Udaariyaan 1st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Udaariyaan 1st May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on tellyshowupdates.com

The Episode starts with Fateh stopping Jas from seeing Jasmin’s wig. He acts weird and goes. Tejo asks all okay. Fateh says yes. Dolly asks Jas to sign there. Fateh records. Jas signs the papers. Fateh says you got the land back. Tejo thanks Lord. Jas says sorry. Fateh says I wish to go in and beat him up. Tejo says yes, even I want to, but we have to take our assets back from him. Jas takes Jasmin along. Dolly says work is done. Tejo sees Jasmin. Jasmin asks Jas about his house. Jas says Toronto. She asks where do you stay here. He says we have many relatives here, but we stay in a hotel, me and my mom. She asks in which hotel are you staying. He says we will stay in a good five star hotel. Tejo asks Jasmin to fix a date. Jasmin says that means we can’t meet now. Jas says I can’t leave this chance. Jasmin asks where and when. She gives her number. She says I forgot my bag inside. Jas says I will get it for you. He goes.

Tejo asks her to switch on live location and send on her phone. Jasmin says done. Jas gets her bag. He says I have to go back to Canada, I will give you a call, I will drop you. She says thanks, I have my car. He says that’s a nice car. She goes. He is about to see Tejo in the mirror. Fateh makes Tejo fall down. He says sorry. She says its okay. Fateh and everyone check Jas’ live location. They wait and see the location. Abhiraj says we will go there. Tejo asks why can’t we come, because we are girls. Jasmin says we will not leave him. Abhiraj says we should involve police. Tejo says we saw what happened at the police station. Jasmin gets Jas’ call. He asks are we meeting tomorrow. She says yes, where will you take me. He says wherever you say. She asks him to pick her from her aunt’s place. He says its close from my relative’s place. She says pick me up at 11am, bye. Fateh says we will reach there. Abhiraj says I will not leave him. Fateh says I have to go for Canada job interview. Jasmin asks can’t you change time. Fateh says no. Jasmin says I will ask him to meet at 2pm. Tejo says no, he will doubt, Fateh should not miss the interview, we will win our fight tomorrow.

Amrik and Mahi keep an eye on Jas. Jas and his mum argue. Buzo tells Tejo and Jasmin about Jas. Tejo wishes all the best to Jasmin. She says don’t worry, I won’t let anything wrong happen, we are waiting for that fraud, when he leaves from the house, we will go and catch his mum, we will get all the things. Fateh says if Jas asks Jasmin to come and meet his mum then… Tejo says she will not meet him until your interview is over, you will meet Jas and catch them. Fateh says okay, please everything should be as per plan, I have switched on the tracker. She says all the best for the interview. Jasmin also wishes. Fateh says all the best to you also. Amrik records Jas and his mum’s conversation. Tejo and Jasmin also see this on call. Fateh gives his interview. Jas goes out of the house. Amrik makes Mahi leave. They hide. Tejo asks is everything fine. Buzo says yes, wait. Fateh hopes everything is fine there. Tejo asks Jasmin to call Jas. Jasmin calls him. He answers. Jas sees their car parked outside. He doubts. He packs the jewellery. Buzo calls Tejo and says he had shut all the windows. Tejo asks what, did he doubt.

Udaariyaan 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap: Jas catches Jasmin at gun point. Tejo gets shocked and shouts.


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