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Udariyaan 20th September 2021  Episode starts with Fateh saying I will just come. His friend says I didn’t eat worse pakodas than this till date. Khushbeer and his friends eat the pakodas. Fateh looks on. The man says its really tasty. The lady says you have really made it too tasty. Jasmin smiles and signs Fateh.

The guests leave. Jasmin stops Khushbeer and says my prize. Biji asks what prize, you think you won’t say so we won’t know, Tejo made all this, else Khushbeer’s name would have spoiled. Tejo makes the pakodas when Jasmin goes on call. Biji says I have seen Tejo making the pakodas, you think you will fool everything. Mahi gets the pakodas and says Jasmin made this masterpiece. Nimmo tastes it and spits. Biji scolds Jasmin. Jasmin cries and runs to her room. Biji, Mahi, Gurpreet and Nimmo join hands.

Fateh wipes Jasmin’s tears and says its okay, you at least tried. She asks does anyone understand it, they saw the bad pakodas, they didn’t see that my hand got burnt. He worries seeing her hand. She says Tejo did this to insult me. He says Tejo just saved yours and this house’s respect. She says Tejo did this deliberately, she asked Biji to tell me to make tea and snacks, then she came to kitchen to cook, she could have helped me, but she has to act great, everyone knows I don’t know cooking,

why did Biji ask me to make so many things. Fateh comes to everyone. They are dining. Gurpreet asks him to come. Fateh says I don’t want to eat, I don’t like how you treat Jasmin, just because she can’t cook. Biji asks why, doesn’t Tejo cook, for herself, you and us. He asks is this the identity for a good wife that she knows cooking, she tried and got her hand burnt, I know you don’t want us to stay here, stop insulting her and stop comparing her with Tejo. Khushbeer and Fateh argue. He asks Gurpreet to see her son’s deeds. He leaves. Tejo goes after him. Gurpreet looks at Fateh.

She says come with me. Tejo asks why did you leave the food, do you want to give importance to Jasmin, she wants us to get troubled by her deeds. He says Fateh is misbehaving, being with Jasmin. Gurpreet says stay here, have food here, and sing Jasmin’s name, never talk to your dad like that. Tejo says you can’t vent anger on food, please come for my sake. Khushbeer says fine. Gurpreet says you don’t know how Tejo kept your dad’s respect, Jasmin would have got him insulted. Fateh says I know but… Gurpreet says I always supported you, even when you are wrong, I will not tolerate anything against my husband and family’s respect. She scolds Jasmin and goes.

Jasmin says I m facing all this because of Tejo, she is so clever, she is breaking your relation with your family, she is making me fall in their eyes, she did the rat drama then torn the divorce papers, she did this today, she wants you to get helpless and return to her. He asks why will she do this. She says because she loves you, she wants to get you back. He recalls Tejo’s words. He thinks maybe Jasmin is saying the truth, I might have trusted Tejo a lot. He goes to his room.

Tejo is in the washroom. He goes to her and drags her out. He asks what game are you playing. She asks game? He says I can see it clearly, you kept the dead rat in the AC pipe, don’t try to lie, I met the man from whom you bought the rat. She says I can’t believe. He says I also can’t believe, you asked Biji to tell Jasmin to cook pakodas, then you went to the kitchen to impress everyone by your cooking, you signed the divorce papers and then torn it, why. She says I heard people go blind in love, I have seen it today.

He says you can’t see that I love Jasmin, you love me and want to get me. She says shut up, don’t give yourself importance, I didn’t tear the divorce papers to get you back, I have more reasons, I want to see you regretting, Jasmin is my sister, I know her, you don’t know her, I want to see your life’s show, your life’s drama, I told you that Jasmin will be your life’s biggest mistake, I want to see you bear the punishment of the mistake, you were never deserving of my love, I didn’t see your loyalty, but it will be worth it to watch your regret. He says come out of your dream world,

you think Jasmin and I won’t stay happy together, we are happy and will always be happy. She says your happiness is like a water bubble, we will watch it bursting, I will have a smile and you will have tears in your eyes, then you will know who was playing the game, why and with whom, I will give you an advice in advance, start collecting empty bottles, when your happiness bubbles burst, then break the bottles by hitting on the wall, maybe your pain gets less, you can leave from my room. He leaves. She sits crying. Simran calls her.

Simran says its four days today, Tejo didn’t answer my call, I m scared, how is Tejo. Buzo says I will get angry seeing Fateh. She says something isn’t right, please go there and see Tejo once, for my sake. He says fine, stop crying, I will go tomorrow. He hugs her.

Fateh gets the gifts delivered. The man says love Jasmin card is also inside. Tejo looks on and recalls their moments. Mahi comes and asks Tejo to help her in the project. Fateh thinks Jasmin will get happy seeing the flowers. He fixes the balloons on the walls. Mahi and Tejo look on. Mahi asks Tejo to take rest, she will submit project tomorrow. She goes. Tejo looks at Fateh. Buzo comes and says I heard Tejo came back, can I meet her. Mahi says yes, she is in the kitchen. Tejo cries and thinks of Fateh’s words. Buzo comes. She asks how are you, how are Simran and Candy doing.

He says fine. She says convey my sorry to her, I couldn’t answer her call. He says she was worried, call her once, you are very strong, you are smiling after all this happened, Mahi told me everything, how are you able to see them together, you used to take care of Fateh, his family, his academy, you love him a lot, how are you tolerating this. She thinks of Fateh’s words. Buzo holds her. She cries. He asks her to stay strong. Fateh sees Buzo holding Tejo. Gurpreet comes and looks on. They get angry. She says I should have believed you. Buzo and Tejo see them. Buzo leaves Tejo. Gurpreet says I have seen them together today, there is no margin of suspicion.

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