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Udariyaan 1st January 2022 Episode starts with Tejo saying my love is one sided, we don’t know we get love or not, its complete. Fateh cries. She says Fateh can stay anywhere with anyone, he will be with me in my heart. Ye duniya….plays….

Fateh recalls Tejo’s words and cries. Fateh covers his face and runs from there. She says where there is no love, marriage doesn’t exist there, don’t repeat my mistake, I don’t want our relation to be based on lies. Fateh says I did a sin, Tejo loves me so much, she couldn’t love on, how shall I tell her that I love her, I can’t even apologize to her, why will she believe me now. He sits crying.

Tejo removes the ring and gives it to Angad. She says I m returning this ring and the reason which gave you false hope, I don’t want you to cry for anyone, forgive me for this, this can’t happen, this relation is fake, we will end this today, I will pray to get forgiven for my mistake, you also forgive me. She goes. Angad recalls her words.

Angad gets angry on some people and leaves. Fateh thinks Tejo loves me, but why did she do fake engagement with Angad, I don’t understand. Tejo packs her bags. Angad comes and stops her. He says listen to me, don’t go. She says no, I have to go, how long will I run from my life’s truth, you are a good person, I m sure you will get someone good, I m not that girl. He asks her to listen to him.

She says leave my hand, I m hurt. He slaps her and says I m feeling hurt seeing you go, you know how much I love you. He hugs her. She says leave me. His imagination ends. He holds her bag. She says please, try to understand. Angad says I understand it well, I won’t ask for marriage, you go that time, please.

He holds her hand and says think of Riya, she is so attached to you, help me in taking care of her, you promised me that you will help me in getting her custody. She says I will not go until you get Riya’s custody, I will stay in outhouse. She goes. He says you agreed to stay back, this time is enough to win your heart, you will wear this ring, but for this, I have to remove Fateh from the way, I can’t tolerate you to cry for him.

Jasmin calls lawyer. She breaks the phone. She says lawyer isn’t answering my call, Fateh snatched my dream and now my job, no one can save Tejo. She recalls Fateh’s words. She says I will explain Fateh to stay away from my matters. Fateh is at some cliff. He says I don’t understand what to do, if I tell the truth, then Tejo will never move on, if I hide this, then she won’t know that I also love her a lot, what shall I do, shall I talk to Angad, Angad also loves her.

Sharma asks Jaideep, I mean Fateh, can he do this. Angad says I didn’t know that he is mad for Tejo, he came here to return the wallet, its useless story, he came for Tejo. Sharma says he saved my life. Angad says he did that to win your trust. Sharma says I will fire him. Angad says no, we can monitor him if he stays here, we can send him away permanently. Sharma says you are right, Angad, are you okay, you look so worried. Angad says I love Tejo a lot,

she is my life, I don’t want to give her any pain. Sharma says don’t worry. Jasmin looks on. She thinks I got a treasure, Angad is Tejo’s lover. Tejo recalls Angad’s words. She asks Babli to take care of Riya. She goes to outhouse. She sees Jasmin. She says you here. Jasmin says sorry, the door was open, so I came inside, your habit didn’t go. Tejo asks didn’t the guard stop you.

Jasmin says no one can stop me, I know Angad Maan, so I have come, we came after a long time, we will talk as sisters do. Tejo says there is nothing left to explain, you are happy with Fateh and I m happy here. Jasmin asks are you really happy. Tejo asks why do you care, enjoy your life, I don’t want any relation with you. She says you know my kiddishness, Fateh loves me so much that I have no time to hate you, you will also get such a loving husband, I want you to marry soon,

families also want you to stay happy with Angad. Tejo says just leave now. Jasmin asks are you planning to leave Angad. Tejo says stop the nonsense. Jasmin says fulfill my wish, I want we all four to go on double date, I will take a good pic of us, families will be happy. Tejo says I want their happiness,

but since when did you think of them. Jasmin says you can’t tell the family about the fake engagement, you still love Fateh, oh Tejo… leave Fateh, have some shame, he can never be yours. Tejo says I don’t care wherever he stays, you just leave from here. She drags Jasmin out and sees Fateh.

Jasmin says my poor husband, he can’t stay without me. Fateh says stop it Jasmin, you aren’t my wife. Tejo gets shocked. He says whatever she told you is a lie, a big lie, we didn’t get married, we didn’t go to Canada, she isn’t my wife, I m not her husband. Tejo looks at them.


Udariyaan 1st January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Fateh apologizes to Tejo. She asks did Angad know this. He says yes. Angad asks where is Tejo. Riya says she left. She says I will take the decision of my life.

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Telecast Date:1st January 2022
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