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Udariyaan 1st July 2022 Episode starts with Shiny insulting Tejo. Rupy asks her not to say a word more. Satti calms him. She says Tejo wasn’t such, she need us, we are getting her treated, how shall we leave her alone.

Tejo makes noise. Satti hugs her. Tejo asks her to call Fateh. Satti says I will call Fateh. Shiny says Lovely has insulted us by calling us here. Rupy asks her to leave. Lovely asks him what’s this way to talk to guests.

Rupy says guests have no sense to talk, you should have thought of it. Shiny says come, we won’t have any relation with these mad people. Jasmin smiles and runs to her room. She dances. Satti calls Fateh.

Fateh says I was calling since long. She says nothing is fine, come soon. He asks did anything happen to Tejo, I m on the way, I m coming. Fateh comes and sees the guests leaving. Shiny says leave Tejo to the right place if you want to get your son married, why are you ruining your children’s lives, its their house also. She goes.

Fateh calls out Tejo. Jasmin says Fateh has come. Tejo asks why did you leave me. He says sorry and hugs her. Tejo faints.

Fateh asks what happened to Tejo. Rupy says she got scared of fire, we had lit the candles when lights went off. Fateh asks who took the candles to her room. Dilraj says Jasmin. Fateh scolds Jasmin. Satti says I gave you emergency light to you, why did you take a candle. Jasmin says the emergency light fell down and broke,

I thought she will be scared and took a candle, I forgot… Fateh asks how could you forget. She argues and does a drama. He says I also care for Tejo. She goes. She thinks I got saved. Fateh says Rupy should have taken care. Rupy says yes. Tejo gets up. Fateh asks are you okay. Lovely says take her to mental asylum. Jasmin smiles. Rupy and Lovely argue.

Lovely asks is your daughter imp, is my son nothing. Fateh says talk later and solve the matter. Abhiraj says you have no right to talk like this, you don’t stay here, you worry for Tejo, we care for everyone. Fateh says yes, you handle this, but caring for Tejo is my matter. He asks Tejo to come.

Fateh takes Tejo with him. They hug. They leave in the car. Rupy scolds Abhiraj. Abhiraj says its imp to get Tejo treated. Rupy says we are getting her treated, can’t we give her time. Abhiraj asks how much time, one year, five years or entire life. Tejo asks where are we going.

Fateh says guess it, you like it a lot, we are going to my house. She says yay, we are going to Fateh’s house. Rupy asks why shall I send her there, she is my daughter, my responsibility. Lovely says its my house also, I won’t stay here.

Tejo likes the house. Fateh says this house will be yours when you come here as a bride. Tejo gets happy and dances. He asks her to come in. Everyone sees her. He says your house is beautiful. They get emotional. Khushbeer asks how are you, I m your Papa ji. Fateh makes Tejo greet everyone.

Fateh says she is my sister, Mahi. Tejo says sister is bad. He says no, she is a good sister, she loves you a lot. Tejo shakes hands with Mahi. Tejo sees the laddoos. Biji asks will you have it, you really liked it.

Tejo eats the laddoos. She likes it and kisses Biji’s hands. She asks what shall I call you. Biji says call me Biji. Tejo asks for one more laddoos. Biji says yes. Fateh asks will you play carrom. Tejo says yes.

Fateh asks where did mum go. Mahi says she has gone to someone’s house for Mata ki chowki with Nimmi. Tejo asks why is your beard white, and even that uncle’s. Khushbeer cries. Fateh asks him to play with Tejo, maybe she remembers something. Khushbeer says I will also play. Jasmin stops Lovely.

Lovely says either Tejo or I will live in the house now. Jasmin smiles. Tejo plays the carrom. Fateh worries. He calls the ashram. Kamal asks how is Tejo. He says she is fine, I wanted to ask, when did she get violent in the ashram, how many times in a week. She says once a week when she couldn’t control her feelings. He recalls the things and says Jasmin… is she provoking Tejo.


Udariyaan 2nd July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tejo meets Gurpreet and hugs her. Gurpreet cries. Fateh says Jasmin, you are acting good, you are the old Jasmin, you always provoke her, if anything happens to her because of you, then I won’t spare you.

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Telecast Date:1st July 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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