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Udariyaan 23rd September 2021 Episode starts with Gurpreet saying Tejo, she is right. Nimmo says people will talk if Fateh’s wife isn’t with him. Jasmin acts sweet and holds Tejo. Tejo recalls her words. Jasmin says I know you hate your sister a lot, I request you, don’t vent out enmity on the academy.

Fateh thanks Jasmin. She says I have thought well, we won’t let anyone know about us till Tejo and you get divorced, else people will talk about your affair. He asks do you think Tejo will get ready to come. She says I know her, she will come. She eats the food and coughs. She says its too spicy. She asks for water. Fateh calls out and asks someone to have water. Tejo comes and asks what happened. She gets water and feeds Jasmin. Tejo and Fateh hold Jasmin. They see each other.

Tejo asks why do you eat spicy food when you can’t tolerate. Jasmin says thanks. Tejo says make Fateh ready on time tomorrow, keep his clothes. She goes. Jasmin says I m not Tejo to keep your clothes, you aren’t a kid. Fateh says you are a kid, I will get my clothes myself. Rupy says Khushbeer invited us, Jasmin can create a new problem. Bebe says if Jasmin goes with them, then the entire pind will know. He says no, he said Jasmin won’t be coming, she told this herself, I don’t understand her. Tejo goes. Jasmin looks on. She says when everyone knows who is real Mrs. Virk, what will happen of Tejo.

Its morning, Jasmin talks to Sweety. She says its a big day for Fateh, ask uncle to handle it. Fateh checks his clothes. Amrik and Mahi come. Mahi asks didn’t your GF keep your clothes. Amrik says we are ready. Jasmin asks Amrik to go to the academy and check everything. She stays busy on the phone call. Fateh leaves the iron there. Tejo comes and sees his clothes. She recalls his words. She irons his clothes. She keeps his clothes ready and leaves. Her dupatta gets stuck. She turns. Fateh takes a bath and comes from the washroom. He sees Tejo leaving. He sees his clothes ironed and properly kept on the bed. She tries to free her dupatta. He helps her. He says Tejo, thanks. She leaves.

Tejo gets ready and comes to everyone. Everyone smiles. Bebe says everyone will know that this is Virk family’s bahu. Gurpreet asks Khushbeer to welcome the minister and gift him the shawl. Fateh comes. Nimmo compliments him. Jasmin hides the shawl. Gurpreet asks Tejo to feed him curd and sugar. Jasmin says I got it, have it Fateh. She says I hope the minister likes our academy, then it will be good. Nimmo says she changes colour so soon. Gurpreet says maybe she really wants to make a place in our heart. Khushbeer says person who changes overnight is really dangerous. Jasmin gets Sweety’s call. She says I m not coming, my family is coming. Everyone leaves. Biji asks Tejo to come with Fateh. Jasmin gets the shawl. She says if I don’t go there, then how would everyone know who is Fateh’s real wife.

Everyone praises Fateh. Khushbeer welcomes Tejo’s family. Sweety asks Fateh to come with her. She asks how is it, Jasmin planned all this. Satti asks did Jasmin come. Tejo signs no. Jasmin comes there. Khushbeer sees her and says Jasmin…. Jasmin comes and says you forgot this shawl, you had to welcome the minister, I had to bring this, there was no one at home. She gives the shawl. Gurpreet says Amrik, ask driver to drop her home. Sweety stops Jasmin. She says its good you have come, I want your sign on the cheque. Jasmin says don’t worry, I will stay behind the stage. Minister comes. Fateh and Khushbeer welcome him. Khushbeer gifts the shawl. Minister says I have to go in one hour. Jasmin asks where are uncle and aunty. She sees Khushbeer’s friend. She asks Sweety to do as she told her.

Mahi takes Tejo’s phone to click pics. Sweety sends a man to Tejo. He asks her to get the banners. She says its in the storeroom. He insists her to get it. She goes. Fateh talks to the minister. Minister praises him. Khushbeer says his wife also deserves the credit for this. Tejo goes to look for the banners. Khurana comes there. Fateh worries. They have a talk. Jasmin locks Tejo and thinks this is your real place, stay here now. Tejo shouts is anyone there. The man calls upon Fateh on the stage. Tejo says what shall I do now. Bebe asks where is Tejo. Mahi says I have her phone. Mahi says I will go and see Tejo. Tejo tries to climb up. Fateh says thank you, this academy was Khushbeer’s dream, I feel fortunate that I could fulfill it, I request the youth to play sports. Everyone claps for him.

Jasmin says tell me, how do I look. Sweety says everyone is here, you may get defamed. Jasmin says its okay, Fateh and I will be going to Canada, everyone should know who is Fateh’s real wife. Tejo tries to find some way out. Fateh thanks the sports minister to get time for them. Mahi comes to the storeroom. She looks inside and goes. Tejo is sitting near the door. Mahi says I didn’t find Tejo anywhere. Fateh gets the trophy and certificates. Everyone claps. Minister says a grant worth 25 lakhs is given to Fateh’s sports academy, its a surprise for him. He says I heard Fateh’s wife has done a lot to make this academy successful, call your wife. Khushbeer looks for Tejo. Tejo cries. The man asks Mrs. Virk to come on stage. Everyone looks for Tejo. Jasmin goes.


Udariyaan 24th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Fateh takes Jasmin with him on the stage. Everyone gets shocked. Tejo is still locked.

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Telecast Date:23rd September 2021
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