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Udariyaan 17th May 2022 Episode starts with Fateh shouting on Tanya. Jasmin comes and asks Fateh what is he doing with Tejo. He shouts she isn’t our Tejo, she can’t be Tejo, she is Tanya. Jasmin asks Tanya. He says yes, our Tejo is dead, she isn’t our Tejo, I should have understood this before, just your face matches Tejo,

you have nothing like Tejo, its my mistake that I couldn’t understand your lie, Tejo would never do anything that kills someone. Jasmin says it means Amrik gave his life for you, what is all this, what happened with me, I have nothing like me, I don’t have my husband and sister with me. Fateh asks Tanya to stay away from his family and not come in front of him again. He asks her to get lost.

He takes Jasmin with him. Tanya cries. harsh comes and asks are you thinking of that guy who died, we could catch Tejo’s culprit, Angad is caught now, our mission is complete. She asks can I go back to India. He says yes. She says I will always have this guilt. He says we have no record of yours, we are leaving you now, pack your bags, here is your ticket and passport.

Fateh and Jasmin see the ashes pot. She asks how will we take this. He says I don’t know. She asks him to be strong. She gets dizzy. He asks are you fine, you asked me to take care and you aren’t looking after yourself, please have water, you have to support me, I can’t do this alone. She cries and recalls Amrik dying. Fateh holds her.

She says I had got Amrik here. She hugs the ashes pot and asks Amrik why did you leave me, why did you sacrifice yourself for that fake Tejo, why. Fateh gets Gurpreet’s call. She says I can’t wait now, why are you delaying so much, I told your dad that Jasmin and Amrik will stay here, he has to accept them,

I will welcome both my bahus, I always believed Tejo is my bahu, just come back, I m waiting for her a lot. He cries. She says give phone to Amrik, he is my good son, he shares everything with me, he gave me this good news. Fateh recalls Amrik’s words. He says I will get them back. She sees Amrik’s photo frame falling and breaking. She holds it and her finger gets a cut. She asks for Amrik.

He says Amrik and Jasmin went for shopping. She says Amrik didn’t call since two days. He says his phone is gone for repair. She asks for Tejo. She says I will make a video call. He says not now, Tejo also went with them for shopping, I have imp work, I will call you later. She picks Amrik’s pic and says it’s a big bad omen, I wish Amrik is fine, I feel restless. Jasmin cries and asks why did you lie.

He says I can’t tell her anything. She asks how will we face them. He says yes, how will we tell that the girl is a cheat, an imposter. She says no, we can’t face their anger, I can’t imagine Gurpreet’s reaction. Fateh imagines…. Fateh and Jasmin come home with Amrik’s ashes. Gurpreet drops the aarti plate. She gets shocked. She faints down. Fateh says mummy….

He says no Jasmin, we have to do something, we have to give them some hope, else they can’t tolerate this double sorrow. Fateh goes to Tanya’s house. She packs her bag. She says you here… He says you are preparing to leave, so easily. She says Tejo’s killer is caught, case is over. He says I won’t let this story end so easily,

you said you value relations, prove it, its time, Amrik had promised Gurpreet that he will bring Tejo home, my mum is waiting for Tejo, your truth will take another life, I can tolerate my sorrow, but not my family’s sorrow, so you will come with me as Tejo. She asks what. He says you like to do your duty, right, think your duty didn’t end, you can do this. She asks did you go mad. He says yes,

if my brother was alive, then I would have not told this. She asks how can I prove I m Tejo. He says my family wants an assurance. She says I can’t be with you as Tejo all life. He says I can’t tolerate you all life, until my family gets capable to bear this shock, you have to be with them as Tejo, are you ready to come as Tejo, don’t forget, you wanted to pay back Amrik’s favor. She says I can’t do a fraud with them. He asks do you have a heart or not. She says I have a heart so I took a big risk to catch Tejo’s killer, I can’t do this, go now. He angrily throws things.

Gurpreet meets Satti and thanks her for coming. She says if Tejo was alive, if we got her, then would you get her married to Fateh. Satti says this can’t happen, I know she loved Fateh a lot, its no use to talk to her. Gurpreet thinks I wish I could tell you, Tejo is still alive. She asks Satti to say. Satti says Fateh loved Tejo a lot, if Tejo was alive, then I would have done what pleased her heart.

Gurpreet hugs her and thinks we will get Tejo and Fateh married when she comes. Tanya says is this a joke, I won’t go. Jasmin comes and says sorry from his side. Tanya says I will not come with you. Jasmin says I have come to strike a logical deal, you aren’t a police officer or a criminal, you took a big risk, you were helpless, so you were in jail, I know police was bearing your expenses, I will bear your expenses for 6 months, this is also a good deed to heal someone’s wounds given by you.

Tejo says you want to say you will give me money. Jasmin says you need money and we need you, Fateh belongs to a big house, he will fulfil your every need, trust me, just take care of everyone as Tejo, don’t forget that you are responsible for Amrik’s death, fate wants to give you the only chance.

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