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Udariyaan 16th May 2022 Episode starts with Fateh asking where were you, I was finding you madly. Tejo asks Amrik? He says he left us. He cries and hugs her. She makes him away. She says I regret for your brother’s loss, he died while saving me. He says Tejo… She says I m not Tejo, I m Tanya Gill, I m giving you this bad news with a heavy heart, your Tejo is really dead,

just my face resembles her, Punjab police had sent me here to solve Tejo’s case, because the case is solved and the culprit is caught, my duty ends here, good bye. He asks what nonsense, I know you regret that Amrik died while saving you. She says I really feel sad for him, but I m not Tejo. He asks her to shut up, stop the nonsense.

He says my brother, he was like my son, he died in front of me, why are you doing this. She says try to understand, you are mentally disturbed. He asks what nonsense, you said you are Tejo and complained so many things, why did you become Tanya now, you think I will believe you, no, you are my Tejo,

you value relations, you taught me to value relations, why are you making fun of relations. She asks him to behave. She says I m Tanya Gill, I do value relations, I had to become Tejo for the sake of relations, please accept that I m Tanya, I was helpless, so I had to do this. He says if you are Tanya, then where is my Tejo. She says as far as I know, your Tejo died that day in the fire, accept this truth. He cries.

He says no, this can’t happen, I felt the peace here, I could sleep after many months, how can someone’s heart lie so much. She says maybe you got peace that you reached her murderer, you loved Tejo, you would have got happy to reach the secret, I was also shocked knowing I look like Tejo, so I had to become Tejo,

I was a simple girl living in Punjab. She recalls she had to steal some money from office, being helpless, and she got arrested, she was punished for three years, when FB shows Inspector Harsh came to meet her, then… Harsh says unbelievable, ditto, Tanya Gill, please have a seat, do you want to sit in the jail for three years or go out. Tanya says of course, I want to go out. He says your face is the special thing,

you have to get an innocent person’s murderer caught. She gets shocked seeing Tejo’s pic. She asks what joke is this. He says this pic is of lecturer Tejo Sandhu, she died in a fire incident, we want to find out if it was some accident or murder, once you say yes, you will be out and the criminal record will be removed.

She says I don’t want to stay here, so definitely yes. FB ends. She says then my training started. FB shows Harsh training Tanya. She says then I was made to hear the voice note by Tejo. FB shows Harsh showing Tejo’s phone and playing the audio note….. Tejo says Fateh and Jasmin are standing outside, but they aren’t doing anything to save me, I m carrying Fateh’s child, I came here to meet him, but he is not saving me,

I told Angad about my pregnancy, he sent me to meet Fateh, he was right, Fateh and Jasmin are playing a game with me, they might have ignited the fire here to kill me, I have seen a person wearing black hoodie. She sees Tejo on the camera footage. Tejo says its my last wish to get the culprit punished.

Harsh says she had thrown this phone out, she tried hard, we have to find the culprit. Tanya says we will catch Fateh and Jasmin. Inspector says we didn’t get the proof against them, they reached there after the fire caught up, we followed them and kept an eye on them, we got no proof, both the families don’t know about her pregnancy, I m sure Fateh and Jasmin also don’t know. She says okay,

who do you doubt. He says Angad Maan, he was after Tejo, he was going to marry Tejo, she got to know her pregnancy and decided to not marry Angad, Angad would have not tolerated this, he is in London now. Tanya says you want me to go to London after him, how shall I become Tejo. He says we will tell you about Tejo. Tanya says then my journey started to become Tejo. Harsh shows Tejo’s videos.

He asks Tanya to make Angad confess that he did this crime, you have to work at offshore café as a waitress, we didn’t give clean chit to Fateh and Jasmin. FB ends. Tanya says this was my life’s story and truth, its upto you now. Fateh says I will go mad, Tejo died thinking I have killed her, I just lost my brother and I m getting to hear this. He shouts on her.

He says my brother had died because of your game, he wanted to take Tejo home, he didn’t know that he is giving life for Tejo, but you are Tanya, I will never forgive you. She says I m sorry, this was imp to tell you. He starts laughing. He says my fate has cheated me, why am I alive, kill me. He shouts.

She asks him to calm down. He says everything is over. She says everything happened wrong but calm down. He asks why did you come in my life as Tejo. She says I have done this to catch her real culprit, Tejo doubted you but police doubted Angad, our plan was not such, Amrik and Jasmin came there and saw us, we had to change the plan, Harsh knew it that Jasmin will call you to London, you followed me,

so I met you as Tejo, to make everyone believe it, I did that drama to win Angad’s trust, so I used Jasmin and you. He says you didn’t see my love and tears for Tejo, you just used us. She says this case can’t be just a case for you, I got justice for Tejo, was it easy for me, no, it was dangerous, I was doing my duty, I was living with a murderer, I read the message that he wants to kill Tejo,

he tried also, you saved me thankfully, this was just my work, try to understand, we had no way to arrest Angad, his confession was the only way, one thing went wrong, your brother…. I was just doing my work. He shouts what the hell, my brother died for a lie, you are calling it your work. She says I know it well, what you are going through now, I m alive because of Amrik, I will never forget his favor, I will not step back if I get a chance to return this favor.

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