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Udariyaan 25th September 2021 Episode starts with Rupy and everyone crying at home. He says we had fed the Canada dream in her mind, she didn’t settle and is ruining Tejo’s house as well. Gurpreet says its not easy, Khushbeer got her as a daughter. Fateh says I promise, support me, I won’t do any mistake. Biji says I have ruined your daughters’ lives. Everyone hugs her and cries. Simran calls Tejo and asks her to see the news.

Tejo gets shocked seeing Fateh’s affair news. Fateh and both the families see the news. They get worried. Sweety asks did you see the news. Jasmin says I don’t care for the news, everyone will forget it, I wish my life’s problem gets less, don’t spoil my mood. She ends the call. Fateh looks at her. She asks him to think what to do. Dilraj says I won’t go to school, my friends make fun of me. Satti worries. Nimmo taunts Jasmin.

She says Mahi is right, Jasmin would have locked Tejo. Mahi asks Jasmin why did she do this. Jasmin says I asked Tejo to go in the function, Khurana uncle came there, I didn’t go on the stage myself. Khushbeer asks her to stop nonsense and leave. Fateh comes. Jasmin cries. Khushbeer claps for Fateh and taunts him. Gurpreet thinks to do something. She meets Tejo’s family. She says we got much insulted, no one is happy, my son, your daughters, no one, both the children did a mistake, but we have to find a solution, I have a request, bring Tejo back home. Rupy looks on.

Satti says we didn’t wish to send Tejo to your house. Gurpreet says I know, Fateh and Jasmin are also there, Jasmin has become her Sautan, how can they stay happy under the same roof, Khushbeer took Tejo home as his daughter, I can’t tell him anything, but I can beg you for their happiness. Satti says I understand your point, I have to talk to Tejo once. Gurpreet leaves. Satti says we should call Tejo back. Rupy says no, she won’t come back here.

He says Khushbeer knows right and wrong, he took Tejo, She will fight for her right, I won’t become a hurdle in her fight and won’t let anyone become a hurdle. Minister says Khushbeer’s deed has brought problems for the family. Khushbeer feels sad. Fateh gets the trophy. He thinks of Khushbeer’s words. Minister says Khushbeer won’t get the MLA ticket in the coming elections, it will be a lesson for others. Fateh returns the award and trophy. The media and officials leave. Gurpreet comes home.

she asks Jasmin are you happy now, you claim to love Fateh, you insulted him, you will get my curse. Jasmin says its not my mistake, your son got me here, its Tejo’s mistake, your husband got her here, curse her. Gurpreet says you are not ashamed to say nonsense. Fateh hugs Gurpreet and says calm down. He asks Jasmin to go in. Khushbeer and Balbeer come home. Dada ji asks what happened.

Khushbeer says nothing is fine, everything got ruined. Balbeer says party refused to give him election ticket this time, he got much insulted. Fateh says but Papa…. Khushbeer says enough, are you happy, you were my pride, I didn’t imagine you will get me ashamed, you ruined everything, father’s respect, family name and everything, no one spoke in front of me, they are making fun of me, its because of your affair. Tejo asks him to calm down.

Gurpreet asks Tejo to see Khushbeer’s state, its not her mistake, they are her culprit, he got her in the house as his daughter, but this house doesn’t have courage to bear more burden. She says regard me your mum and leave from this house, you can spend your life in peace, leave this house on fate. Biji asks what are you saying.

Jasmin smiles. Gurpreet says forgive me, let Tejo go, we can send Tejo to stay with respect, I lost Simran, I don’t want to lose Fateh. Tejo hugs her and consoles. She says maybe aunty ji is right, its better for everyone if I leave from here. she cries and says please. Khushbeer says you won’t go anywhere.

She says please. He says no. He holds her hand and says Tejo won’t go anywhere, she will stay here with us in this house, Tejo won’t bear a punishment for someone else’s mistake, I have got broken, my shoulders aren’t so weak that I can’t bear a daughter’s responsibility, I m not foolish to not understand someone’s plan, this plan to oust Tejo won’t work, if anyone else wants to go, then he/she can go.

Biji asks why did Gurpreet say this, I don’t understand. Tejo says she is right on her front. Fateh looks on. Dada ji says she got blind in her son’s love, Khushbeer understands right and wrong, you shouldn’t go, Fateh and Jasmin should go. Jasmin says don’t know how long will I hear about Tejo, I wish to get visa soon, Fateh and I leave for Canada. Tejo says have food, you have blood tests and then doctor appointment, I will come from college and take you to the doctor. Biji asks how will you face everyone.

Tejo says I have to face everyone. Sweety says don’t come out of the house, you are getting defamed. Jasmin says I m not scared, let them stare at me. Biji asks how do you get this courage. Tejo says I see you all and get courage on my own. Fateh gets sad. Tejo cries and goes. Udaariyaan….plays….


Udariyaan 25th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :The ladies protest against Jasmin and catch her to blacken her face. Jasmin gets shocked. The ladies blacken her face. Tejo comes home and gets shocked seeing this happening.

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Telecast Date:25th September 2021
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