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Udariyaan 19th June 2021  Episode starts with Jasmin coming to her uncle’s house. She recalls Fateh. Mami asks her to control her mind. Mama asks her to have water first. He asks are you fine. Jasmin says yes. She unpacks her bag. She asks Mami to make anything for breakfast. Mami asks what did you think of your future. Mama says don’t worry, you stay here until you want. Mami says yes, stay here but properly, we don’t have a habit to fold hands and apologize to anyone. Jasmin says I have come hereto give someone a strong reply. I want to marry a Canadian guy and go abroad, do you know anyone such in your relatives, start finding a way, I will not waste time in fulfilling Bebe and my dreams. She recalls Fateh’s words. Tejo comes to the room.

Fateh says I spoke to mum rudely because of you, mum’s heart broke, I asked you not to clean the house, are you happy now. Nimmo sees Gurpreet angry. She says boys forget their mum and go to their wives, I didn’t expect this from Fateh, what magic did Tejo do that he got against you. Fateh argues with Tejo. He says it was your mistake. She asks why did you take my side. He says you made a puppy face, so I came to support. She says no, I didn’t ask you to come and help me, you came knowing it was not my mistake, I don’t want your sympathy, thanks for your help. They argue. Gurpreet says Fateh can never love Tejo. Nimmo says maybe Tejo told him something. Fateh comes and asks Gurpreet for the file. Gurpreet asks him to ask Tejo. She gets angry. Fateh goes to Tejo and asks her for the file. She says I don’t know. He asks why are you showing me attitude. She says I have already told you, I don’t know. He asks her to see how to handle things, that file is very imp. He says I want it by tomorrow. He goes. Tejo sees Gurpreet.

Mama talks to Rupy and family. Jasmin says I challenged Mama ji to find a guy for me, I want to marry the guy and go to Canada, tell me if you have a problem. Satti says its better to get her married and send her away. Rupy says fine, go and meet the guy, I want the guy’s details. Jasmin says Mama ji, I told you dad will agree, what’s the guy’s name. Mami says Gippy, once you marry him, your life will be set. Jasmin says I will meet him tomorrow. Mama says fine, I will make arrangements. Jasmin says its going according to my plan.

Rupy says Jasmin is mad. Harman says its fine if she is hurrying. Rupy says no work can be done well in haste. Satti says Jasmin won’t move on, Tejo and Fateh won’t come close. Harman says yes, Jasmin will get married and stay happy, Tejo will also get happy. Rupy says don’t know what is she upto. Jasmin clicks a selfie and posts it on social media. She thinks I will see how Fateh avoids me. Fateh checks her pic and says what is going to happen in a month. Its morning, Khushbeer asks Gurpreet for tea. Tejo gets herbal kada for him and says you should have this instead tea, your acidity problem will end. He says I m happy that you didn’t lose courage. He drinks the juice. Amrik comes. Khushbeer says Fateh goes for training early morning, learn from him. Amrik says he isn’t going for the training, he wants to cancel his name from the match.

Khushbeer asks how can he do so. He goes to Fateh. He wakes up Fateh. Fateh says I don’t want to go for practice or fight any match. Khushbeer says its an imp match, entire Punjab will see you on tv, youth federation will be happy seeing you. Fateh says I m not able to think of anything, I m taking my name back. Tejo looks on. Khushbeer says I will tell them, you can’t be my Fateh, you spend your entire life as Ranjha, forget your passion and career because of that girl. He goes. Fateh says don’t know what is Jasmin doing there. Jasmin gets ready and talks to Preeto. She says I m going to meet Gippy for my alliance. Preeto asks so soon. Jasmin says yes. Preeto says Fateh moved on, it will be right if you move on. Fateh gets ready. He checks Jasmin’s new pic. He gets angry and throws the file. He leaves. Amrik says the match is in two days. Fateh checks Khushbeer’s interview. Khushbeer says I m proud of my son, he will fight the match and win. Fateh asks why did dad give this interview, is this your idea, Amrik. Amrik says I don’t know to cheat, there are others also in the house who are impressing dad. Fateh thinks it means Tejo did this, Tejo has messed up with me.

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Telecast Date:19th June 2021
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