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Udariyaan 22nd September 2021 Episode starts with Jasmin saying I forgot the gifts and bouquet, we will open the gifts and see. Fateh throws the bouquet. He sits angry. Tejo and Mahi go. Tejo asks Biji not to cry. Biji says I couldn’t even hug Simran once, when he was born, I had distributed gold coins, don’t know how is she, Khushbeer doesn’t think of Gurpreet. Gurpreet sees Simran’s pic and cries.

Mahi says you told that Simran liked this a lot. Gurpreet says yes, she used to stay happy, don’t know what did she go through, I couldn’t see her well. Tejo comes and consoles her. Gurpreet says do me a favor, take me to Simran, I want to meet her, I won’t get peace till I find her fine. Mahi says you know everything about her, tell me. Tejo says I can’t tell anything, Simran made me promise, let me respect her word. Gurpreet says take me to her. Tejo says give me some time, I will bring Simran back home.

Gurpreet asks really, promise me. Tejo says I promise, I will bring Simran back, give me some time. She hugs Gurpreet. Jasmin looks on. She thinks I will make you fall in their eyes, they will make you out of here. Fateh stops Tejo. He says I m really sorry, I had seen you and Buzo together in the market and thought wrong, really sorry. Tejo asks for what things will you say sorry, when you don’t know what you are doing. She goes.

Gurpreet asks are you going to college. Tejo says yes, then I have to go to academy. Gurpreet says Fateh forgot to take his lunch, will you give it to him. Tejo takes the tiffin. Jasmin looks on. She calls Fateh. He is on the way. She says promise me, we are meeting at 1pm. He says no, I have work in the academy. She says please, I have to talk something imp. He says fine, bye. She ends call and says Tejo, you thought you will meet Fateh,

you will meet someone else. Tejo sees the lock and thinks did Fateh go out, its good, I don’t need to have lunch with him. She gets the keys to open the lock. Jasmin says now this door won’t open with your keys, I have changed the lock, it will open by my key, do you understand, I will help Fateh in handling the academy. Tejo asks does Fateh know this. Jasmin recalls….

She says Tejo does everything, she goes to college, does household work and helps in academy also, I stay useless, can I help you in academy. Fateh asks how, Tejo knows things more than me. She says you always make me quiet by taking her name, don’t you love me. He says if you want this proof, then fine, work in the academy. FB ends. Jasmin says of course, we both together decided this. Tejo recalls Fateh’s words.

Jasmin says you have other things to do at home, you handle the house and I will handle the academy. Tejo says its not a joke, investors have put their money, we can go in loss. Jasmin says you think you are the smartest, I will prove that I m better, I can handle the academy better, you can go. Tejo says you will know if you are suitable for this or not. She gives her the keys. Jasmin says wait. She takes the tiffin from Tejo’s hand. Tejo leaves in the car. Jasmin thinks the entire family will see how talented I m. The man says I have to meet Fateh. Jasmin says he isn’t here, tell me. He gives a letter. She checks. She signs the form and says tell him that its a yes from Fateh’s side. She says I have a good chance to insult Tejo.

Gurpreet calls everyone. She says Fateh is getting Sher-e-Punjab award. Everyone gets happy. Jasmin says whatever Fateh did for sports and boxing, this award is for his work, I have said yes to them for the event, I will handle it. Mahi says you know how to organize the event. Jasmin says I asked Sweety’s dad to organize it well. Fateh comes. Amrik says congrats, Punjab govt. Wants to honour you with Sher-e-Punjab title. Jasmin asks what happened, are you not happy. Fateh says I m happy, its good for our academy. Khushbeer asks what is she doing in this, doesn’t Tejo see the academy work now. Fateh says Jasmin will see the academy work from today, not Tejo. Khushbeer asks did you lose your mind, will this girl handle this work. Tejo comes and says let it be, she should also know her capability.

Jasmin says it was my first day, I gave you a big good news, I m your lucky charm. Fateh smiles and hugs her. Nimmo says Jasmin will get us insulted there, Fateh and his wife will be caught on the stage, whom will he take with him. Gurpreet says Tejo is his wife. Jasmin hears them and thinks now I will show what I can do. The family dines. Biji says I don’t know what is this girl planning, we will lose respect. Nimmo says everyone will know the news. Khushbeer asks did anyone think of Tejo, I won’t go there. Dada ji says you are a MLA, if you don’t go, then minister will ask about you. Khushbeer says I will make some excuse, how will we feel when Jasmin stands on the stage with Fateh.

Gurpreet says I will talk to Fateh, I will tell him that we will go if Jasmin doesn’t go. Jasmin comes and says no need to keep this condition, I won’t go in the event tomorrow, I know you all don’t like it, I know to keep the family respect, I made many mistakes, I got a chance to rectify my mistake, Fateh and Tejo will go in the event, they are still husband and wife in front of the society, I won’t do anything that ruins the family’s respect, please I request you all to get ready and go to the academy tomorrow.

She turns and sees Tejo. She says Tejo, get ready at 11, don’t get late, its a big day for Fateh and you. Tejo says wait, I won’t go anywhere, when I have no relation with Fateh, why shall I go there, by what relation. Jasmin asks did you forget that you had torn the divorce papers, you are still his wife, you have to go in the event, you are everyone’s fav bahu, they trust you.

Tejo says I don’t need to explain why I had torn the divorce papers, you won’t understand this, I m not his wife now, I don’t need anything to learn from you, I m happy that he got the award, family’s respect won’t suffer if I go there or not, if you worry for them, then stay away from the event. Jasmin thinks the plan will get cancelled if she doesn’t come there, why is she refusing, did she understand my plan.

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