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Udariyaan 16th September 2022 Episode starts with Fateh and Tejo asking Nehmat about adopting Naaz. Khushbeer and Gurpreet tell Naaz and family about Nehmat’s idea, to get Fateh and Tejo married. Naaz thinks everyone will just talk to Nehmat, its her parents’ marriage. Nehmat says I won’t refuse,

Naaz and I will stay together, we will teach her boxing and make her strong. Tejo says its our secret, we will talk to Naaz after marriage. Nehmat says we can help you in everything. Tejo thanks her. Its morning,

Fateh says I m tired of shopping. Gurpreet feeds the food to everyone. Nehmat takes the video. Tejo asks the girls to go and wear the dresses to show them. Nehmat says I forgot to invite Mallika, I will just come. She comes. Tejo says Naaz will look a princess in this state. She takes Naaz. Nehmat invites Mallika and asks her to get her brother along. They hug. Nehmat says we will have dance practice.

Mallika says I don’t like that girl, but I will adjust for your sake. Tejo says Naaz, you look very beautiful, wait. She opens the locker and gets some jewellery. She says this is for you and that’s for Nehmat, try this. Naaz sees Nehmat’s dress. She tries that dress and smiles. She prays to get everything that Nehmat has. She opens the locker. She says it’s the same letter which mumma gave me for Nanu. She says its mumma’s handwriting. She reads the letter.

She says mumma left me, I can never meet her now. She cries and recalls Jasmin. Tejo comes and sees her. She recalls the letter. Naaz asks will mumma never come back, did she leave me and go, why, what will I do, how will I live without mumma.

Tejo hugs her. She says we didn’t know how to tell you, so sorry. Naaz says I can’t stay alone. Tejo says no, who said you are alone, we all are with you. She consoles Naaz. She says you are just like Nehmat for me. Naaz thinks did I get Nehmat’s luck.

Naaz and Nehmat dance with everyone. Fateh and Tejo come and sit for mehendi. Ankhiyaan sajna hai….plays… Nehmat clicks their pic. They smile. Tejo dances on Mere haathon me nau nau chudiyaan… Everyone smiles. Fateh dances with Tejo. He smiles and sings Mehendi lagake rakhna…

Everyone dances. Tejo says everyone is so happy, look at Naaz and Nehmat, we will bring Naaz home after our marriage, love you. He says love you too. They hug. Satti prays. Gurpreet stumbles and drops the haldi plate. She says its abshagun. He says everything is fine, we should get ready and go to resort, our marriage is there in 4 hours.

Nehmat takes Tejo and Fateh’s pic. She says groom and bride can’t see each other until the marriage. Gurpreet prays for the children. Nehmat records everyone’s entry in the wedding. Nehmat makes videos. Naaz comes. Nimmo asks who is this girl.

Nehmat says she is my sister. Nimmo asks who. Gurpreet says she is Jasmin’s sister, I will tell you later, come. Nehmat says Mallika didn’t come. Mallika and Aykam come. Nehmat says thank God, he didn’t get the ball here. Mallika hugs Nehmat. Aykam greets all. He says this is crazy, I heard this for the first time, someone’s parents are getting married. Nehmat says my parents are special. He says I will never marry. Mallika asks what if you fall in love. He says never. Nehmat and Aykam argue.

Mallika asks why do you both always fight. Nehmat says who wants to see his face. She asks Naaz and Mallika not to fight. Nehmat asks Fateh when did he fall in love with mumma. Fateh tells about his love story.

She says I don’t understand. He says even I understood it late, those who are connected come close. She says it means you love mumma the most. Tejo says yes, I love your dad, but I love you the most. She talks about Fateh and their love. Nehmat records her. Tejo says when you grow up and fall in love, then you will understand. Nehmat says never, I don’t like boys.

Tejo says mumma was also like this, then I met your dad, then I realized boys are good also. Nehmat says yes, dad is so different. Gurpreet asks Nehmat to go and meet her friends. Nehmat compliments Tejo and goes. Gurpreet also compliments Tejo and applies kajal dot. Nehmat asks is my sister taking care of you. She takes Aykam’s pic. Satti asks them to go and get the bride and groom. Fateh comes to Tejo. She hides behind the ghunghat. He does shayari.

She reminds their first marriage. He asks how can I forget it, it was the best day of my life, its Jasmin’s favor that she refused to marry me. She says our first marriage didn’t stay, because you had seen me. Fateh asks do you believe in all this. He says we won’t get apart even after death, I will always love you,

its my promise, we will always love, live and die together. He hugs her. He asks can you feel my heartbeat, our heartbeat is matching. She says I wish our breath runs together. He jokes and turns her towards him. He sees her face and kisses. She asks what did you do, I told you that bride and groom can’t see each other’s face before marriage. Nehmat asks Tejo to come. Fateh hides.

Tejo asks him to just go. He kisses her and goes. Fateh and Tejo come for the varmala exchange. They exchange the garlands and kiss Nehmat and Naaz. They sit in the mandap. Nehmat ties their gathbandhan. Tu thodi der aur thehr jaa…plays… Fateh and Tejo take the wedding rounds. They hug. Everyone claps. Fateh fills the sindoor and kisses Tejo’s forehead. He makes her wear the mangalsutra. They all smile. Fateh and Tejo hug the kids.


Udariyaan 17th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Fateh and Tejo dance on Pyaar hua ikraar hua…. Everyone dances. Naaz imagines Jasmin. Fateh and Tejo meet with an accident. Nehmat and Naaz cry and hug. They are seen as grown ups.

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Telecast Date:16th September 2022
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