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Udariyaan 24th May 2022 Episode starts with Tanya giving the gifts to everyone. Fateh sees everyone smiling and thinks at least they got a smile on their face. He gets a message. He goes out. He asks Jasmin how is she.

She says fine. He says come home and see everyone happy. She says no need, they will not be happy seeing me. He thinks to convince the family for Amrik’s sake. She says I have to talk something imp. He asks her to come. He holds her hand and takes her.

Tanya says I m waiting for Jasmin. Gurpreet says Jasmin is responsible for Amrik’s death, sorry, she is your sister, but we can’t accept her, she is free to go anywhere, she has no place in this house now. Fateh and Jasmin look ok.

He asks her not to feel bad of Gurpreet’s words. He says Amrik also wanted this, I will bring you back home. Jasmin cries and runs away. Biji asks him to come and see what Tejo got for everyone. Jasmin cries and recalls Gurpreet’s words. She says you said you won’t accept me, but what about this baby in my womb. Lovely goes to check Tanya. She chants mantras. She sees Jasmin sleeping.

She turns and sees Tanya. Lovely says I had come to wake up Jasmin. She goes thinking Tejo’s feet are straight, but she was staring a lot. Tanya says there are strange people in Sandhu family. She goes for a jog. Fateh is working out. Tanya comes there. He says you, what are you doing here. She says I have come for job. He says Tejo didn’t do all this. She says I do everything, I can’t compromise on my fitness.

They argue. She says Tejo’s family is after me, I did BA by difficulty, I can’t teach anyone. He says just tell them that you want to spend time with them. She asks him to find a solid excuse. Jasmin says I should go to doctor, but how shall I go alone, shall I tell mum and dad.

Satti gives tea to Rupy and says Tejo went for jogging. He says she never went for jogging before. Abhiraj says she has come from London. Rupy says she learnt something good, I will prepare orange juice for her. Fateh asks Tanya to handle things for two days, he will think. He asks her to ask Jasmin. Tanya says she doesn’t listen to me, you both changed here, its your deal, don’t know what happened to Jasmin.

Fateh says she is disturbed, she wanted to tell me something but I couldn’t talk to her. Jasmin hears the family happily talking of Tejo. Satti asks her will she have orange juice. Rupy says get some more oranges, I will make extra juice for her. Jasmin thinks extra for me, Tanya is a stranger.

She goes to the room and laughs. She says I don’t exist for anyone, they just love Tejo, what about me, no one has a place for me in their heart and house, if I m getting extra, then what will my kid get. Fateh says I will go college and come, give some time to Tejo. Gurpreet nods. Sweety calls him and says Jasmin is crying on calls, she is behaving strange, she is in trauma, just come here.

Fateh says I m coming. Sweety asks Jasmin what happened. Jasmin says I don’t understand. Sweety asks are you missing Amrik. Jasmin asks her to just go and not ask anything. Fateh comes. Sweety asks Fateh to go and talk to Jasmin. Fateh says I know Jasmin, you are trying to be strong, cry out if you want. She says no, I want to live my life well, I should have not come back to India,

family didn’t accept me, I have no place in Maayka or Sasural, no one cares for me and then this…. Fateh says I know this isn’t happening right, you are strong, I m with you, I will take care of you, Amrik was my brother, his responsibility is mine, I will get you a place in that house. She thinks of him and cries. He hugs her.

He says its okay, I also miss Amrik a lot, you can share your pain with me, everything will get fine, maybe this was written in our fate. She thinks you are my fate, I have to get you. He asks her to move on.

She thinks I want to move on with you. He says Tejo and Amrik will show us the right path, you are Amrik’s wife, you will get a place in that house. Jasmin thinks now I have the Virk family child in my womb, Fateh will give me my rights in his life and that house for the baby’s sake.

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