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Udariyaan 17th November 2022 Nehmat comes to Ekam’s house. She sees Jayveer’s dead body. She sits next to Ekam and holds his hand. Ekam shoves Nehmat’s hand. Shamsheer says Nehmat’s article will become Jayveer’s reason for death. Advait says it says he has potential connections. Shamsheer says it doesn’t name us.

Go and give Mallika your shoulder, she will be the DIL of this house. He says but our purpose has been fulfilled. You ended the last proof. Shamsheer says some proofs leave doubts behind. In the future, no one can question us if you marry Mallika. Trust me, marry her for your career. We will become the heroes in this. Advait says what have you done Nehmat.

Ekam says I am sorry dad. I am responsible for all this. You tried to convince me, you tried to tell me the truth, I left the whole world but didn’t leave Nehmat. You were my inspiration. I fought with you for Nehmat. I didn’t listen to you, I heard you. I am responsible for your death. I’ve lost everything today. He says I am sorry mom. I am Mallika and your culprit. Please hit me.

He slaps himself with her hands. She slaps Ekam and says you have done all this. You’re responsible for this death. You are my husband’s murderer. Nehmat cries. She says why didn’t you listen to us? You trusted her and not your parents. See what she has done. See the consequences. Adavit comes there too.

Ekam’s mom says I hate you. She hits him. Mallika stops her. She faints. They all pick her. Nehmat touches her, and Ekam shoves her hand. He says don’t you dare to touch my mom. This is all I am left with. I hate you. I don’t ever want to see your face again. Nehmat says please Ekam listen to me.. Ekam says leave us alone. I would never see your face again. thank you. Nehmat cries. Ekam gives his mom water. Nehmat cries recalling why Ekam joined the police.

Nehmat says Ekam please listen to me once. She sobs. Ekam says please go from here. Don’t do this drama here. You did what you had to. She says please.. Ekam shoves her adn says just get lost. Advait feels bad for Nehmat. Advait recalls she didn’t want to publish it. Nehmat cries and says I didn’t do this uncle.

I could never harm you, uncle. Please forgive me. She puts a flower near him. Ekam stops her. Nehmat says please Ekam no.. He says you’ve done all that you had to. Don’t you dare to touch my dad? He drags her out of the house and shoves her out. Ekam locks the door. Nehmat cries outside. Nehmat recalls her moments with Ekam.

Scene 2
Nehmat comes home. Nani says where were you? Did you find out what happened? Did you speak to Ekam? Shally says you killed Jayveer. Naaz says I never imagined he would kill himself. Shally says you did this to Ekam? Apparently, you loved him? Shally says the article had her name. SHally says was this your love?

It’s a curse. Mallika was your best friend. You killed her dad. Who will marry her now? Kapoor won’t marry her. I am also worried for my Naaz. Will they marry her? Naaz thinks about what has happened. She says Nehmat how could you do this? Ekam lost his dad because of you. Live your life with this guilt. You could talk to Ekam once. Nehmat breaks down. Nanu says enough. Can’t you all see her condition?

He hugs her and says not a word more. Nehmat say sI didn’t post it. I went to meet someone to stop the article. I don’t know how did it get posted? I didn’t tell Ekam to not let him worry during Mallika’s wedding. I should have told him the truth. I didn’t listen to my heart. I was gonna tell him everything after the wedding. She sobs. Nanu says I trust you completely. I know you can never do this. She says Ekam isn’t trusting me. He says to give him time. He’s in shock. He will listen to you once he’s better.

Scene 3
Jasmine burns Ekam and Nehmat’s photo. She says Jayveer was the last person who could recognize me. I can go back to India now. No one can question me now. Rest in peace Jayveer. Jasmine likes her freedom.

Scene 4
Ekam does Jayveer’s funeral. He recalls his moments with Jayveer. Nehmat and Naaz also come there. Everyone cries. Ekam does the last rites. He hugs Mallika and his mom. Nehmat cries. Ekam sits there till the evening. Nehmat comes there. Ekam leaves. Nehmat says please listen to me once. He drives away. He recalls she was talking about the article.


Udariyaan 18th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aykum asks Nehmat, it was your laptop only you have access then who published the article? Nehmat meets Naaz and says only you could publish my article. Jasmine says, I won’t let Tejo’s daughter ruin my daughter’s life.

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