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Udariyaan 19th May 2022 Episode starts with Fateh asking did uncle identify her. Jasmin says I was sure of this. Rupy says she can’t be Tejo, she would have not stayed away, why did she leave us and stayed far from us.

Satti says she is your Tejo, hug her. Jasmin signs Fateh. Fateh says I will answer you, she is your Tejo, she has struggled a lot, it’s a big thing that she came back. He signs Tanya to say. Tanya says Papa…. Rupy cries. Tanya hugs him. Jasmin thinks no one has seen me here. Gurpreet says Fateh gathered us here for this,

Amrik had told me that Tejo is alive and asked me to promise that I won’t tell this to anyone, where is Amrik, who fulfilled his promise and got Tejo here. She asks Fateh where is Amrik. Jasmin cries. Gurpreet goes to the door and asks Amrik to come. Khushbeer says come Amrik, I won’t scold you. She says he will stay with us here, Fateh go and call him. Fateh cries and hugs her.

She asks what happened, why are you crying, my heart is feeling tensed, tell me, where is my Amrik. Fateh sits crying. Gurpreet holds his face and asks where is Amrik. Fateh says Amrik will never come now. Everyone is shocked. Fateh says Amrik is no more. She slaps him and says you are saying nonsense,

did you lose your mind. She tells everyone that Amrik told her that he will get Tejo, he told that he wanted to lie in my lap and sleep, he can’t break his promise, he can’t lie. Fateh gets up and holds her. he says he promised you, but he… Jasmin cries.

Gurpreet faints. Fateh asks Bau ji to call the doctor. Satti hugs Jasmin. They cry. Khushbeer sits in shock. Gurpreet wakes up. She asks Fateh what happened with Amrik. Fateh says Jasmin and Amrik were very happy in London, then one day they saw Tejo in London, they called me there, sorry I had lied to you,

I went to London to get them, Tejo was hiding, she was mistaken about Jasmin and me, she got saved from the fire, she felt we tried to kill you, but Angad had ignited that fire, Angad tried to kill Tejo. Rupy and Khushbeer get shocked. Fateh says Tejo went to London and was living there,

Amrik asked you not to tell anyone, we made Tejo believe that we didn’t do anything, Angad got to know that we know everything, he tried to kill Tejo again, I saved her once, Amrik wanted to unite Tejo and me, he wanted to bring her back, Angad shot at Tejo, Amrik came in front. Everyone cries. Tanya says he gave his life to save me. Fateh says we caught Angad, but lost Amrik.

Khushbeer sees Amrik’s pic. Everyone cries and recalls Amrik. Jasmin signs Tanya. Tanya says this happened because of me, it would have been better if I had died. Gurpreet says no, don’t say this. She hugs Tanya. Jasmin goes to Gurpreet and says sorry mummy ji, Amrik missed you a lot, he told you, he will fulfil your promise.

Gurpreet pushes her away and says this happened because of you, you took Amrik there. She cries and says you killed him. Fateh consoles her. Jasmin says no, Amrik loved me, we wanted to stay together. Gurpreet says he loved you, but you never loved him. Tanya looks on. Satti hugs Jasmin. Fateh hugs Gurpreet and cries. Rupy looks on. Tanya gets the ashes pot and gives it to Gurpreet. Gurpreet hugs the ashes pot and cries. Everyone cries.

Sandhus are leaving. Gurpreet stops them and says let Tejo stay with me. She asks Tanya not to go anywhere. She asks will you leave me in sorrow and go. Fateh asks Satti to let Tejo stay back for Gurpreet. Rupy nods to Satti.

Tanya defends Jasmin. Gurpreet says Jasmin married Amrik for revenge, she never loved him, let her go, she will remind me that I lost Amrik because of her. Jasmin cries and runs. Fateh worries. He puts a garland on Amrik’s pic. Everyone sits for the puja. Biji asks Tanya to prepare the puja plate and get it. Tanya asks how. Fateh says don’t worry, Tejo will handle everything, come, I have to ask you something.

Tanya goes with him. He says you don’t know about puja plate, every girl knows it. She says I never did this before. He says I have seen mum doing this. He taunts her and says you just look like Fateh, you have nothing else like her. She asks him to do the work himself. He says its not the time to do this drama. She says you didn’t buy me, how shall I handle so many people and emotions, its not easy for me.

He says I lost my brother for you, do you expect me to pat your back or hug you, its not easy for me to tolerate anyone in Tejo’s place, but I m doing this for my mum’s sake and you have to do this too. She looks at him.

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Telecast Date:19th May 2022
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