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Udariyaan 15th September 2022  Episode starts with Tejo saying were did Naaz go. Nehmat cries seeing her cycle. Tejo asks someone did you see who did this. Fateh says someone did this intentionally. Tejo asks Nehmat not to cry.

Naaz comes crying and asks who broke Nehmat’s cycle. Fateh says its just a cycle, it will get fine, don’t cry. Naaz says Nehmat, you take my cycle. Fateh says I will get this cycle fixed. Nehmat asks will it get fine. Tejo says we can try, we will go home and see, stop crying. Tejo takes the girls.

A man says that blue tshirt girl broke the cycle. Fateh asks what. He sees Naaz. Shelly says Naaz got a branded cycle, and my son got this cheap cycle. Abhiraj says Naaz’s fate is already bad, because Jasmin is her mum. Tejo asks why would Naaz do this. Fateh and Tejo talk about Naaz. Tejo says Naaz might need counselling. He says Nehmat shouldn’t know anything.

Gurpreet and Nehmat come home. Gurpreet asks Nehmat to ask her parents. Nehmat says Mallika got her parents’ wedding pic, she wasn’t in her pic, was I there in your wedding pic. Fateh and Tejo laugh and talk of Nehmat’s wedding. Tejo says Fateh will cry a lot at Nehmat’s wedding.

Fateh says yes, I will cry a lot. Nehmat says no, I don’t want to marry, I don’t want to leave you all. Fateh says I will get ghar jamai for you. Nehmat says no, I don’t like anyone. Gurpreet asks why.

Nehmat says boys are bad, they always fight and don’t respect girls. Fateh says you can make everyone right. Nehmat asks for their wedding pic. Fateh says we have no pics. She says how can this happen, everyone has pics. He says our marriage was a secret. She asks what will I show Mallika.

She runs. Khushbeer asks what happened. She says scold mum and dad, they had a secret marriage, she didn’t call anyone. Khushbeer says its really bad, marriage happened, what to do now. She says I have a suggestion, we will get them married again, this time I will also be there, I will show pics to Mallika.

They laugh. Gurpreet says idea is not bad. Khushbeer and everyone agree. Fateh and Tejo ask what’s the need. Nehmat insists. Gurpreet says just come in the mandap on time. Fateh says of course, we will have a destination wedding, we will book a resort, it will be a picnic and party. Tejo asks Nehmat to come. Fateh asks Nehmat to help him.

Tejo talks to Satti on call. She asks is Naaz fine. Satti says no, she isn’t coming out of the room, I m scared, did Shelly tell her anything. Tejo says I will come and talk to her, don’t worry. She ends the call and looks for her wedding ring. Nehmat comes and asks her to just see what’s in her room.

Tejo asks what happened. Nehmat shuts the door. Tejo sees Fateh’s surprise… Will you marry me written on the rose petals board. He comes and hugs her. She smiles seeing the decorations. He gives her a rose. She says so it was your and Nehmat’s plan. He goes on knees and proposes her with a ring.

He says I love you a lot, we got married twice, but we couldn’t experience the happiness, please give me a chance to marry you again, so that I treasure the happiness, I have a right on this happiness.

She cries and says even I have a right on this happiness, I also want to marry you again. He makes her wear the ring and kisses her hand. They smile. Nehmat comes. Fateh says we will marry on our anniversary day. Nehmat says we will take much pics. Tejo and Fateh say I love you. Nehmat says I love you too.

Naaz cries seeing the moon. She asks where did you go mumma, why don’t I have everything like Nehmat. She wishes to get everything that Nehmat has. Nehmat thanks God for giving her world’s best mum and dad, and such loving family. Fateh says finally, I will marry my Tejo. Tejo asks were we in live-in.

He laughs and says finally, I will sit in the mandap with you, and take the wedding rounds. She says even I got many wishes. He asks her what are her wishes, he will fulfil it. She says I want happiness and family around us.

She gets poetic. He says in short, you want to enjoy a lot, I will fulfil your every wish. They smile. Nehmat dances. She says mum and dad agreed for the marriage. Khushbeer says I have a beautiful gift for you. Nehmat says we will make handmade wedding card.

He gives her a camera. He says Fateh gave it to me, I m giving this to you, make a beautiful video and make memories. Nehmat invites everyone in the wedding. She records everyone. They laugh. Fateh says we are going to adopt Naaz. Tejo says I m thinking how to convince the family, even Naaz can find this strange, I took a child psychologist’s number. He says we will not rush, we will talk to Nehmat tomorrow. They hug and sleep.

Nehmat asks Tejo to say something about Fateh. Tejo says Fateh completes me. Fateh says I exist because of Tejo. They do shayari. Everyone smiles. Nehmat records them. Tejo says we have to talk something imp.

Nehmat says its okay, I will ride Naaz’s cycle. Tejo says its not about the cycle. Fateh says we want to talk about Naaz. Nehmat asks is she fine. He says Naaz didn’t get her mum and dad’s love like you got, we want to adopt Naaz and bring her home as your real sister. Nehmat asks what if I refuse?

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