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Udariyaan 24th January 2022 Episode starts with Jasmin throwing the dummy away. Fateh asks did you get scared. He says everyone gets scared, the driver isn’t at fault in accident case, so stop scaring my brother.

She says you look more scared than your brother. She jokes and laughs. She says look who has come, my would be husband, I m glad that you came to meet me, you reminded me of old days, when you used to come to meet me.

He says you killed that Fateh, I wish to kill you. Rupy cuts some wood logs. Tejo asks him to stop it. He says let me die. She calms him. He cries and says I m ashamed seeing Jasmin’s deeds. Everyone looks on.

Rupy says think if Jasmin marries Fateh and stays in that house as half owner, then what will happen. She says be strong and show some maturity, we have to do something for them to save them.

Jasmin says kill me, you can’t do this, you are a great idealistic man. Fateh says Amrik could have died. She says you saved him, this time you saved him, if you don’t accept my conditions, then I will not let him get saved, just accept my conditions and everything will get fine. Fateh says you think I will accept your conditions and get scared, never.

She smiles and says you got scared, you entire family is scared, you know your mum will go to Gurudwara to pray then she will come to me, she will beg for her son’s life. She acts and laughs.

He says I will tell you what will happen tomorrow. Its morning, Tejo says promise me, you will not cry now, be strong, take care, we will find some way, I will go now. Gurpreet nods. Simran says meet Papa once, he just met the lawyer and came. Tejo goes to meet. Khushbeer says lawyer refuses to do anything.

Fateh says don’t worry, I thought what to do. Tejo looks on. Khushbeer asks will you marry Jasmin. Fateh says no, I will take Amrik’s blame on myself, I will tell the police that I did that accident. Tejo gets shocked. Khushbeer scolds Fateh. Fateh says Jasmin will not let us live in peace, she had trapped Amrik. He says please, let me do this for Amrik. Khushbeer says how shall I agree, we won’t know about the long punishment. Tejo hears them talking.

Khushbeer says I will not listen to you. Fateh says I m the son of this house, its my duty to give happiness to you all, don’t get disheartened, I m going to the jail, I m not getting hanged. Khushbeer stops him. Tejo cries.

He says I will do anything but not let anything happen to my children, I will prove that this was just an accident, we will apologize to that man’s family, my children can’t be murderers, I know. Tejo looks on. Fateh says promise me, this will be just between us. Khushbeer says I got my Fateh back. He hugs Fateh.

Tejo is somewhere. Fateh comes and asks what happened, did scooty break down, come, I will drop you. She says you decided to take Amrik’s blame on yourself, I heard your and Papa ji’s talks, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, are you sure that there is no other way.

Fateh says no, its about my family, I can’t see them in pain because of me, I feel guilty, I regret one thing, whatever I did with you, the journey of apology will be incomplete, I thought to make everything fine when you forgive me, forgive me, I couldn’t complete the promise to bring a smile on your face. She cries.

She says role can be reversed, nothing happens according to plan, you wrote a poetic love letter for Jasmin and sent it to me. He smiles. FB shows that moment. They recite the poetry. He says you still remember it. She says yes, it was beautiful, from where did you copy that. He says Bau ji’s love letter, he was my love guru. She says its an art to copy paste someone’s poetry. He says throwing lassi on someone’s face is also art.

She says its an art to give lift to someone when there is no petrol in bike. He laughs and says Amrik used to take his Gfs on the bike, it was not my mistake, I got scolding from you. She says forgiven. They call each other by old names Shadayan and Lafandar. They laugh. They turn away and cry. She asks coffee. He asks here. She says somewhere else. He says ya, sure, come. She says not by car, on the scooty, come.

Tejo asks Fateh to hold her well and sit, else he will fall down. He recalls the old moment and holds her shoulder. She drives. He smiles. They have coffee. He says you made a good plan, don’t know when I get a chance to have coffee with you. She says I will come to the jail to meet you and have coffee there. He asks will you come to meet me there.

She says if you can do this for your family, then I can do this, I wish I could do something, but I find no way, I m sure that Papa ji will get the best lawyer. He says even if Papa proves this as accident, I don’t know about the imprisonment. She asks are you feeing scared. He says you know I don’t lie to you now, I m scared for my family, there will be no one in the jail to free me from this pain. She cries. He holds her hand.

He says promise me, you will take care of you. She says I promise, I will take care of myself and our families. He says don’t wait for me now. She says leave this decision on me. They see each other. He gets the lawyer’s call. He says okay, fine I will come. He says I have to go to the lawyer, right now. She says you go, I will sit here for some time. He nods and says take care of yourself. She says you too. He leaves. She cries.

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