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Udariyaan 15th September 2021 Episode starts with Jasmin hugging and thanking Fateh. She says you gave my life’s best surprise, I m feeling that I will die out of happiness, I will not die now, I will see Tejo, what’s her plan after this divorce. Fateh goes. He puts the papers on the bed. He goes to the washroom. He recalls Tejo’s words. Kya dekhna tha….plays… Tejo cries in her room. Fateh washes his face.

He cries. Jasmin dances happily. Gurpreet cries and says why Baba ji, don’t I have my children’s happiness in my fate. Nimmo smiles seeing her. She comes and says have courage, who will handle the family if you break down. Jasmin says Fateh and Tejo have given divorce to each other. Sweety asks will Fateh marry you. Jasmin says yes, just some formalities are left, I m so happy Sweety, I want to celebrate. Dada ji asks did you not stop him, how did this happen. He asks Dadi why didn’t you tell anything, Fateh doesn’t have a mind, you should have stopped Tejo. Biji says she came to ask me, I couldn’t stop her, Fateh doesn’t want to stay with her.

Jasmin says I m going on shopping with Sweety, there is a sale. Fateh says you want to go for shopping at this time. She says what shall I do, everyone gets upset seeing me, you won’t stop me, please Fateh. She leaves. Khushbeer says once divorce is stamped, then people will make more gossip, don’t know how will Tejo tolerate this. Biji says I won’t let this divorce happen. Nimmo says she signed the papers. He says she just signed, case isn’t filed, we have to somehow make Fateh realize that Jasmin isn’t right for her and this family. Fateh sits upset. Jasmin says Sweety calls me and gets late always. Satti holds her. Jasmin turns and sees Rupy and Satti.

She asks what are you doing here. Satti says we came to talk. Jasmin says you made Sweety call me here and did this drama. Rupy asks why, can just you do a drama, we are your parents. Jasmin says go from here, I don’t want to talk. He stops her. Satti says you are ruining Tejo’s house, she always stayed as your shadow. Jasmin says she wasn’t a shadow, but an eclipse. Rupy says you leave Fateh. Jasmin says no way, he is just mine. Rupy says he is of Tejo, why do you want to snatch him. She says its Tejo’s plan, what was the need for Tejo to marry him, I refused and she agreed in a minute.

He says we all convinced her. She says then bear it, forced relations face this outcome, Tejo was never in Fateh’s life, Jasmin’s name is in his soul and heart, he is mine, he was mine and he will always be mine, I won’t leave him for Lord’s sake, who is Tejo then. Satti says stop this nonsense. Jasmin says you think her words are true and my words are nonsense, call her back else I will get her ousted. Satti asks did you go mad, Jasmin, she is your sister, why do you want to become her Sautan. Jasmin says she started it, I m ending it. He asks Jasmin to have fear of Lord. She says you said I m dead for you, you both are also dead for me. He slaps her. She leaves.

Jasmin comes home. She gets Fateh’s clothes from the cupboard. Tejo asks are you preparing to go to Canada. Jasmin says yes, it will also happen, Fateh got free from the forced relation, he will be leaving from this house and India, along with me. Tejo says he didn’t get out of this relation, I ousted him, you think I m a puppet that you can make me do anything, I did everything because I loved both of you, I will do what I want to do, Fateh didn’t make me sign the divorce papers, I did that myself, I wanted it. Jasmin says its good, why to claim something that’s not yours. Tejo says I wish you understood this, we all would have not seen this day. Biji asks Mahi to give a pakoda. Mahi asks her to take it from Tejo.

Tejo asks Biji to leave pakodas, have the best sandwich. Fateh and Jasmin come. She holds his hand and says tell mummy ji not to make food for us, we will have food outside, we may get late. Fateh says I already told mummy. Tejo gets Simran’s call. She goes. Satinder comes and hugs Fateh. He greets Jasmin. Tejo stops and looks on. Fateh says we were going out. Satinder says I thought to give the wedding card, if Jasmin comes, then it will be great. Jasmin says we will come, I enjoyed the party. Satinder says I will go. Fateh asks him to come along. Satinder says fine, I will call Nikki. They leave. Gurpreet says Satinder used to study in Fateh’s school. Biji asks why did he call Jasmin as Bhabhi. Tejo says Fateh introduced her as his wife, I saw them in Satinder and Nikki’s party.

Fateh, Jasmin, Satinder and Nikki have dinner. Jasmin talks of Canada and shopping. Mahi says sorry, we feel sad for you. Tejo says I m also feeling bad, Khushbeer called me his daughter, I can’t bring a smile on their faces, all this stress, Biji is already unwell, will you help me in cheering up Biji, I have a good plan, come. Everyone sees Tejo and Mahi enacting and dancing. Jasmin asks Fateh to have the icecream. He asks what are you doing, everyone is seeing, relax.

Tejo dances and goes to the family. Everyone smiles. Jasmin leaves. Fateh says sorry, maybe she got tired, I will see. He goes to stop Jasmin. He says you get upset on little things. She says you were reacting on little things, you didn’t like me holding your arm and talking of Canada, your mood is bad, what’s going on, are you missing Tejo. He says the way you made a joke of me, I will miss Tejo, she never used to do such kiddish things. She says I think you are regretting the divorce. He says what shall I do to make you believe that I love you, tell me what do you want. She says I just want to go home.

Tejo dances with the family. She hugs Khushbeer. Everyone dances. Fateh and Jasmin come home. Biji takes him for dance. Fateh hugs Dada ji and Biji. Jasmin looks on. Fateh stumbles and goes towards Tejo.

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