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Udariyaan 21st November 2022 Episode starts with Nehmat blaming Naaz. Naaz asks what did I do. Nehmat says no one can upload this article except you. Naaz asks what are you saying. Nehmat says you know my laptop password, you have done this. Naaz says I know you are in stress, why would I do this, tell me, Ekam isn’t talking to you, sit down. Nehmat says stop the drama, why did you do this.

Naaz says I m your sister, why would I do this. Nehmat says you had stolen Ekam’s Dadi’s earrings, you mortgaged it. Naaz says I did a mistake once. Nehmat says you can make the same mistake again, you can easily access the laptop. Naaz says don’t blame me, what will I get doing this.

Nehmat says you challenged Mallika and me. She gets a scissor to cut Naaz’s lehenga. Naaz says leave my lehenga. Nehmat says I will cut it right away. Naaz says enough, you have gone mad. Nehmat says yes, I got mad, everyone is blaming me for no reason, tell me the truth, else I will cut your lehenga.

Naaz says I m not lying, return my Sangeet lehenga. Nehmat says I will go and tell everyone. Naaz runs downstairs and cries. She says Nehmat got mad, she wants to cut my lehenga, she is blaming me. Nehmat says no, Jayveer committed suicide because of you, Ekam and Mallika lost their dad, I m getting blamed. Satti asks them to stop fighting. Shelly scolds Nehmat.

She asks Naaz to say. Naaz says she is saying I published that article. Shelly says Naaz feels bad for you, you are blaming her. Satti says sit here, calm down. Shelly asks what proof do you have. Nehmat says nothing. Satti says relations will spoil this way. Naaz says I m not her sister, I m her enemy, Mallika is dear to her. Nehmat says beat me. Satti asks what happened to you, come to senses.

Nehmat says I don’t understand, article was in my laptop, who did this if Naaz didn’t. Naaz recalls posting the article. She thinks to clear Nehmat’s doubt. She says you take your laptop always, maybe your colleague did this. Nehmat thinks why would Advait do this. Naaz says I can’t do this. Satti says see her condition, stop it. Naaz says I m not responsible for her condition, until I get married, I can’t share the room with Nehmat. She goes.

Jasmin lands in Moga. She says after 16 years, Jasmin has come back to breathe in the air of Punjab, I will prove to everyone that they are in my hands, I will dance and make others dance. Naaz says poor Nehmat, she was blaming me without any proof, when everyone sees these pics, then they will say, something is going on between Advait and Nehmat. She lights a matchstick and says I will make this spark a fire, this time, Ekam and Nehmat’s breakup will happen, I will not let them meet.

Jasmin says its 16 years, Moga is still the same, stubborn like Tejo, I m Canadian now. Naaz says thanks Jasmin, you kept me with you for 6 years, and you have taught me everything, be silent and get happiness, this formula always works, Nikhil’s relation or Nehmat’s ruining. Jasmin stops at the Gurudwara. She recalls Amrik, Tejo… She leaves.

She asks the driver to stop the car. She sees the chaat stall and recalls the past moments. She sees her house and says stop the car. She gets emotional. Nehmat comes in front of the car. Jasmin sees her. Nehmat says sorry and goes. Jasmin says I have to save Naaz’s happiness from Nehmat. Rupy says both the marriages are happening in the same mandap, so I thought to talk to Nikhil. Ekam comes and greets.

Shamsher says I have called Rupy here to discuss about the marriage. Rupy says the marriage should happen happily, both the families should talk, Nehmat will come in Naaz’s marriage. Advait gets Nehmat’s message and goes out to talk. Rupy says I m scared that unwanted situation can arise, will the marriages happen in same mandap or separately. Advait asks why did you call me.

Nehmat says you have done this right. He asks what. She asks did you post that article, you were with me that night, my laptop was open. He asks what, I went to Shimla to postpone it, you are so selfish, I lied to Mallika and went with you, you are blaming me, I don’t want to see Mallika’s family in trouble,

you are in tension but you can’t put the blame on me. Ekam says Mallika’s marriage is imp, I lost my dad, I have to fulfil his wishes, he wanted the marriage to happen well, it will happen as he decided, I don’t care about anyone’s presence. He leaves. He sees Advait and Nehmat. Advait says you got mad, you will spoil everything, Nehmat. She cries.

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