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Udariyaan 18th September 2021 Episode starts with Jasmin saying I m hiding from your blames, I m not lying, I got everything, you don’t have anything here, you are trying to make me fall in everyone’s eyes, when Fateh and you are getting divorce, then what are you doing in this house. Khushbeer asks who are you to ask this. Fateh says Papa please, Jasmin is right, what is Tejo doing here when everything is over.

Tejo says I signed the divorce papers to make things easy for everyone, I told you Jasmin not to test my patience, but you didn’t change, you think you will snatch this house, this room from me, like you always snatched, I won’t let you do this. Jasmin asks why are you threatening, you have signed now, there is no use.

Tejo says stay here, I will tell you what I will do. She goes and gets the divorce papers. Everyone looks on. Tejo says you said about this paper, I was silent, but you forced me to do this. She tears the paper. Fateh, Jasmin and everyone get shocked. She throws the paper pieces over Jasmin. Khushbeer, Dada ji and everyone stand with Tejo. Tejo says I won’t give divorce, now I will stay in this house, in that room, you do whatever you want. Nimmo says kill more rats. Jasmin cries.

She folds hands and says all this is a lie, I didn’t do anything, Tejo is blaming me. Khushbeer says don’t lie, Tejo has said she has seen you getting the rat out of AC pipe, if she said, then you did this. She asks Dada ji and Gurpreet to believe her. Everyone turns away. Jasmin asks Fateh do you also think I can do this. He holds her hand. He says its enough, if you trust Tejo, then I trust Jasmin. He takes Jasmin with him. Everyone holds Tejo.

Fateh says Jasmin, I don’t know about others, you can tell me the truth, why did you go in that room, how did you know the rat is in the AC vent. She says you will also doubt me like your family. He says no, I know you are emotional about the room. Jasmin says I went there to check the smell, I opened the AC vent and got the rat, you would be thinking that I m lying. He says no. She says this was Tejo’s plan, she did this intentionally, she wants me to fall in your eyes, why did she come back, she did this drama, it was her plan.

He asks why will Tejo do this. She says she is jealous of us and our love, she will make you away from us. Khushbeer says Jasmin is very clever. Gurpreet says Fateh is coming in her words. Dada ji says he is blinded by her love. Biji says we have to bring her truth out in front of Fateh, we have to do a drama. She tells something to Mahi. Fateh says no, Tejo can’t do this. Jasmin says I left everything and came here, don’t talk to me, leave me alone, go from here. She makes him leave the room. Fateh goes. She thinks I have to make Fateh believe that Tejo did this.

Its morning, Tejo says its not our parcel. She goes inside the house. Fateh looks on. The man drops the rat cage. Fateh stops him and asks how much money do you take for dead rat, tell me, I will call the police, who called you here. The man says the madam who just left. Fateh asks him to go. Jasmin smiles. Fateh thinks Tejo has to say why she is doing this. Jasmin thinks Tejo is gone now. He comes to Tejo.

Tejo is with Biji. He recalls doctor’s words. Jasmin looks on. He holds his head. She thinks why isn’t he saying anything to Tejo. Biji asks why are you holding your head. He says nothing, I have some headache since morning. He sits. Tejo keeps a pill and a glass of water. Fateh takes the pill. Jasmin comes and asks what happened, are you fine, why didn’t you say about the headache, I will massage your head.

He says no, I took the medicine, I will be fine. Jasmin murmurs she always tries to trap him, I can also take care of him. She goes. Gurpreet says we are going to Kulwant. Biji asks her to go. Gurpreet and Nimmo go. Biji says Mahi, we will start our drama. Tejo asks what. Biji says you will be knowing. Mahi says they will be coming now. Fateh sees his friends and gets surprised. He says we will go out for coffee. Biji meets them. She says we will arrange tea and breakfast, have a seat. Tejo asks did anyone come.

Mahi says Fateh’s friends. Tejo says I will make something. Biji says wait, Jasmin will make. She asks Jasmin to prepare pakodas, sandwich, kabab with the tea, if she wants to take Tejo’s place. Jasmin says so much. Mahi says Tejo makes this every day for us, why are you shocked. Jasmin asks shall I just make pakodas. Biji says okay, make it well. Jasmin says how will I make it now. Tejo says I will go and help. Mahi says she troubled you yesterday and you want to help her.

Biji says Fateh should know the girl he chose, what’s special in her, I will get peace seeing the drama, come, we will play ludo. Jasmin makes the pakodas batter. Fateh talks to his friends. Tea gets spilt on the stove. Jasmin switches off the burner. Biji says go and see, what is she doing. Mahi comes and asks who makes pakodas this way, by making it so messy. She takes some for Biji. She says she has made this. Biji eats one. She spits it aside. She asks Mahi to get water. She says she has put a handful of chilli and salt.

Tejo says I will see. Biji says sit, Fateh should know he has left a diamond for a stone, how Jasmin serves his friends. Jasmin gets the pakodas. Fateh asks his friends to have it. Khushbeer and Dada ji come home with some people. Fateh says we will sit in the lawn. He says they are dad’s special friends, take care. Jasmin thinks I have to cook again now. Fateh’s friends eat some pakodas and keep it. Fateh tastes one and smiles. He also keeps it back. He thinks did Jasmin serve this to dad and his friends. Jasmin serves the pakodas. Khushbeer asks his friends to have it. Fateh thinks what will happen now.


Udariyaan 18th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Fateh sees Buzo hugging Tejo and consoling her. He drags Buzo out and shouts. He asks Tejo how long will she cover up the truth. Someone comes and says I will tell the truth. They turn to see her.

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Telecast Date:18th September 2021
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