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Udariyaan 1st September 2022 Episode starts with Naaz saying my mum will agree, thanks to you. Aykam sees Nehmat and Naaz. He taunts Mallika. Mallika gets angry. Naaz asks Nehmat to visit her house. Mallika takes Nehmat aside and argues.

Nehmat says I m going to meet her mumma, I will come to your house tomorrow, keep your bro away, else I will punch his face. Mallika says I don’t like that girl, I m your best friend. Nehmat says Naaz will feel bad. She promises that Mallika will be her best friend. The teacher see Nehmat and praise her, saying her parents are raising her well.

Gurpreet asks did you go mad, what’s the need to tell her, Amrik left, but Jasmin is here. Khushbeer says she is right. Tejo says adopted child should know this.

Fateh asks what will we do if she knows it. Tejo says if she knows it, then she will feel cheated. Biji says no need to tell her. Gurpreet says no one will tell her anything. Khushbeer says she is right, we will see what to do when time comes.

Naaz calls Tejo and cries. She says please make me talk to Nehmat. Tejo says okay, don’t cry. She asks about Nehmat. Fateh says she is playing with Mallika outside. Nehmat says its fun to play cricket. Aykam asks do you know playing cricket. Mallika asks him not to start again. Nehmat and Aykam argue.

Aykam asks Mallika to come. They leave. Tejo asks Nehmat to talk to Naaz. Naaz asks Nehmat to please come. She says mummy refused to send me on the trip. Nehmat says I will come. She asks Tejo will we go.

Tejo says yes, we will explain her that elders decide the right thing for us. Shelly asks Lovely to tell her about Jasmin. Lovely says Jasmin is happy there and we all are happy here, no one talks about her here because of Tejo and Nehmat. Shella thinks what’s their connection. Tejo and Nehmat come to meet Naaz. Jasmin looks out of the window. She gets shocked.

Tejo says we will call Naaz and Mallika home, and make them bond. Nehmat says cool. Jasmin thinks what to do now. They knock the door. Tejo asks is anyone there at home or not. Naaz opens the door. Nehmat says I came on your call, mumma also came with me. Naaz greets Tejo. Tejo says such trips happen in school,

don’t get sad. Naaz says mum isn’t letting me go. Tejo says there would be some reason, don’t get sad, else she will also get sad, smile now. Naaz smiles. She likes Nehmat’s clips and dress. She says you have everything good, please become my best friend.

Nehmat says sorry, my best friend is Mallika, mumma says that we three can become friends. They hug. Tejo says you liked my clips. She gives the clips to Naaz. Tejo recalls Jasmin.

She asks Naaz for her mum. Naaz says she is inside. Tejo says we will meet her. Naaz asks Jasmin to come. Jasmin runs the tap in the washroom and worries. Naaz says mum is in the washroom, she will come. Tejo thinks I feel some connection with her. Naaz asks what happened. Tejo says you are lovely, I feel some connection with you. Naaz says even you are lovely, my mum is also lovely, see her pic.

She doesn’t see it and says it was here. Nehmat shows the torn card Naaz made for her. She says Mallika had torn it. Tejo says its beautiful, we will join this, we will do this until your mum comes. Jasmin looks outside. She sees Tejo with the kids. She shuts the door. She says I know Tejo well, she came here to meet Naaz’s mummy, she won’t go without meeting me. She calls Rupy.

She says there is a big problem, Nehmat and Tejo are here in my house. He asks what, did they come to your house. She says I don’t know, do something, else Tejo will see you. He asks did Tejo see you. Jasmin says no, I locked myself in bathroom, call Tejo back.

Rupy calls Tejo and asks her to come home. He says I have chest pain, there is no one at home, everyone went to Gurudwara. Tejo says I m coming soon, take medicines, I m just coming. He ends call and says sorry,

I lied for the sake of your happiness. Tejo says Nehmat we have to leave, Nanu is unwell. She says Naaz, we will meet your mumma some other way. They leave. Jasmin closes the taps. She says I got saved today, but how long will I get saved, why did dad keep this condition in front of me.

Tejo gives medicines to Rupy. He says I m better. She says let mum come, I will complain about you. He says I will be good, I have to see Nehmat’s marriage. Nehmat says I don’t like boys, I don’t want to marry. She goes. Tejo says I went to Naaz’s house, she is Nehmat’s friend, Nehmat and Naaz have a strong connection, I also felt glad meeting her, she reminded me of Jasmin.

Rupy thinks she is Jasmin’s daughter. She says she stays with her mum, she looked financially weak, but she is getting Naaz study in a good school. Rupy says we don’t know her intention. She says everyone wants the child to study in a good school, parents want to give the best to a child. Satti comes and asks him to give some change. Tejo goes out. Rupy says Jasmin got Naaz admitted in Nehmat’s school.

Jasmin asks Naaz why did she call Nehmat, she should have informed. Naaz says I have no friend. Jasmin says don’t get stubborn about the museum trip. Tejo tells Nehmat about Jasmin’s Canada dreams.

Nehmat says you told this story to me 100 times, did she go to Canada. Tejo says yes, her dream got fulfilled, she went to Canada. She thinks Jasmin would be happy, I wish Nehmat had any sibling. She says moral of the story, always choose the right path, not the shortcut. Jasmin asks Naaz to sleep now. She thinks this shortcut ruined my life.


Udariyaan 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Naaz says mum has money, then why did she lie to me. She gets angry. Shelly says Tejo, I have seen Jasmin today. Rupy says I decided, you won’t stay in Moga now. Jasmin worries.

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Telecast Date:1st September 2022
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