Udaariyaan 15th November 2022 Written Episode Update


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Udariyaan 15th November 2022 Naaz sees Nehmat and Mallika dancing. Jayveer thanks God for Mallika getting married in a big house. He sees that goon again. He goes towards the man. He says Kapoor’s name shouldn’t come out. Jayveer hits him and says who are you working for?

Who is that Kapoor who got my accident done and killed Tejo and Fateh? Everyone enjoys being outside. Ekam looks for his dad. The goon says to stay out of these matters. He shoves Jayveer and says I will kill your whole family. Jayveer is scared. He understands Advait’s dad is behind all this.

Ekam dances with Nehmat. Naaz looks at them in anger. Mallika says control.. everyone laughs. Jayveer says what should I do? He thinks about Mallika’s happiness. He cries. Naaz dances. Mallika kicks her on the floor. Jayveer sees Mr. Kapoor dancing. He says I need to talk to you. Mr. Kapoor comes out. He asks what happened. Jayveer shoves him and says that the goon was the same person.

I saw him here and heard everything. I know you ruined my life and you killed Tejo and Fateh. What was their fault? Mr. Kapoor shoves him and says wow you know a lot of things. There are a lot of things you still don’t know. Khushveer Singh and Fateh were my enemies. I had to remove them from my way. Tejo and Fateh had another enemy too. Who are miles away? Whatever I did I did it for her. But I made you get suspended because you would get to me. Jayveer says I will find everything and expose you both.

Jasmine says Naaz I will be there at your wedding Naaz. Mr. Kapoor says I get my funding from them. Jayveer says now you’re after Ekam and Nehmat so they don’t get to you. Mr. Kapoor says they’re safe but I can’t let them get to the truth. Jayveer says I won’t let you sacrifice those girls’ life for your game. I will expose you to the media. Everyone will know your sins. He leaves in anger. Mr. Kapoor says don’t ruin things. She’s very powerful. She will ruin everything. He calls his goons and says stop Randhawa.

Scene 2
Naaz comes home and recalls everything. She is angry. She says she apparently calls me sister and acts as if nothing happened. Mallika is more important to her. I won’t tolerate it anymore. She says this file has something for sure.

Ekam drops Nehmaat. She says good night. He holds her and says time passes so quickly with you. She says we have to prepare for the wedding. He says I won’t stop spending time with my wife-to-be. I can’t believe Mallika is getting married. She’s all grown up. I hope everything goes well.

Naaz opens Nehmat’s laptop and gets the article. She says why was Advaist helping Nehmat? Jayveer and Randhawa? Is there some connection? Ekam says I will hug dad and tell him I will only marry Nehmat. Naaz claps and says wow. I get everything now. Nehmat is saving Ekam’s dad and asking for Advait’s help. Ekam says I love you. He hugs Nehmaat. Nehmat says I won’t let anything wrong come to you.


Udariyaan 16th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Naaz looks at the article and says once I publish this article, Aykum will hate Naaz. On call , Jasmine says to Shamsher that Jayveer has found the truth, no one else should so kill Jayveer. Aykum sees Jayveer’s car has met with an accident.

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Telecast Date:15th November 2022
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