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Udariyaan 17th September 2021 Episode starts with Mahi saying I got my bathroom cleaned, I kept a new dress ironed for you. Tejo asks new dress. Mahi says Biji has given it for you. Tejo thanks her and goes. Everyone comes. Pandit asks who will do the puja. Biji says Fateh and his wife. She asks Fateh to come. Jasmin holds his hand. Biji says divorce didn’t happen yet, so you and Tejo will do the puja, its my wish also.

Fateh makes Jasmin leave his hand. Biji says come. She takes Fateh and Tejo. Nimmo says they won’t let their divorce happen. Jasmin thinks Tejo this puja won’t change your fate. Fateh and Tejo do the aarti. Everyone prays. Jasmin gets angry. Tejo prays. She sees rat figure with the Ganpati idol. Pandit says its time for the Ganpati immersion. Fateh takes the idol on his head. Tejo, Mahi, Nimmo and Amrik dance on the dhol. Tejo does the aarti again. They all say Ganpati Bappa Morya.

Gurpreet gives the water bowl to Tejo. Mahi slips towards Tejo. The water falls over Jasmin. Nimmo says its tit for tat, you remember Didi, Fateh insulted Tejo for this dress. Jasmin asks what did you do Tejo. Mahi says sorry, my hand hit her, it wasn’t her mistake. Fateh says Jasmin, go and change, go. Jasmin gets upset and leaves.

Fateh pours the milky water over the idol. Gurpreet tells her wish in Ganpati’s ears. Fateh and Tejo drop the idol in the water. She sees the rat figure floating. She recalls Jasmin’s words.

Biji says first Ganpati left, and now Tejo is leaving. Jasmin calls out Tejo. She says its good you are going, these house walls and their colour will also change. Tejo says we shall see. Everyone blesses Tejo. Khushbeer says I will fix your room’s problem. Rupy says good, we shall leave now. Tejo goes with the family. Jasmin thinks I made Tejo leave the house, I have to see that she never comes back.

Tejo is on the way. She recalls Jasmin’s words. FB shows, Bebe telling little Tejo and Jasmin about a man, he wanted to buy the house, he threw a dead rat in the water tank, the family got troubled by the bad smell, the house owner sold the house to that man. Jasmin says its a good idea, right Tejo. Tejo says no, its called wrong thinking. FB ends. Tejo asks driver to stop the car. Rupy asks what happened, is everything fine. Jasmin comes to Tejo’s room. She ties the dupatta to cover her nose. She climbs the ladder and pulls the string out of the AC duct. She sees the dead rat. Lights get on.

Tejo opens the door and comes in. Jasmin gets shocked. She says look Tejo, what did I get, a dead rat, its smelling bad, it was there, maybe that’s why the cleaner didn’t find it, I was helping you. Tejo holds her hand and takes her. Everyone sees them. Dada ji asks when did you come Tejo, what’s this bad smell. They see the dead rat. Tejo says this is the reason of the bad smell, the dead rat isn’t the real reason, its her. Jasmin throws the rat and comes. Gurpreet asks is Tejo saying the truth. Jasmin says no, I just wanted to help Tejo, I went to see the room, dead rat was there in the AC pipe.

Tejo says great, you reached there when cleaner couldn’t, why did just you got this rat, its because you kept the dead rat there, tell me if I m saying wrong, say it. Fateh comes and asks what’s happening. Jasmin says see Fateh, how Tejo is blaming me, I always want to help her, she is saying I had hidden the rat in AC pipe, I got it there, she is blaming me. Tejo says enough, I know you well, you wanted me to leave that room, so you did this. Gurpreet asks did you keep the dead rat in the room.

Jasmin says no, please believe me. Khushbeer says stop lying, tell the truth. Fateh says wait Papa. He asks Tejo what are you saying, why will Jasmin do this, do you have the proof. Tejo says you need the proof, I don’t, I know her well, Bebe told us this story in childhood, how a man left the dead rat in the water tank and the family had to leave the house, Jasmin liked the idea even that time and used it now. She asks Jasmin to show her true face to everyone if she is true, why is she hiding behind Fateh. Jasmin cries.

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Telecast Date:17th September 2021
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