykam at the Diwali party. Goon says we shall tell Advait once. Shamsher says we will tell him later, their screams should not be heard in the Diwali crackers sound. Goon says sure. Nehmat does the aarti at home.

Aykam’s family also prays. Aykam gives the gifts to Renuka and Jai. He wishes them happy Diwali. He hugs Jai.

Nehmat waits for Aykam. Goons reach her house. Goon calls Shamsher. Shamsher asks did Aykam come. Goon says he would be coming, don’t worry, our man already reached there. One of the goon is in servant’s disguise. Aykam comes and sees Nehmat on the terrace. He shows the gift to Nehmat. She also shows the gift. He runs to meet her. He greets everyone. Goon says Sir, Aykam has come. Shamsher asks goon to kill Aykam and Nehmat, but his name shouldn’t come between.

Aykam kisses Nehmat. She beats him and says mad. He says I m mad for you. They hug. She says I thought you won’t come. He asks why, I had to come. He gives her gift. She says wow… He makes her wear the kamarbandh. Tu hai khuda…plays.. She makes him wear the bracelet. He kisses it and says I will keep this safe. Mallika and Advait come home. Aykam asks is Mallika dating him,

but he is a politician. Nehmat says yes, he is a good politician, Mallika is very serious about him. He asks did you research on him and his political party. She says yes, he is a gentleman. Mallika introduces Advait to the family. Nehmat and Aykam come downstairs. Nehmat hugs Mallika.

Shelly says Mallika got her BF home. Naaz says its okay. She thinks maybe I get another chance. Nehmat wishes Advait. Advait asks did you feel bad that I came without informing. Rupy says no, you can come anytime. Mallika says he is Advait Kapoor. Aykam says I know a lot about him, happy Diwali.

Nehmat says we will just come. They go. Advait asks how is your police job going on. Aykam says good, we aren’t like politicians to come in others’ way. Advait says you have a problem with politicians. Aykam says no, not with all, Rupy and Khushbeer were MLAs, they did good work, Khushbeer paid a price for his good work. Advait says I remember his entire family died in an accident.

Aykam says I heard a lot about your dad, he has much money and power, it can’t come by helping the people, I m asking your opinion. Advait says I didn’t judge your dad, he got suspended, he might have done something, what do you have to say about that. Aykam gets angry. Everyone dances on dhol. Goon gets the video and sees Advait. Shamsher is also shocked seeing the video. He calls the goon. He asks what’s Advait going there, Advait shouldn’t get hurt, Aykam and Nehmat should die today, be careful.

Naaz sees Nehmat going upstairs. Naaz says what a pleasant surprise, you came home. Advait says I m glad meeting you all, this is my best Diwali ever. She says Mallika is waiting for you on the terrace. He asks why. She asks why would a GF call her BF there. He laughs and goes. Nehmat collides with him. Advait says I came to meet Mallika here. Naaz calls Vandy and says tell Mallika that her BF is on the terrace.

Nehmat gives the money to Advait. Vandy asks are you looking for Advait, he is upstairs. Nehmat’s dupatta gets stuck in Advait’s coat. She frees it. Aykam looks for Nehmat. He thinks to go and check her room. Naaz clicks Nehmat and Advait’s pic. She thinks if Mallika and Aykam see this scene, then it will be good. Rab ke khel…plays… Mallika and Aykam come upstairs.

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