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Udariyaan 19th July 2022 Episode starts with Satti and Tejo cutting the vegetables. Jasmin thinks mum is always with her, I have to send her out. Lovely says I will dry the clothes and come. Jasmin goes after Lovely. Satti says we will make roti.

Bebe asks Rupy to see, Tejo is feeling she is married, she is understanding the responsibility. Tejo makes the roti. Jasmin helps Lovely in work.

Jasmin says Rupy and Satti couldn’t go to Gurudwara today, they are busy in caring for Tejo. Lovely looks at her. Tejo calls Fateh from Satti’s phone and asks him to come home soon, she has made food for her. Satti says don’t worry, I m with her, she has made all the food herself. Fateh says great,

I will get shagun for her. Tejo gets happy. He thinks the decision to shift to her house was right. Lovely asks what can I do. Jasmin says request mum and dad to go to Gurudwara. Lovely says yes, I can do this. She stops Harman. Harman asks Rupy to go to Gurudwara and pray, like they go every year.

Rupy says take care of Tejo. Rupy and Satti leave. He says I will message Fateh and ask him to come home soon. Jasmin asks them to pray for her baby, that Yash is a right guy for her. She hugs Rupy and takes his phone. She messages and deletes it also. Rupy and Satti leave. Jasmin says 5 people out of 8 left.

Jasmin sees Tejo talking to Bebe. Harman asks for some ice in lassi. Jasmin says I will help. She goes with Lovely. She adds some powder in the lassi. Lovely takes the lassi for Bebe and Harman. Harman gets a call. He keeps the glass of lassi and leaves. Jasmin thinks just Bebe and Lovely are here. Lovely says I will just go and dry the clothes.

She asks Jasmin to take care of Tejo. Jasmin thinks just Bebe is left. Fateh thinks to take jalebi for Tejo. He buys some jalebi. Jasmin says baby wants to play with Tejo. Bebe says I feel sleepy, I will watch you both play. Fateh buys flowers. Jasmin and Tejo play carrom. Bebe lies there and smiles seeing them.

She sleeps. Jasmin thinks now the drama will begin. She acts of stomach ache and cries. Tejo asks what happened. Jasmin asks her to help. Tejo says yes, but what shall I do. Jasmin says take me to hospital quickly. Tejo says okay, Bebe is sleeping, I won’t let anything happen to the baby. She takes Jasmin with her to the auto rickshaw. Jasmin signs the driver. Fateh comes home.

He doesn’t see the other auto leaving. He sees Rupy and Satti outside the Gurudwara. He goes to them. He says you both here, where is Tejo. Rupy says she is at home, don’t worry. Fateh asks is Jasmin at home. Satti says yes, don’t worry, she takes care of her well. Fateh says you should have not left Tejo with Jasmin, I m feeling strange, come.

They leave for home. Jasmin says ask him to take us to the hospital. Tejo says nothing will happen to the baby. She shows the hospital to the driver. The driver takes the other turn. Jasmin says my clinic is ahead, I will go there. Fateh comes home running and shouts Tejo. He tries to wake up Tejo.

Rupy and Satti come home, and shout. Fateh looks for Tejo in her room. Lovely comes. Satti asks where are Tejo and Jasmin. Lovely says they were playing here. Fateh says Jasmin would have taken Tejo outside deliberately. He runs outside. Jasmin brings Tejo to the old warehouse. Tejo says there is no hospital here. Jasmin says my clinic is inside, come. She takes Tejo inside.

Tejo sees it and recalls the fire incident. She asks where did we come, there is no clinic here. Jasmin says doctor is here, he will make you fine. Tejo says I m fine. Jasmin says you aren’t fine, doctor will make you fine. Tejo says you are bad, leave me. Jasmin and her hired goon stop Tejo. Fateh asks people for Tejo.

Tejo falls down. He thinks Jasmin took Tejo, but where. Jasmin brings the firetorch. Tejo sees the fire and gets scared. Fateh asks a man about Jasmin and Tejo. The man says they just went in an auto, that side. Fateh runs. He says where did Jasmin take Tejo, there is just that…. godown…. He runs.

Jasmin ignites the fire. Tejo screams and gets back. Jasmin asks what happened, do you feel scared, you thought you will snatch Fateh from me, never, he will always be mine. Jasmin scolds her and throws the firetorch there.

Tejo shouts for help. Jasmin looks at her from far. Tejo holds her head and recalls the past. She falls down. Jasmin thinks this shock is enough, now no one can stop you from going to the mental asylum, Fateh will be mine. She leaves.


Udariyaan 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Fateh meets Tejo at the hospital. Fateh says don’t get scared, I m with you. Tejo scolds him. Inspector says Tejo filed the complaint that Fateh ignited the fire. Rupy and Satti are shocked.

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Telecast Date:19th July 2022
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